Goodreads Monday: The Ostermann House by J.R. Klein

This is a weekly meme where anyone can choose and highlight a random book from their Goodreads TBR. This meme was formerly featured on LaurensPageTurners and was taken over by Budget Tales Book Blog.

The plan is simple—buy an old farm house in the country, escape from your busy life in the city. That’s what Michael and Audrey Felton are hoping for when they move into the Ostermann house in rural Krivac, Texas. But everything goes wrong from the beginning.

Michael finds a bizarre nine-sided object that is linked to an arcane numerological code. Things in the house disappear or are mysteriously moved from place to place. Someone, something, is getting into the house. Michael elicits the help of Jack Rainey, the local cop. But Rainey plays a game of cat and mouse, doling out misinformation and dire warnings. He tells them that Herman Ostermann had psychokinetic powers, and that the house is a source of powerful energies. Michael learns that the property was the target of intense military investigations during the Cold War, with the hope that the Ostermann secrets might shift the balance of power in the world.

Michael’s mental state deteriorates. He and Audrey must get out as fast as possible. Frantically attempting to leave, they are blocked by forces that have a devastating message for all of humanity.

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