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Hi all!!!

I’m  Jolie and I am a bookworm.

I written books reviews since I started blogging. I figured, “Hey, I like reading and I like blogging so let’s combine the two“. I love to share my thoughts on books and since no one in real life cared, I started writing about it. I was on Blogger until from 2008 through 2010 and then I made the switch to WordPress. I started blogging seriously (is that a thing??) in 2016. I did take a break in 2020 but decided that I missed writing reviews (again, in real life, no one cares….lol). So, I’m back!!

Besides being a bookworm, I am also a mother. I have 3 kids who try their best to drive me crazy. They are 15, 13, and 7. They are all handfuls, that’s for sure. My 15 year old is full of the usual teenage angst (actually, she is a pretty grounded kid). My 13 year old is starting that angst. He also has autistic tendencies, so we’re dealing with that too (he is also a good kid). My 7 year old thinks she’s 15 and acts like it too (she’s a good kid too). We are doing virtual learning with my 13 and 7 year old. My 15 year old goes to school every other week.

I should mention my SO. We have been together for 16 years and still going strong. He deals with mine and the kids shenanigans pretty well….lol.

I am also a gamer. Right now, I am playing Sims 4 and World of Warcraft. I cycle between World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online and Black Desert Online. I have also been playing Baldur’s Gate. It’s a little buggy right now, so I’m waiting for the developer’s to iron it out some more because I enjoyed playing it.

I do have other interests other than reading and playing online games. I love to cook/bake. I try to make 2 new recipes a week and have subscriptions too a few cooking magazines. I have a folder fill to the brim with recipes. My kids are often my guinea pigs when it comes to trying the recipes out. More often than not, they like what I make.

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  1. Thank you for reviewing my book Bones of a Saint. I thought it was fair and very perceptive.
    Grant Farley

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