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Hi all!!!

I’m  Jolie and I am a bookworm.

I written books reviews since I started blogging. I figured, “Hey, I like reading and I like blogging so let’s combine the two“. I love to share my thoughts on books and since no one in real life cared, I started writing about it. I was on Blogger until from 2008 through 2010 and then I made the switch to WordPress. I started blogging seriously in 2016. I did take a break in 2020 (became my kids teacher when the schools closed down) but decided that I missed writing reviews (again, in real life, no one cares….lol). So, I’m back!!

Besides being a bookworm, I am also a mother. I have 3 kids who try their best to drive me crazy. They are 16, 14, and 8. They are all handfuls, that’s for sure. My 16 year old is a pretty grounded kid. She knows what she wants to be after she graduates high school. She’s going to join the military, serve for a few years, then college to get her psych degree, and then become a federal agent (wants to work in the BAU). My 14 year old is obsessed with Minecraft, WarriorCats, and Anime. He is super smart (straight A’s and in advanced classes). My 8 year old is learning dressage and the beginning of jumping. It has taken her a long while because she had a very traumatic experience with a different trainer but the one she’s had for the past year has patient and works with her when she freezes up.

I should mention my SO. We have been together for 17 years and still going strong. He deals with mine and the kids shenanigans pretty well….lol.

I am also a gamer. Right now, I am playing Planet Zoo. I have stopped playing MMORG’s because they take up too much of my time.

I do have other interests other than reading and playing online games. I love to cook/bake. I try to make 2 new recipes a week and have subscriptions too a few cooking magazines. I have a folder fill to the brim with recipes. My kids are often my guinea pigs when it comes to trying the recipes out. More often than not, they like what I make.

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  3. Anonymous

    Thank you for reviewing my book Bones of a Saint. I thought it was fair and very perceptive.
    Grant Farley

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