Book Review Policy

My review policy:

I give honest, unbiased reviews of all books that I choose to review. My reviews generally run 3′s and 4’s. I rarely give 1’s, 2’s or 5’s.

I will post my negative reviews to Amazon**, Barnes and Noble, Bookbub and Goodreads. I will post both positive and negative reviews on those sites.

What my review will contain:

  1. I will give brief synopsis of the book.
  2. I will discuss the main characters, the plotlines, any secondary characters that have caught my attention.
  3. I will discuss if I think that the book fits into the genre or not.
  4. I will discuss how the end of the book made me feel.
  5. Since I review mostly ARC’s, I will not comment on spelling, sentence structure, and stuff along that line. ARC’s are unedited and I review with that in mind.
  6.  I also will give whether I will reread the book/recommend to family and friends.

Other stuff:

I have a set list of what I will review and what I will not review.

What I will review: Young Adult/New Adult, Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror, Women’s Lit, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

What I will not review: Self Help, DIY, Reference, Nonfiction, Religion, Cookbooks, Children

I also do not do product reviews!!!

I will include links to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and BookBub at the beginning of my review.

With the exceptions of ARC’s coming from NetGalley or a street/review team I am on, I will not give dates where I will have the review done by. If you do need the review by a certain date, please tell me up front.

How to reach me:

Through my contact form is preferable. Also, please do not contact me through Goodreads, the blog’s Facebook page, and Twitter. I will not respond to any requests submitted through there.

Where I post my reviews:

I post my reviews on Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, BookBub, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and Amazon**.

**I only post to Amazon if requested. Please let me know if you want a posting to Amazon or not. My reason for not reviewing on Amazon is simple. Their review guidelines are ridiculous and they take forever in posting my reviews.