Book Review Policy

My review policy:

I give honest, unbiased reviews of all books that I choose to review. My reviews generally run 3′s and 4’s. I rarely give 1’s, 2’s or 5’s.

I will post my negative reviews to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bookbub and Goodreads. I know that posting negative reviews is a hot topic in the blogosphere. My reason for doing so is this: People need to see the negative along with the good ones.

What my review will contain:

  1. I will give brief synopsis of the book.
  2. I will discuss the main characters, the plotlines, any secondary characters that have caught my attention.
  3. I will discuss if I think that the book fits into the genre or not.
  4. I will discuss how the end of the book made me feel.
  5. Since I review mostly ARC’s, I will not comment on spelling, sentence structure, and stuff along that line. ARC’s are unedited and should be reviewed with that stuff in mind.
  6. I will discuss what rating I would give the book and why.
  7.  I also will give whether I will reread the book/recommend to family and friends.

Other stuff:

I have a set list of what I will review and what I will not review.

What I will review: Young Adult/New Adult, Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror, Women’s Lit, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

What I will not review: Self Help, DIY, Reference, Nonfiction, Religion, Cookbooks, Children

I also do not do product reviews!!!

I will include the book’s link to Amazon and Barnes and Noble at the beginning of my review. As well as links to Goodreads.

With the exceptions of ARC’s coming from NetGalley or a street/review team I am on, I will not give dates where I will have the review done by. If you do need the review by a certain date, please tell me up front.

How to reach me:

Through my contact form is preferable. Also, please do not contact me through Goodreads, the blog’s Facebook page, and Twitter. I will not respond to any requests submitted through there.

Where I post my reviews:

I post my reviews on Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, BookBub, Tumblr, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and Amazon.