Book Review Policy

What I love to read/review:

  1. Young Adult
  2. New Adult
  3. Dystopian
  4. Steampunk
  5. Romance (all kinds including BDSM)
  6. Fantasy (any kind)
  7. Paranormal
  8. Horror
  9. Mystery
  10. Women’s Lit
  11. Middle Grade
  12. Thriller
  13. Suspense


What I won’t review:

  1. Self Help
  2. DIY
  3. Reference
  4. Political Books
  5. Nonfiction
  6. Religion
  7. Cookbooks
  8. Children’s (like preschool and chapter books)


My review policy:

I give honest, unbiased reviews of all books that I choose to review. My reviews generally run 3’s and 4’s. I very rarely give 1’s, 2’s or 5’s. If I do give the lower rating, there is a reason and I will discuss that in the review.

With the exceptions of ARC’s coming from NetGalley or a street/review team I am on, I will not give dates where I will have the review done by. I have done that in the past. It put too much pressure on me to get the reviews done by the date I gave. If you do need the review by a certain date, please tell me upfront. I do not read minds (even though I wish I could).

How to reach me:

Contacting me through my contact form is preferable. Also, please do not contact me through Goodreads, the blog’s Facebook page, and Twitter. I will not respond to any requests submitted through there.

Where I post my reviews:

I post my reviews on Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, Tumblr, Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon. Sometimes Kobo.


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