Book Review Policy

My review policy:

I give honest, unbiased reviews of all books that I choose to review.

I will post my reviews to BookBub, The StoryGraph, BookHype, and Goodreads. I will post reviews 3 stars and over on those sites. 1 and 2 stars and DNF’s, I will contact you. It will ultimately be your decision if you want me to publish the review.

I do NOT review on Amazon. I have been banned from reviewing (which I am fighting).

If you have any other sites that you want me to publish on or include in the review (like author’s website), please let me know.

I post reviews on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. By request, I will post on weekends. When replying to emails, I will give you the week I am looking at for the review. On the date I publish it, I will send an email with links to where I posted it (see above).

What my review will contain:

  1. A brief synopsis of the book
  2. I will discuss the main characters and the plotlines that have caught my attention.
  3. I will discuss if I think that the book fits into the genre or not.
  4. I will discuss how the end of the book made me feel.
  5.  I also will give whether I will reread the book/recommend to family and friends.

Other stuff:

I have a set list of what I will review and what I will not review.

What I will review: Young Adult/New Adult, Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror, Women’s Lit, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

What I will not review: Self Help, DIY, Reference, Nonfiction, Religion, Cookbooks, Children (nothing younger than 10)

I do not do product reviews!!!

I rely on Goodreads to provide me with product links. Depending on what Goodreads shows, I will include links to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Abebooks, Alibris, Powells, IndieBound, Indigo, Audible, Kobo, Apple Books, WorldCat, and Better World Books at the beginning of my review.

Look forward to working with you!!