September 2023 TBR

Books for Review:

The StoryGraph Reading Challenge books

Buzzword Reading Challenge 2023—game related words in the title, from game itself to games like chess, checkers, cards, twister…to words related to games like first, last, win, lose, race, chase, clubs, spades, diamonds etc.
2023 Sami Parker Reads Title Challenge—A book that has a rhyme in the title

Cover Scavenger Hunt 2023—Glasses/Sunglasses

The StoryGraph Reads the World 2023—Syria

The StoryGraph Genre Challenge 2023—A horror or mystery book written by a woman or nonbinary author

Beat the Backlist 2023—Non-fiction just for fun

Scavenger Hunt TBR Book Challenge—Flip to any page in the book you just read and point to a random word. The next book title should have that word in the title (my word: tears)

Scavenger Hunt—A book about your favorite school subject or unit (my choice: history)

Popsugar Reading Challenge 2023—A book with a color in the title

2023 TBR Toppler—A non-Fiction Book

2023 Monthly Themes—Stop and catch up on TBRs

2023 Reading Challenge—The Longest Book on my TBR

2023 ABC Challenge—I

Romanceopoly 2023!—Slow burn or fast burn contemporary romance
2023 TBR Prompts—A book with multiple generations

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