Eric Olafson: Black Velvet by Vanessa Ravencroft

Eric Olafson: Captain Black Velvet

Title: Captain Black Velvet

Author: Vanessa Ravencroft

Publisher: Inkitt

Date of publication: July 26th, 2017

Genre: Science Fiction

Number of pages: 542

POV: 1st person

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Book synopsis (from Goodreads):

Follow Eric Olafson’s epic adventure through a multicultural mega civilization as he goes deep undercover in the 51st century as Black Velvet – a female pirate captain of a mysterious background.

Thrust into the life of a starship captain, Eric Olafson is now the commanding officer of the famous spacecraft, the USS Tigershark. On their mission to hunt pirates and criminals, Eric and his unusual crew are sent into Freespace, disguised as the very outlaws they are chasing. Eric reveals himself as Black Velvet, a gorgeous female with long blonde hair, a killer body, and a reputation that stirs fear throughout the galaxies in civilians, space pirates and criminals alike.

Eric is still oblivious to the fact that he is destined to play a central role in an ancient conflict of cosmic proportions, but something is stirring. 

Trigger Warning: None

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