Blog Tour: Awakening: Rise as the Fall Unfolds by Carissa Andrews

4 Stars

Awakening: Rise as the Fall Unfolds 
by Carissa Andrews 
Publication date: November 12th 2019
Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller, Urban Fantasy



The final five angels have been located and averting the apocalypse means somehow recreating the birth of Christ. 

Morgan never expected total annihilation would come down to the actions of five misfit angels. But as each one’s hidden angelic power unfolds, so does the sinister truth… the entire Jesus storyline has been wiped from the collective consciousness, leaving a tear in the fabric of reality.

The final five need to figure out how their gifts are meant to fit together in order to set things right. However, coming to terms with the responsibility resting on their shoulders doesn’t come easy. To make matters worse, the demons have found them and unless they get on the same page quickly, the darkness will consume them all. But how can they make things right when the thing that’s missing happened more than 2000 years ago?

One thing’s for sure. If they fail, existence ceases.

If you love books like Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s American Gods or Good Omens, Joe Hill’s Nos4A2, or Stephen King’s (Richard Bachman) Blaze, then you’ll love Awakening!


Giveaway ends November 21st.

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  • A signed paperback set for the 3 released 8th Dimension novels (The Final Five, Oracle, and Awakening)

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Carissa Andrews is a freelance writer, award-winning graphic designer, indie author coach, and internationally bestselling author from Crosslake Minnesota. She is the President of the Lakes Area Writers Alliance, a 501c3 nonprofit for writers in central Minnesota, as well as the owner of Author Revolution, LLC – an organization geared toward helping new authors navigate the waters of indie publishing. For 2020, Carissa has her sights set on becoming a NYT or USA Today Bestselling Author with her upcoming series, The Windhaven Witches. You can learn more about Carissa, her services, and her upcoming novels by visiting her websites:, or





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First Line:

It’s craziness to believe the gods and goddesses have returned.

Awakening: Rise as the Fall Unfolds by Carissa Andrews

My Review:

I wasn’t expecting to like Awakening: Rise as the Fall Unfolds as much as I did. I initially decided to review the book because of the blurb. Then I started reading it, and I devoured the book. DEVOURED. IT. I even (and I NEVER do this) started raving about it to my SO. So yeah, this book was an immense hit with me.

Awakening: Rise as the Fall Unfolds had an exciting plotline. The whole premise of the plot centers around one question: What if Jesus didn’t exist. Thought-provoking, isn’t it? The plotline focuses on a group of people who can go back and make sure He is born. It also shows what a world without Christianity would look like. Again, it was thought-provoking, and I liked it.

The flow of Awakening: Rise as the Fall Unfolds was awkward to read. It switched between five POVs. The author did a fantastic job of putting the name of whose POV was being read at the beginning of the chapters. But, even with all of that in place, I still got turned around at points in the story.

I liked the main characters. The author did a great job of giving each of them a distinct personality. Mike was mellow, Braham was intense, Thea was skeptical, Bea was saucy, and Morgan was optimistic. They melded well together, once they accepted what was happening to them and started working together. The journey to that point was a little bumpy. I liked how each of their abilities was highlighted in the book. It made for an engaging read.

The storyline with Jesus was amazing!! While I know the Biblical story about how Mary conceived, I will say that I liked this one better. I understand that some people will complain and say it is blasphemous. But to me, it made perfect sense.

Awakening: Rise as the Fall Unfolds is part of a series of books. Several other books are before it. I would suggest reading those books first before reading this one. It will give a better picture of the universe this book takes place in. Other than that, it can be read as a stand-alone.

The end of Awakening: Rise as the Fall Unfolds left me with more questions than answers. Which I am hoping will be answered in another book. I am also dying to see how Cassidy reacts to Braham’s surprise.

I would give Awakening: Rise as the Fall Unfolds an Adult rating. There is no sex. There is mild language. There is mild violence. I would recommend that no one under the age of 21 read this book.

I would reread Awakening: Rise as the Fall Unfolds. I would recommend it to family and friends.

**I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book**


Book Blitz: Forged by Fire (Blood and Magic: Book 6) by Danielle Annett

Forged by Fire 
by Danielle Annett 
(Blood and Magic, #6) 
Publication date: November 3rd 2019
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy


I thought I’d get a break. Maybe catch some R&R.
Boy, was I wrong.
My best friend is still MIA.
My foe turned friend—Inarus—is safe, maybe. Though he’s anything but sound.
And now Melody, my Harpy gal pal—is missing, leaving behind a trail of blood like some macabre Hansel and Gretel.

I’m still trying to figure out how to balance being a mercenary, and the mate of the Alpha of Pacific Northwest Pack, and the cherry on the flipping sundae that is my life, is a string of attacks against the Pack’s Clan houses.

Something is off about these attacks.
The assailants are hopped up on Harpy blood.

And I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe in coincidences. Someone kidnapped Melody and they’re using her to go after the Pack.
I’ll give you three guesses who it is, but you’ll only need one.
The HAC is behind everything, and my mother is behind them. It’s the fight I always knew was coming, but this time only one of us will survive.



I sucked in a breath.  No.

“Don’t touch him!” I shouted.

She tightened my restraints and then swept my hair away from my face, her hand lingering on my cheek.

“You will forgive me.  One day.” She wore the patient expression of a mother trying to explain something to an irate toddler.  It drove me mad.

I cursed her.  Every vile name I could think of rolled off my tongue.  “I hate you.  I will never forgive you.  Mark my words, you will regret this.  You are the worst mother in the history of mothers!”

She didn’t respond.  

I bucked against my restraints, a sense of urgency consuming me.  Chaos erupted outside the room but I could only hear the single roar of my mate.  He’d come in alone.  Why? Where were the others? Where was his backup?

“Let’s begin.”


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I’m just a girl with an obsession for Marvel movies, a love of all things Urban Fantasy, and a cheerleader for the underdog in any given story. 

If you’re looking for a heroine you can root for … someone who defies the odds and gets up every time they’re knocked down … then look no further because that’s what you’ll find in my books.

I hope you’ll join me in Aria Naveed’s adventures. She’s pretty badass if I do say so myself.

And if for some strange reason you want to know more about me, check out my website and catch me on facebook

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Book Blitz: Angel Blue: Season One (Seven Deadly Sins: Book 1) by Jennifer Silverwood

Angel Blue: Season One 
by Jennifer Silverwood 
(Seven Deadly Sins, #1) 
Publication date: August 14th 2019
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy


All Eanna wants is to forget the night she lost everything, but fate has other plans. A lifetime ago, the cursed burned her home and everyone she loved. Now she’s haunted by a dangerous legacy.

Her guardian, Etlu is determined to make Eanna into a queen, even if it means sacrificing his happiness. Surrounded by enemies, Eanna and Etlu have no choice but to give in to destiny.

Wil and his sister Isabol are searching for the chosen princess, but Wil finds more than he bargained for in Eanna. He doesn’t plan on falling in love with her. A love like theirs can only end in tragedy and death.

There can only be one outcome when chosen and cursed collide: a world bathed in fire and blood.


Giveaway ends November 7th.

The grand prizes are:

  • $20 Amazon gift card + Angel Blue Season 1 (INT)
  • Print copy of either Silver Hollow or She Walks in Moonlight (US only)


Eanna stands and returns to the fire. The blue flames are higher than they should be. She braces her fingertips on the stone hearth and wills ice back into her veins.

After a moment, Wil breaks the silence. “You stabbed me.” His accent is strange, and his voice is rougher than she is used to.

“I did not know it was you,” she admits, then curses. She should have killed him anyway. He would have killed her first, right? She doesn’t dare turn around, though she needs to clean up the mess they made together.

Eanna winces at the unwanted analogy.

“Am I your prisoner?”

She turns at this, surprised to find he has the bloody rag in hand and is doing his best to clean himself. “I saved your life,” she says.

His strange, huffing laugh is accompanied by a wince. “Didn’t look that way to me in the woods.”

Eanna clenches and unclenches her fists. “You were shot six times before I found you. And right now, you are bleeding all over the floor. What do you think the redum would have done, had I not saved you?” She doesn’t know why she cares, but somehow, it’s important he knows.

Knows what? It should not have made a difference! It made no difference to his kind when they killed your family.

Wil gasps as he touches the stab wound. His muscles strain, and his eyes squeeze tightly shut.

She senses the stirring of power in the air and knows he is fighting his hidden beast. Fangs sprout from his gums as claws push through his fingertips. A sudden rush of fear floods her mind. She won’t allow it into her bloodstream on the off-chance he smells it.

Stupid, foolish mistake! Should have stayed inside, like Etlu asked.

A brief vision of Etlu finding her lacerated body days from now passes through her mind. By then, it would be too late for miracles and resurrections. The cursed would be long gone.

A strangled groan escapes Wil’s fanged mouth as his eyes pop open.

He is afraid. She takes advantage of this as she kneels and places a hand beside his wound. She presses a little too hard, and tears escape his eyes.

“Be calm.” She relieves the pressure, and he looks at her again. “You won’t last three minutes outside like this. The redum would pick up your scent and kill you before you were two kilometers past the river.”

Wil grimaces, then nods. Whatever battle he’s fighting seems to leave him when she removes her hand. As he exhales, fangs and claws recede. The cabin is silent, save for the uneven rhythm of their unsteady breaths.

She is forced to rip up pieces of another blanket before fetching fresh snow and melting it with her blue flames. The cursed doesn’t fight her this time as she works to stay the constant flow of blood.

Wil’s silence is somehow more unnerving than his growls. Eanna tries to ignore the maleness of him with little success. But she isn’t Annunaki for nothing. She has been trained to act by the very best of them. She won’t let this usemi awilum see how he unnerves her.

“Why didn’t you finish me off?” His gruff manner causes her to jump and accidently graze an open wound. Wil breathes heavily, but no sign of the beast appears.

“We need to sew this,” she mutters, reaching for the thread and needle. “You are lucky I like to be prepared.”

His pained laughter startles her into meeting his gaze. “The dagger you stabbed me with felt cursed. Silver?” 

Eanna hesitates before threading her needle. “Yes.”

“Why did you do it?” Wil hisses as she begins to stitch his skin together.

“I…” She bites her lower lip, as blood pools beneath her needle. “I do not know.”

“Should have killed me when you had the chance,” he says, almost cheerfully. “Would have been a cleaner death.”

Guilt crushes her chest like a sagkal. “I know.” Eanna bites her tongue while she washes the mended wound again. Finally, she sets the rag aside. “Sit up.”

He growls, but at least he obeys. Sitting up, he is taller than her. Disliking the advantage, Eanna adjusts by sitting on her knees.

She catches his eyes as she begins to wrap a bandage around his torso. His chest is broader than Etlu’s. Where her guardian is all hidden strength, this beastly creature is bulging muscle.

He is smiling, damn the cursed. Eanna sniffs at this.

He is already damned, silly Anu.

“At least I can enjoy my final hours, before the fever settles in,” Wil says, his lips brushing her ear. There is a flicker of sadness behind his cocky delivery, and beneath this, fascination.

Eanna jerks away, craving distance. “Sha hatti, you bled all over the pallet,” she says, grateful for the distraction. “Nothing to do about it now. I’ll make a fresh one tomorrow. But we both need to sleep.” She wrinkles her nose and looks at what remains of her dress. “And I need to burn these clothes.”

“Sorry.” Wil appears solemn and possibly grateful to her.

Oh, this shall not do at all.

“I have mended you, cursed,” she says, “but I may kill you in the morning.” Eanna stands and ignores her guilt by throwing a clean fur over his bare chest.

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Jennifer Silverwood was raised deep in the heart of Texas and has been spinning yarns a mile high since childhood. In her spare time, she reads and writes and tries to sustain her wanderlust, whether it’s the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania, the highlands of Ecuador, or a road trip to the next town. Always on the lookout for her next adventure, in print or reality, she dreams of one day proving to the masses that everything really is better in Texas. She is the author of three series–Heaven’s Edge, Wylder Tales and the Borderlands Saga–and the stand-alone titles Stay and She Walks in Moonlight. She released her first serialized Urban Fantasy, Angel Blue in August 2018.




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Excerpt: Shadow Prophet (Midnight Chronicles: Book 1) by Andrea Pearson

This is my stop during the book blitz for Shadow Prophet by Andrea Pearson. This book blitz is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. The book blitz runs from 15 till 19 October. See the tour schedule here: 

Special release day price of 99 cent and special download bonuses!

Shadow Prophet is the first book in Andrea Pearson’s new Midnight Chronicles series. It’s only 99 cents for a limited time. And as a way to celebrate this new release Andrea Pearson has some special download bonuses that you’ll receive for free if you buy a copy of the book. All the information about the download bonuses can be found in the book.

Shadow Prophet (Midnight Chronicles #1)

By Andrea Pearson 

Genre: Urban Fantasy/ Fantasy Romance

Age category: Adult

Release Date: 15 October 2019


Book Synopsis:

Bound to destroy the woman he loves…

Abel hasn’t seen Lizzie in at least seven years, and his experiences since then have changed him significantly. He’s sure he’s moved past his earlier crush, that he’s immune to her carefree and bubbly personality, but the moment his eyes land on her, he knows he’s still in love.

Instead of a joyful reunion, though, he only suffers agony at being in her presence again.

Because he’s being blackmailed into murdering her.

And there’s no way out. The Shadow Prophet has vowed to kill everyone Abel holds dear if he doesn’t complete the job. Abel has tried everything he can think of to break the contract, but nothing has worked, and he has nowhere else to turn.

Complicating things further, he gets recruited by a second client to help Lizzie achieve an impossible mission. One where they must work closely together while hunting immortal demons. One that will either destroy him or force him to kill her before he’s found a way out—before he’s ready to do it.

But how can a man ever be ready to murder the woman he loves?

If you enjoy high-stakes fantasy action, romance with a hint of angst, and fast-moving paranormal stories, you’ll love Shadow Prophet, book one in an addictive fantasy series. Grab your copy now!


I refused to look in her eyes as I pulled the knife from her now-still heart and wiped the blade, her blood staining the fresh white cloth I’d brought just for this purpose.

She hadn’t struggled.

None of them had yet, though I wasn’t sure why. 

My heart thudded dully against my ribs, making me choke on unwanted emotions. I wouldn’t allow myself to think, to feel. Not yet.

Before her magical powers could flow away, I removed a vial from my backpack, holding it against her temple and chanting words I’d memorized months earlier.

A silver-blue, steam-like gas flowed through her skin like smoke from dry ice. With gentle waves of my other hand, I encouraged it to enter the vial, then put the cap on and very carefully tucked it back into its protected pouch for later retrieval.

Five down.

Two to go.

The last two would be the hardest. 

I still couldn’t believe I’d ever done the first.

Finally, with my jaw clenched, I looked at her face, so stricken now in death. It had been happy, excited even when she’d granted me access to her apartment. I reached over and closed her eyelids, hating that I was the last thing she’d seen.

I’m so sorry. I cleared my throat and shook my head. Plead my case when you get there. I hope you’ll understand.

I took a shuddering breath before lurching to my feet and stumbling away from the body.

No one would miss her, not for a very long time, regardless of how powerful she was or how well known or loved.

He had seen to all those details a long time ago. 

I made sure my things were packed away before pulling my phone from my pocket and sending a quick text to the number I’d saved in my device a few days earlier.

It’s ready.


To celebrate the release of Shadow prophet Andrea Pearson is running a big giveaway. There will 9 winners!

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Grab Discern for free!

Disappearances at a popular national park… Monsters from another dimension… And Nicole can’t use her magic. What could possibly go wrong?


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Andrea Pearson is an avid reader and outdoor enthusiast who plays several instruments, not including the banjo. Her favorite sports are basketball and football, though several knee surgeries and incurably awful coordination prevent her from playing them.

Andrea graduated from BYU with a bachelor of science degree in Communications Disorders. She is the author of many full-length novels and novellas. Writing is the chocolate of her life – it is, in fact, the only thing she ever craves. Being with her husband and children is where she’s happiest, and she loves thunderstorms, the ocean, hiking, public speaking, painting, and traveling.

You can find and contact Andrea Pearson here:

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Book Blitz: The Alchemist and an Amaretto (The Guild Codex: Spellbound Book 5) by Annette Marie

The Alchemist and an Amaretto 
by Annette Marie 
(The Guild Codex: Spellbound #5) 
Published by: Dark Owl Fantasy Inc.
Publication date: October 11th 2019
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy


Book Synopsis:

As a guild bartender, I can handle pretty much anything—mages, sorcerers, witches, the occasional demon. But show me anything family-related and I’d rather run for the hills. It doesn’t even have to be my family.

So I have no idea why I thought spending the holidays with Aaron’s mom and pop was a good idea.

Meeting his famous parents is already terrifying enough, but I’ve got a bigger problem. Students of his family’s renowned mage academy are being attacked on the grounds—and somehow no one has seen a single assailant? Unexplained tracks litter the nearby woods, rumors of forbidden alchemy are circulating the campus…and Ezra has been acting strangely since we arrived.

Something deadly is brewing in the shadow of Sinclair Academy, and the longer we take to uncover it, the more dangerous it becomes. But no matter the risk, we’ll protect the students.

And Aaron’s parents too, I suppose. If we have to. 


Ezra stopped, hands on his hips as he surveyed the lazy slope that swept up to the towering manor. “All right. Time for our final sprint.” 

I snorted. “Yeah, uh-huh.” 

“I’m serious. We always finish our workouts with something competitive.” 

Like competitive pushups. I shivered at the reminder. 

“This is the starting line. That tree is the finish. First one there wins.” 

“What’s the prize?” I folded my arms, eyeing the distance. Not that far but not twenty yards either. “You, Aaron, and Kai always bet something.” 

He rubbed the hint of shadow along his jaw. “Winner’s choice, I guess.” 

Ooh, I liked the sound of that. Grinning, I got into a starting position. “You’re on.” 

He took the same position. Clearing his throat, he deepened his voice to mimic a sports announcer. “On your mark. Get set. G—” 

“What’s that?” I gasped, pointing behind him. 

He snapped around to look—and I launched into a mad sprint, arms pumping. Ezra swore and took off after me, but I had a head start. I would reach the finish first and totally win this. 

Right as I drew level with the target tree, hands caught my waist. Ezra swept me off the ground, still running—an impossible feat if not for his inhuman strength. He stopped just past the tree, laughing too hard to hold me up. My back slid down his chest and my feet landed in the grass. 

“I can’t believe I fell for that,” he said breathlessly. “You’re such a cheater.” 

Whirling to face him, I smirked. “I was manufacturing a combat advantage, not cheating. Kai’s been teaching me.” 

“A race isn’t combat.” 

“Maybe I was running for my life.” 

“From me?” He arched a playful eyebrow. “Does that mean you don’t like being chased?” 

“Depends who’s doing the chasing,” I shot back teasingly. 

“Oh? So is it the chase you prefer, or the catch?” 

I tossed my hair with pretend haughtiness. “You think you could catch me?” 

“Pretty sure I already did.” 

My heart did a crazy tumble through my chest and a grin stretched my mouth. I couldn’t hold it back any more than I could stop the blush heating my cheeks. 

“Well,” I began dramatically, spreading my arms as I stepped backward, “do I look—” 

My heel caught on a tree root hidden in the grass. Squealing, I pitched over, arms wind-milling. My back hit the ground, the air punched from my chest, and I blinked dazedly at the overcast sky. 

Damn it. 

Ezra’s face appeared above mine. He crouched at my side, his expression drawn into grave concern. “Tori, are you still with me?” 

I choked on a laugh and whispered, “Ezra? Is that you?” 

“I’m here.” He took my hand and patted it gently. “Just hang in there.” 

I fluttered my fingers. “Everything is growing dark.” 

“Go toward the light, Tori.” 

My eyebrows quirked. “Shouldn’t I go away from the light?” 

“It doesn’t have the same ring,” he decided. “You’ll have to go toward the light.” 

“Toward the light it is.” I waited a moment. “Now what?” 

He took my hands and folded them on my chest in the classic body-in-casket pose—and I lost it. Cackling with laughter, I sat up and checked the grass stain on my elbow. 

“Next time, I’ll make you laugh first,” I promised. 

He grinned as he stood. “You can try.”


Giveaway ends October 24th.

The grand prize is:

  • 2x $10 Amazon gift cards

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Annette Marie is the author of Amazon best-selling YA urban fantasy series Steel & Stone, its prequel trilogy Spell Weaver, and romantic fantasy trilogy Red Winter. Her first love is fantasy, but fast-paced adventures and tantalizing forbidden romances are her guilty pleasures. She lives in the frozen winter wasteland of Alberta, Canada (okay, it’s not quite that bad) with her husband and their furry minion of darkness—sorry, cat—Caesar. When not writing, she can be found elbow-deep in one art project or another while blissfully ignoring all adult responsibilities.


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Excerpt: Magic Harbor (Keeper of the Watch: Book 2) by Kristen L. Jackson

Magic Harbor 
by Kristen L. Jackson 
(Keeper of the Watch, #2) 
Publication date: October 10th 2019
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult


Book Synopsis:

When Alyx Eris convinced him to become a keeper of the watch, Chase Walker knew he gained the ability to traverse the twelve dimensions.

He knew there were others—the hunters—who would do anything to put an end to the watches’ existence.

He knew his status as a keeper was completely binding until his nineteenth birthday.

Most importantly, he knew he’d be spending the year by Alyx’s side.

What he didn’t know was that in this dimension resides a ruling mage that poses more of a threat than the hunters ever could.

He didn’t know that magic-born hybrid beasts lurk in every corner of the surrounding forests.

And he didn’t know that nothing—and no one—is what it seems in the mystical world of Dimension 8.


The scream ripped through her throat, and she charged the clearing on a battle-cry. Two unfamiliar wolf-creatures sat on their haunches, noses pointed toward the sky, for the moment completely focused on the air directly over them, paying no attention to her, despite being mere meters away. Both animals visibly flinched, shoulders trembling as a high-pitched howl trumpeted from the thing directly over them. Lowering their bodies to the ground, they rolled onto their backs with feet complaisantly in the air in a sudden show of submission. Their small whimpers filled the air, eyes never leaving the creature hovering above, bursts of tremors racking their bodies. 

Her eyes tracked theirs, and she tilted her head. Another sound escaped her, this one filled with despair. 

The beast had Chase’s limp body in its clutches, and it flew above them gaining altitude with each passing second. 

I’m too late! 

As this flying monster gained altitude, her horrified eyes widened when Chase awoke and began struggling with his captor. The thing holding him weaved sideways, thrown off-balance by his struggling, before regaining control. Alyx gasped and fell to her knees, her hand fluttering to her cheek, allowing herself only a moment of despair. 

“Chase!” She lurched back up, for once unsure what to do. Glancing down at the knife and blade disc she clutched in each hand. Both insignificant pieces of metal, of no help to her now. 

The creature began rising into the clouds, size shrinking with each flap of wings, carrying Chase with it. 



Giveaway ends October 24th.

The grand prize is:

  • $25 Amazon gift card

Purchase Links:


Kristen L. Jackson been a teacher for over twenty years, and lives in Reading, Pennsylvania with her husband, two grown sons, and three large-breed dogs. Books inspire her. From children’s picture books to adult literature in all genres, she has loved reading all her life. Becoming a published author has been her dream come true, and she loves to share her stories with readers of all ages.  Sign up on her website to follow her blog to stay up to date on what she’s working on now! Kristen loves writing, reading, and spending time with her family and dogs at their cabin in the Poconos…her favorite place to escape and write! 


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Book Blitz: To Kill a Fae (Hollowcliff Detectives: Book 1) by C.S. Wilde

To Kill a Fae 
by C.S. Wilde 
(Hollowcliff Detectives, #1) 
Publication date: October 10th 2019
Genres: Adult, Romance, Urban Fantasy


Book Synopsis:

Fae enjoy playing dangerous games…

In detective Mera Maurea’s experience, three things motivate a murder: secrets, convenience, or passion. But none of the three can explain why the Summer King is dead.

With a tight deadline hanging over her head, Mera has to figure out who’s the culprit before the frail balance that holds the nation of Tagrad together crumbles into dust.

To aid her—or turn her life into a living hell, hard to tell which—is her fae partner Sebastian Dhay, a snarky detective with a penchant for the illegal. He’s a volatile wild card who will do anything to solve the murder, even if it means his doom.

The clock is ticking. And Mera is hiding a deadly secret of her own.


Bast began unbuttoning his vest and nodded to a door close to the kitchen. “You can sleep in my bedroom.”

Mera barely recorded what he’d said. She couldn’t take her eyes off him. 

He threw the vest on the sofa and proceeded to unbutton his shirt, a burning dare in his eyes. 

Mera took in his strong, defined abs, and a delirious warmth went down her spine. 

He tossed the shirt atop the sofa too, showcasing his perfect chiseled torso and strong biceps, meant to wrap around a woman as she rode his…

“Enjoying the show, are we?” He began undoing his belt, his deceiving, sharp eyes burning with lust. 

Mera’s throat was so dry it might be made of sand. “I…” 

Noticing the massive bulge underneath his black boxer briefs, she stepped forward. She wanted, needed, to touch that part of him; lick it, hold it, shove it inside her until… 


This was wrong. He was her partner, at least for the time being.

“Stop being a dick, Detective Dhay.” Grasping her bag, she hurried into the bedroom, slamming the door closed behind her.

::: Can she resist his darkness? Find out in TO KILL A FAE :::


Giveaway ends October 24th.

The grand prize is:

  • $10 Amazon gift card

Purchase Links:


C.S. Wilde wrote her first Fantasy novel when she was eight. That book was absolutely terrible, but her mother told her it was awesome, so she kept writing.
Now a grown-up (though many will beg to differ), C. S. Wilde writes about fantastic worlds, love stories larger than life and epic battles.

She also, quite obviously, sucks at writing an author bio. She finds it awkward that she must write this in the third person, and hopes you won’t notice.

To be notified of upcoming releases, signup for the Kick-ass Team at


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