Book Review: Twilight’s Children: Mother Book Two (Kings of Kal’brath: Book 3) by Jennifer Amriss

Twilight's Children: Mother Book Two (Kings of Kal'brath, #3)

Title: Twilight’s Children: Mother Book Two

Author: Jennifer Amriss

Published: September 16th, 2016

Publisher: Magelight Press

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Number of pages: 301

POV: 3rd person

Series: Kings of Kal’brath

Race Against the Dark – Book 1 (review here)

Healing Wounds – Book 2 (review here)

Twilight’s Children – Book 3

Where to find: Amazon

Goodreads synopsis:

Seven years ago, an evil mage destroyed the spell keeping half the world in Twilight. Now, the spell’s effects are coming undone, and the results are devastating the ecosystem of the lower realms. Representatives meet at the Divide Estate to fix the problem, but Twilight Princess Cyranti Lorinar never shows.

On her way to the estate, an attack on Cyranti leaves her dying in the grass. But when a vampir and his gorgeous son, Danatarius, appear, they change everything. Turned into a vampir, her saviors whisk her to their Fold to complete her change. However, her second chance means she can never go home.

Trapped within the Fold, Cyranti becomes the catalyst for an ancient hatred. Proven it’s possible, the colony is determined to turn elves into vampir as revenge for being hunted. If she can’t warn her father and send the vampir to help her trapped friends, the Twilight will disappear and a war between vampir and elves will devastate Kal’brath. Can she overcome her new hunger for elven blood to avoid global disaster?

My review:

This book starts off with Princess Cyranti heading towards the Divide Estate (the same estate where Sam and Alyssa were held captive by Linholde in book 2) to fix when Linholde did when she was holding Sam and Alyssa captive….fix and restore the spell that keeps half of their world in Twilight. The spell had been unraveling in the lower realms and it was destroying the ecosystems of those who reside in the Twilight.

Only she doesn’t make it. She is attacked by an unknown person who kills her soul mount, Liria, and who slits her throat with a poisoned dagger. She is found by Kordan, the leader of the vampir, and his son, Danatarius, right as she was on the brink of death and they save her. Well, they turn her into a vampir and she is the first of her kind to be turned…if she survives the change.

Sol’kyr, Velithor, Morough, Lin’ra, Ka’lei, Tovran, Rynhon, Sam and Elan are at the estate waiting for Cyranti. When she doesn’t show up, Sol’kyr, Velithor, and Lin’ra set off to find out what happened to her while the rest stay behind and enter the estate to prepare the spell. But it doesn’t go to plan when they are suddenly trapped inside the estate with an insane elf who is called the Architect. They are made to play brutal games with him and he slowly knocks them all out until only Morough and Sam are left basically uninjured.

Cyranti survives the change and learns more about her new people. They are considered blood mages….which the elves consider evil. Dana, a natural-born vampire, goes to tell his people that she is the first elf ever turned and it doesn’t go so well. The people basically go nuts and try to attack Cyranti when she is found eavesdropping in on Dana’s speech. She escapes and hides in Dana’s room. While she is in there, she overhears that the people of the Fold are going to attack her father. She takes off, with Dana, to warn her father of the impending attack.

I will not go into the book from here on but it was really good. There is plenty of action and lots of blood. But giving that the bad guy and two of the good guys are blood mages, I really wasn’t expecting anything less.

This was a pretty clean book, sex-wise. Dana and Cyranti do soul bond BUT they do not consummate it. There was too much going on (like saving their world….lol).

The ending was what I expected and I loved it!!!

How many stars will I give Twilight’s Children: 5

Why: The perfect ending to a great trilogy!!! The author couldn’t have wrapped things up any better than what was written!!

Will I reread: Yes

Will I recommend to family and friends: Yes

Age range: Adult

Why: No sex but a lot of violence. There are a few gruesome scenes that come to mind (etchings in acid, being boiled alive in a bathtub, being stuffed like a turkey and then cooked over a spit)

**I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it**