Then Came You (Laws of Attraction: Book 3) by Kate Meader

Then Came You: A Laws of Attraction Novel by [Meader, Kate]

4 Stars

Publisher: Random House Publishing Group – Loveswept, Loveswept

Date of publication: May 7th, 2019

Genre: Romance

Series: Laws of Attraction

Down with Love—Book 1 (review here)

Illegally Yours—Book 2 (review here)

Then Came You—Book 3

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Book Synopsis:

In the courtroom, they’re rivals. In the bedroom, they’re . . . divorced. But could the road trip from hell lead to a second chance at love?

Aubrey Gates is the hottest divorce lawyer in Chicago, a barb-tongued stiletto with legs that go on for miles. When her cool gray eyes meet mine across the battlefield, I want her like I’ve never wanted anyone or anything. Then I remember who she is: the woman who brought me to my knees. The woman who destroyed my faith in relationships.

The woman I used to call . . . wife.

And she needs a favor from me, Grant Lincoln.

It seems my ex forgot to mention the demise of our marriage to her dear old grammie, and now we’re both expected to attend her ninetieth birthday party. In Boston. And because it isn’t already awkward enough, Aubrey and I are driving there together from Chicago. That’s more than a thousand miles of tension, heartbreak, and barely concealed lust.

A little piece of paper might say we’re over, but this road trip is the true test. I intend to get my wife back . . . and I won’t stop until “I do.”

My Review:

I was waiting for Aubrey and Grant’s story to be published. I couldn’t wait to find out the reasons why they got divorced. I thought it was going to be a silly reason, like Grant was working too much or Aubrey was insecure. I was surprised when the reason was revealed. Surprised isn’t the correct term. I was heartbroken for both of them.

Then Came You’s plotline was straightforward. Aubrey and Grant were a divorced couple who are forced to take a road trip to Boston for Thanksgiving. Audrey never told her grandmother that they got divorced. While on the trip, Audrey and Grant are forced to acknowledge the reason why their marriage ended. They also are forced to recognize that their love never went away. Will they be able to put the past in the past? Or will it continue to keep them apart?

I thought Audrey could have benefitted from therapy the majority of the book. Girlfriend had issues which started in her childhood. She was so tense that it was rubbing off on her cat. I couldn’t stand her the first few chapters. But, when she and Grant started on their road trip, I began to see another side to her. I began to like her when she began to open up to Grant about why their marriage ended. I liked that the author wrote her the way she did. She wasn’t perfect, and her issues weren’t going to be solved overnight. I had been getting sick of characters that had perfect lives. Audrey was a breath of fresh air.

I loved Grant. There was a point at the beginning of the book where I thought he was a pushover. But, as the book went on and I began to see the damage that Audrey’s family did to her, I started to understand why he was like that. And I admired him for it. I liked that the author chose to show his reaction to what happened to him and Audrey. My heart broke into bits. I also liked his resolve to mend things between him and Audrey. I will say that he had more tolerance than I did. If my in-laws were like Audrey’s family, I would have lost my cool.

The cat was a huge hit for me. He added much-needed humor to certain situations. I was laughing out loud when he was in the scene. As a cat owner (I have two), I can relate to some of the situations Audrey found herself in with the cat.

I disliked Audrey’s family. Her parents were a piece of work. I couldn’t get over how selfish and self-centered both of them were. The only one I liked was her grandmother. She was a hoot. A pot smoking 90-year-old grandmother. Who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. Loved it!!

Grant’s family was more realistic. His mother was 15 when she had him and she worked hard to provide a good home for him. She might not have had the money, but she adored her son. His stepfather was as good. As I said, they were more realistic. More what I am used to seeing in real life.

I loved Then Came You was a second chance romance. The reasons why Audrey and Grant divorced were heartbreaking. Even in the previous books, you could see how in love they still were with each other. So to watch them rebuild their relationship was beautiful.

The sex scenes were off the chart hot. I loved that Grant gave Audrey 3 orgasms for his one. The author was able to keep the sexual attraction and chemistry going throughout the book.

The end of Then Came You was one of the more emotional that I have read. I wanted to hand hankies out to everyone. But, it was the epilogue that got me. I will admit, I had tears during it. It was an ending that Grant and Audrey deserved!!! Plus, I liked seeing what the other couples were doing too.

I would give Then Came You an Adult rating. There is sex. There is language. There is mild violence. I would recommend that no one under the age of 21 read this book.

I would reread Then Came You. I would also recommend this book to family and friends.

**I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book**

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