Goodreads Monday: Another One (The Parker Trilogy: Book 1) by Tony Faggioli

This is a weekly meme where anyone can choose a random book from their Goodreads TBR and highlight it This meme was formerly featured on LaurensPageTurners and was taken over by Budget Tales Book Blog.

This Week’s Selection


But now, alone at his desk at L.A.P.D’s Hollenbeck Station, Parker is being haunted by his past. After two tours in the Afghanistan War, he thought the horrors that he witnessed there were behind him. But the death of his partner has opened a dark hole of memories that are threatening to swallow Parker alive.

Meanwhile, a few blocks away at Saint Francis Church, Father Bernardino Soltera is being destroyed by the present. After ministering to the gang-ridden streets of East L.A. for twenty years, he can no longer see past the suffering that drugs and violence have wreaked on his neighborhood. But when a young girl confesses that she’s pregnant and her boyfriend is going to kill her if she doesn’t get an abortion? Father Soltera decides to make one more stand.

Down the street, gang member Hector Villarosa is being mocked by the future. After being released from jail, he discovers the love of his life is with another man. As the leader of his gang, losing face could mean losing his life, and the fact that detectives are now asking questions about the death of Hector’s cousin, Hymie, isn’t helping. But Hector has an even bigger problem: the demon that has followed him out of prison and all the way home.

Now, a priest will sin in the name of love, a gangster will plunge into a battle to the death with pure evil, and Detective Even Parker will discover that death is not all that it seems to be.