Weekly Wrap Up: July 21st through July 27th 2019

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Books I’ve Read:

Jake’s Redemption


Lost and Love: Thailand

Clockwork Image

Every Love

Books with pending reviews:

Books with published reviews:

Clockwork Image: Review Here

Nocturne in Ashes: Review Here

Every Love: Review Here

All Boy—Review Here

NetGalley Haul:

Naked Mole Rat Saves the World

Diamond City

The Curious Heart of Alisa Rae

What Rose Forgot

Email Haul:

Rise of the Dragon

Return of the Long Lost Earl (not on Goodreads yet)

Look for Me Under the Rainbow

The Kilwade Tragedy

Blog Tours/Excerpts/Book Blitz:

Every Love—Blog Tour

All Boy—Blog Tour

Giveaways I’ve Entered:

What Red Was—Read it Forward

Weekly Posts:

Weekly Wrap Up

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