The Impossible Proof of Knowing Nothing by Maria Karvouni Truth


Date of Publication: March 1st, 2023

Genre: nonfiction, creative nonfiction, literary nonfiction, speculative nonfiction, self-help, true crime, speculative true crime, philosophical nonfiction, psychological nonfiction

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Goodreads Synopsis:

People so confidently say “I know!” “I have proof!”
And while these powerful sentences for some reason look very persuasive, they mean nothing.
They are just words. They are just a strong mindset.
Either a deceived one tells them or one who deceives.
Before these declarations, there should be questions: “Do I know?” “Is this proof?”
The only confident thing to say is “I cannot actually know.” “This ‘proof’ might be fake.”
Believe nothing, doubt everything especially when others believe everything and doubt nothing.
Knowing nothing is the next best solution to the lies, to the deceit, to the misinformation.

First Line:

No one actually knows anything. Deceit tricks and thought manipulation reign, so people are motivated by a paranoid instinct.

The Impossible Proof of Knowing Nothing by Maria Karvouni Truth

One of my challenges this year was reading books I usually do not read. Nonfiction books ranked very high on that list (they were third, behind autobiography and biography). So when the author emailed me back in March and requested the review, I accepted. This book was unlike anything I have read before, and I am glad I read it.

This review will be short because it differs from other books I have read. There are no main characters (the author talks in 1st person for the entire book). So keep this in mind when you read what I write below.

The Impossible Truth Of Knowing Nothing was a fast and quick read (the book is only 78 pages ). The author made several good points throughout the book, making me think. But this book isn’t for everyone; if you read it, keep an open mind. The author does make some controversial points in the book.

I recommend The Impossible Proof Of Knowing Nothing for anyone over 21. There are no sexual situations, language, and violence.

Many thanks to Maria Karvouni Truth for allowing me to read and review The Impossible Truth Of Knowing Nothing. All opinions stated in this review are mine.

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