Into the Shadows (The Shadow Vampire Trilogy: Book 1) by Sara Crawford

Into the Shadows: A Young Adult Paranormal Vampire Romance (The Shadow Vampires Trilogy Book 1) by [Crawford, Sara]

4 Stars


Date of publication: February 26th, 2019

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance

Series: The Shadow Vampire Trilogy

Into the Shadows—Book 1

Where you can find Into the Shadows: Amazon

Book synopsis:

Is Chloe ready to travel into the shadows?

Chloe Chastain thought the mysterious stranger from the internet was just another obsessed fan of her favorite vampire books, and she grew close to him, letting him see into her soul. When she discovered that he was the actual dangerous vampire, Theodore Dupont, from her favorite books, she vowed to forget him. 

After an encounter with her childhood bully goes horribly wrong, she knows Theodore is the only one she can turn to for help, and she travels to New Orleans to find him. As she learns all about the world of the vampires and her role in it, she tries to resist her connection with Theodore, but she’s not even sure if she wants to anymore. 

When she finds out how much is at stake for not only Theodore and herself, but the entire New Orleans supernatural community, she’s forced to make an impossible choice. 

Fans of The Vampire Diaries and Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles will love this Southern gothic young adult vampire romance.

My review:

I am going to come out and say it: I am not a huge fan of PNR’s that feature vampire. Ever since the whole Twilight craze, I have steered clear of them. I like my vampires in the dark and evil. Not glittery and good (well goodish). So when I was approached to review Into the Shadows, I went back and forth about accepting the invite. I decided to accept the invite because of the blurb. Enough information was given to make me go “Hmmm.“

The plotline for Into the Shadows was simple. Chloe travels to New Orleans to meet her online friend, Theo. She met Theo through a forum dedicated to a series of vampire novels that she was obsessed with. When Chloe meets Theo, she finds out that Theo is Theodore Dupont, the dangerous vampire from the series. At that meeting, who and what she was and what she was to the supernatural community. There are choices to be made and battles to be fought. Will Chloe be able to adapt to her new reality?

As I was reading Into the Shadows, I was reminded of The Vampire Diaries. I could picture Theo as Damon and Chloe as Elena. But, the deeper I got into the book, the more those two characters took on their personalities.

I didn’t know how Chloe dealt with everything being thrown at her at once. I would have gone off the deep end. She was thrust into a world that she did not know about. And then to find out about her parents. It was awful. I didn’t blame her for going catatonic for two weeks. I did like her, though. She was strong and adaptable. I didn’t like that she was made into a blood whore, though. I thought it diminished her character. She was able to bounce back, but still.

I did like Theo. He didn’t live up to what Chloe imagined him to be. Which was a good thing, believe me on this. I do wish that the author went more into his background. His real background, not the one that the author embellished. I thought it was fascinating that his blood tasted like strawberries.

The secondary characters were well developed and brought an extra depth to the book. I loved Daliah and Chloe’s friendship. I did think that Chloe was right to question it, though. I was a bit iffy with Christine for 75% of the book. I thought that Thomas was a slimy jerk. He deserved what he got.

There is no sex in Into the Shadows. Which I was fine with. I liked seeing Theo and Chloe fall in love. It was refreshing to read without them jumping in bed every 5 mins.

The end of Into the Shadows was interesting. I’m not going to go much into it except to say that I want a Faerie. If you have read the book, then you understand why I said that. I also will say that the scene with Chloe’s parents was heartbreaking. Talk about trying not to cry in a public place (where I was reading the book). I snorted a couple of times trying to reign in my emotions. I will say that I was surprised at what was revealed in the last chapter. I can’t wait to see what the next book will bring!!

I would give Into the Shadows an Older Teen rating. There is no sex. There is violence. There is mild language. I would recommend that no one under the age of 16 read this book.

I would reread Into the Shadows. I would also recommend this book to family and friends.

**I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book**

Have you read Into the Shadows?

What are your thoughts on it?

Let me know!!


WWW Wednesday: May 8th, 2019


WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Wars.

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?


Miss R: She had a ton going on this past week. First, she had Kindergarten Orientation. She got to play on the playground at the elementary school while I sat in a 30 min meeting. The next day, she had her first T-Ball game. She wasn’t motivated at all (which cracked me up). She walked the bases. She walked to get the ball. She covered her face with her glove. She played with her hat. You guys get the theme here…lol. Yesterday, she had her 2nd T-Ball game. I didn’t go because we had to divide and conquer.

Miss B: Out of the three kids, she was actually the least busy. Which was great because I had my hands full with the other two. She had a concert at LRU. It was her middle school, the other middle school, and the main highschool putting it on. Her middle school rocked!!! They headlined the concert (with a total of 5 pieces performed). So, yes, I am a proud band mama here :).

Mr Z: He had a busy week this week. Thursday, he went to the orthodontist and got a palate spreader installed. Yeah, he wasn’t happy about that. We also found out at that appointment that he’s to get 4 teeth pulled with more in the future. He goes in 2 weeks to get it done. Again, he’s not happy about that. Monday, his elementary school had a tour of the middle school. When he came home, we (and Miss R) went back to the middle school to sign him up for Orchestra. He’s playing the violin. We went home and then we went back at 6pm for his Parent Orientation.

Me: So, considering the week I’ve had since last Thursday, I am happy to be staying home tonight and relaxing. Then back to running around. Lucky me. I did forget to mention, last week, that my garden is up. We planted potatoes, onions, leeks, corn, zucchini, summer squash, cucumbers, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, cayenne pepper, lettuce, and cabbage. We also have a raspberry bush that is growing out of control and a strawberry plant that is already producing strawberries (plus BK planted 4 more in that general vicinity that are sprouting)


I didn’t read anything from my WWW from last week. I ended up rearranging my list. I have books that I need to read ASAP because, well, I forgot about them <wince>.

I have caught up with reviews. I can’t even begin to express how happy I am. Now, to keep it that way!!

I had to DNF a book this past week. Which I wasn’t happy about. I could not get into it. I couldn’t even get past the first chapter.

Nothing new going on with my blog. I’ve decided to leave well enough alone.

What I am currently reading:

Into the Shadows: A Young Adult Paranormal Vampire Romance (The Shadow Vampires Trilogy Book 1) by [Crawford, Sara]

click on the picture for the Amazon link

Is Chloe ready to travel into the shadows?

Chloe Chastain thought the mysterious stranger from the internet was just another obsessed fan of her favorite vampire books, and she grew close to him, letting him see into her soul. When she discovered that he was the actual dangerous vampire, Theodore Dupont, from her favorite books, she vowed to forget him. 

After an encounter with her childhood bully goes horribly wrong, she knows Theodore is the only one she can turn to for help, and she travels to New Orleans to find him. As she learns all about the world of the vampires and her role in it, she tries to resist her connection with Theodore, but she’s not even sure if she wants to anymore. 

When she finds out how much is at stake for not only Theodore and herself, but the entire New Orleans supernatural community, she’s forced to make an impossible choice. 

Fans of The Vampire Diaries and Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles will love this Southern gothic young adult vampire romance.

I recently finished reading:

A Safe Place (The Devereux Family Book 1) by [Watson, Margaret]

click on the picture for the Amazon link

Tough, tender-hearted Frankie Devereux doesn’t have time to babysit a smooth-talking football player who’s supposed to be doing community service at her after-school center for troubled teens. She’s dealing with serious stuff – gang problems, a homeless pregnant girl and scraping together enough money to keep her center open. 

But when a dark secret from her past threatens Frankie and the existence of her program, Cal tries to step up and help. But with his career on the line, which will he choose? Football? Or Frankie and her vulnerable kids? 

What books I think I’ll read next? (click on the pictures for Amazon links)

I Know You: A gripping suspense thriller with a heart-stopping twist by [Therme, Erik]

Sisters Bree and Alissa Walker share a special bond. Neglected by their parents, they have always looked out for one another. But one day, sixteen-year-old Alissa goes missing. When Bree discovers her green backpack with all her belongings, abandoned on the steps of their run-down trailer, she knows that something bad has happened …

Then she receives a chilling text message. Someone has Alissa. But Bree will have to give up something very precious in exchange.

Desperate to save Alissa, Bree looks at everyone close to their family. She’s sure that Alissa’s best friend is keeping something back about her little sister and a boy at school, and why has their estranged uncle, who they’ve not seen in years, been hanging around again?

It soon becomes clear that the person behind the message knows a lot about the dark truths within the Walker family and will go to any lengths to get revenge. And as the search for Alissa continues, Bree discovers something about her brother Tyler that she wishes she hadn’t, a dangerous secret, which is also the key to bringing her little sister back home …

Stolen Gypsy by [Horton-Newton, Elizabeth]

“Her parents are dead. The government has failed her. Now she doesn’t even know who she is. Terza Blackstone is rescued by handsome Irishman Tristan Devlin and that begins the search for her true identity. When everything you thought was yours has been stolen from you, there’s only one thing to do. Steal it all back. What do gypsies, the Witness Protection Program, a drug cartel, and a young girl running for her life have in common?”


Touch of Smoke by [Laurel, Karissa]

Three years ago, Rikki Albemarle watched her best friend die at the hands of a supernatural evil. Certain she was slated to be the next victim, Rikki fled her small Smoky Mountain hometown, vowing to never come back. Plagued by nightmares and knowing she’s the only one who believes Mina’s death was no accident, Rikki returns with hopes of finding answers and holding the killer accountable.

Rikki is convinced the key to unlocking the secret of Mina’s death lies with Owen Amir, the alluring young army vet who once claimed her heart. But the deeper Rikki digs into Owen’s past, the more she’s torn between the urgings of her heart and her memories of him on the night Mina died.

After falling further into the rabbit hole, Rikki lands at the feet of an ancient and powerful evil determined to finish what it started years before. To survive, she’ll have to make a decision: believe Owen is the monster she always feared he might be or trust him enough to stay and fight for a second chance at love.

Realm by [Weis, Alexandrea]

Based on a true story.

When her homeland is conquered by the mighty Alexander the Great, Roxana—the daughter of a mere chieftain—is torn from her simple life and thrown into a world of war and intrigue.

Terrified, the sixteen-year-old girl of renowned beauty is brought before the greatest ruler the world has ever known. Her life is in his hands; her future his to decide.

Without formal education or noble blood, Roxana is chosen by the Greek conqueror to be his bride. Soon she comes to know profound happiness and unyielding desire in her warrior’s arms.

However, being the king’s consort comes at a heavy price. To survive her husband’s treacherous kingdom, she must endure continuous warfare, deadly plots, jealous rivals, victory-hungry generals, and the stigma of being a barbarian. Persian blood will keep her from claiming the grandest title of all—queen—but her reign will seal the fate of an empire.

History tells his story. This is hers.

An Indigo Wind (The Four Book 2) by [Watson, Margaret]

Firefighter Gianna Fallon struggles to hide her unusual talents – especially her ability to control fire. But when she and Callan Doyle are tasked with taking down a compound creating warriors with superpowers, both will need every tool they possess. 

Callan Doyle, surfer and former SEAL, hates what happened when he began receiving the mysterious injections that changed who he was. Still, he’ll use those changes to help destroy that compound. 

But a powerful evil hides in plain sight in the compound, making their task more treacherous. As a net slowly surrounds them, can they neutralize the evil in the compound before the net pulls tight and evil eliminates them?

Throwback Thursday: May 2nd, 2019

Image result for throwback thursday meme books

This week’s Throwback Thursday is a paranormal romance

Kindred Souls: Entire Series Books 1 - 5 by [Branigan, Bree]

click on picture for Amazon link

Who would think that finding your soul-mate could wreak such havoc? 

A deliciously sexy paranormal page-turner. Plus steamy bonus stories, all stand-alone HEAs 

Nora is passionate and fearless. Until now she’s seduced and fed on humans, infusing them with a venom that causes them to awake none the wiser. But Fletcher hasn’t forgotten. Nor can she forget him; throwing her into peril with her own clan. 

Fletcher is a happy-go-lucky college football star. Until he meets Nora. When her life is endangered he is plummeted into a world of darkness and danger. 

Marcel, the clan’s benevolent leader, is Nora’s maker with whom she shares a special love. When horrifying events in the town threaten the clan he comes face-to-face with his past. A devastation he may not survive. 

Kindred souls. The connection is inescapable. It can be joyous. And it can be life-shattering.

Have you read Kindred Souls?

What are your thoughts on it?

Let me know!!

Ignite (Dark Kings Series: Book 15) by Donna Grant

Ignite: A Dark Kings Novel by [Grant, Donna]

4 Stars:

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press, St. Martin’s Paperbacks

Date of publication: April 30th, 2019

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal

Series: Dark Kings

Dark Craving—book 0.1

Night’s Awakening—book 0.2

Dawn’s Desire—book 0.3

Passion’s Claim—book 0.4

Darkest Flame—book 1

Fire Rising—book 2

Burning Desire—book 3

Hot Blooded—book 4

Night’s Blaze—book 5

Soul Scorched—book 6

Dragon King—book 6.5

Passion Ignites—book 7

Smoldering Hunger—book 8

Smoke and Fire-–book 9

Dragon Fever—book 9.5

Firestorm—book 10

Blaze—book 11

Dragon Burn—book 11.5

Constantine: A History—book 11.6

Heat—book 12 (review here)

Torched—book 13

Dragon Night—book 13.5

Dragonfire—book 14 (review here)

Dragon Claimed—book 14.5

Ignite—book 15

Fever—book 16 (expected publication date is October 29th, 2019)

Where you can find Ignite: Amazon | Barnes and Noble | BookBub

Book synopsis:

Every inch of him was molded as if from granite…and her blood ran like fire… 

For centuries, V has waited to awaken from his doomed sleep and reclaim his destiny. But this Dragon King–one among a legion of legendary warriors sworn to protect the human race from darkness–must first find a way to win back his sword. Wield its power. And try not to fall prey to his own illicit desires.

Claire may possess the beauty and soul of a goddess but V knows better than to mess with a mere mortal. Still, he instinctively knows that Claire is The One who can help him regain the use of his sword and restore his place at Dreagan. But if she learns the truth about who–and what–he really is, her memories of him would be erased forever. How can V love Claire truly, madly, deeply…and protect her from the forces of fire and darkness that could destroy them both?

My Review:

I can’t even begin to express how excited I was to read this book. My excitement grew when I saw that it was V and Claire’s story. I couldn’t wait to read Ignite. Ignite more than lived up to my expectations!!

I loved Claire, and I would read her chapters with a grin on my face. Her ups and downs with dating were amusing. I found myself laughing more during this book than I have in the other books that I reviewed. I did figure out one of her secrets. It wasn’t too hard. The other one, though, I was surprised.

I couldn’t get enough of V in this book. He was dealing with a lot at the beginning of the book. He couldn’t use his sword (and not that one, dirty mind!!!). Since he couldn’t use the sword, he couldn’t call the dragons home. He was starting to get depressed and was going back to sleep when he noticed Claire. I loved how he seesawed back and forth on dating her. In my head, during those scenes, I was yelling at him to “Just go for it!!“.

Dragon on Light Up LED Orb Statue

I loved the plotlines of Ignite. I couldn’t put the book down. It was so fast paced that I was afraid that it was going to burn itself out in spots. I liked that the author was able to juggle a few storylines without letting any lag happen. The storylines were V and Claire’s love story, the Others, and Usaeil’s scheming.

I was frustrated with the lack of information on the Others and why they existed. I wanted to know what they wanted to defeat the Dragon Kings. Hints were given but still. I want to know now! I am sure more will be revealed as this series (and the other series) continue.

I was so upset over what Usaeil did to V and Claire. My heart dropped, and yes, I started to cry. That wasn’t fair to them. I am hoping that Rhi can find her and end her. That will be a death that I will be happy to read.

LEGO Elves Rosalyn’s Healing Hideout

The end of Ignite was interesting. Another of the Others came out of the shadows. Alliances were made. People disappeared. None of the storylines were wrapped up. All the questions I have about the Others are making me read the next book.

V and Claire had unbelievable chemistry. It sparked in every single scene that they had together. Their first sexual encounter (notice I didn’t say the first time they had sex) was nothing short of amazing. And let’s not forget the first time they had sex. Blazing hot!!

I would give Ignite an Adult rating. There is sex. There is violence. There is language. I would recommend that no one under the age of 21 read this book.

I would like to thank the author, the publisher, and NetGalley for allowing me to read and review Ignite.

Weekly Wrap Up: April 7th through April 13th 2019

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Books I’ve Read

The Perfect Wife

Because You’re Mine

The Third Eye

Bloodline Destinies

The Prince of Persuasion

Bloodline Origins

Books with pending reviews:

Because You’re Mine—review coming August 6th, 2019

Ignite—review coming April 30th, 2019

Books with published reviews:

The Third Eye—review here

Bloodline Destinies—review here

The Ash Family—review here

Bloodline Origins—review here

Love, Again—review here

Prince of Persuasion—review here

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The Third Eye (The Four: Book 1) by Margaret Watson

The Third Eye (The Four Book 1) by [Watson, Margaret]

4 Stars

Publisher: Dragonfly Press

Date of publication: April 9th, 2019

Genre: Romance, Paranormal

Series: The Four

The Third Eye-–Book 1

Where you can find The Third Eye: Amazon | Barnes and Noble| BookBub

Book Synopsis:

When evil invades her office building, Dr. Rowan Burke discovers her ‘gifts’ in the nick of time. After Detective Jack Murphy helps her avert a massacre, it’s clear he’s another ‘gift’ — one that draws her deeper into a new reality of darkness and magic.

While working together to defeat a powerful foe, Rowan and Jack become targets as they uncover a sinister conspiracy to create soldiers with extraordinary abilities. Struggling to stay one step ahead of an enemy who grows more terrifying by the moment, they must learn to see all the possibilities in each other’s gifts — if they’re going to survive. 

My review

I have been reading a ton of PNR lately. I’m not complaining about it – actually, the opposite. I am loving reading them. When I read the blurb for The Third Eye, I was intrigued by it. I am glad that I read it. This was a fantastic PNR!!

The Third Eye starts with Rowan waking up to her grandmother screaming in her bedroom. After waking her up, Rowan is told that she has a gift. She can see in the future and past. She is hit with the news that there is a whole subculture of people like Rowan. Rowan didn’t believe it until she started seeing visions. While she was picking up her possessions from a job that she was fired from. These visions helped save people’s lives, along with her own. But, she makes a powerful enemy. Someone who wants her dead. Can Rowan stay one step ahead of this group? Or will she become a victim?

The main plotline of The Third Eye is Rowan and her dance with her dangerous enemy. I thought that it was well written. The author did a great job of keeping who the bad guy was until the end.

There were a few secondary plotlines. I liked how they added to the plotline. Sometimes the secondary plotlines will take over the main one. Not in this case. These were kept in the background until the author decided to merge them with the main plotline.

I loved Rowan in The Third Eye. For someone who had a whole lot of crap dumped on her, she dealt with it pretty well. I mean, if I went through what she did, I would have been a basket case. I liked how she embraced her gifts. I also liked how she was willing to stand her ground and fight.

I liked Jack. His belief in Rowan was rock solid. I wasn’t surprised that he had powers. I was surprised at what they were. Sometimes, I wish I had those powers. While I understood his anger at Mason, I thought he went a little overboard. He also irritated me at the end of the book.

The secondary characters were awesome. I loved Aislinn, Flynn (I want to know her backstory!!), Gianna, Mason, and Cal. I cannot wait to see who the author pairs together. But, I have a feeling that I know. There were a couple of scenes in the book that made me go “Hmmmm.”

I thought that The Third Eye was a great fit in the paranormal genre. Rowan’s introduction to her second sight was interesting as was her bonding with her Moonstone. I am interested in seeing where this series goes.

I also thought that The Third Eye was a great fit in the romance genre. I will warn everyone; this isn’t a “get to know you” romance. It is an Instalove romance. I am not a fan of Instalove, but but certain storylines need it. And The Third Eye’s is one. Jack and Rowan couldn’t have had a romance if it was any other way.

The sex scenes were steamy!! If it could have, my Kindle’s screen would have steamed up. Jack and Rowan also had significant sexual tension. I saw it right from the beginning. The author did a fantastic job of keeping it going, even after they had sex.

The end of The Third Eye was great. I liked how the author resolved Rowan’s issues. I did a fist pump and said “Yes” when that happened. But even more, I loved the last chapters. All I have to say is that Rowan was right and Jack was a fool. The epilogue has me interested. Because of who and what was introduced. It went well with what Rowan was experiencing. I am wondering how it is going to figure into the next book.

I would give The Third Eye an Adult rating. There is explicit sex. There is violence. There is language. I would recommend that no one under the age of 21 read this book.

I would reread The Third Eye. I would also recommend this book to family and friends.

I would like to thank the author for allowing me to read and review The Third Eye.

**I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book**

Bloodline Destinies by Iuliana Foos

Bloodline Destinies by [Foos, Iuliana]

4 Stars

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Date of publication: February 13th, 2019

Genre: Paranormal, Romance

Where you can find Bloodline Destinies: Amazon | BookBub

Book synopsis:

In the year 2516 humans share Earth with elusive vampires and GeMs—a new species of blood-drinkers who appeared after the Flood. 

Months before his five-hundredth birthday, Theodor De Croix, Prince of The Old Coven, crosses paths with Vivienne. Torn between proving himself worthy of his bloodline and centuries-old beliefs about true love, he saves her life but rejects the idea that she might be sent to him by fate itself. 

Vivienne is a human scientist turned GeM in an accident. Body and mind forever altered, she struggles every day to adapt to her new life. Attracted to the man who saved her, but fearing his kind, she finds herself in more danger than ever. 

Caught up in a whirlwind of dreams and evil plots, both must confront their own demons in order to save each other, testing the powers of fate and love.

My Review:

I am going to start this review off with a warning. There are triggers in this book. Vivienne was tortured and abused in this book. What she went through before and afterward was a significant part of the plotline. So, if you are triggered by abuse, do not read this book.

Vivienne is GeM who has endured the worst kind of abuse. Escaping from her captor, she crosses paths with Theodor De Croix. Theo saves her from certain death. Vivienne is torn between her desire for Theo and her fear of what he is. Can she overcome her fear and her past? Can she allow herself to love Theo?

Bloodline Destinies has three significant plotlines. Vivienne and her recovery from abuse are one. Theo and his dance with Malvina was the second one. Malvina and her quest to avenge Ivan is the third one. I loved them all.

There were a couple of twists in Bloodline Destinies that I saw coming. They both involved Malvina. Even though I guessed at what was going to happen, they still surprised me.

I will say that I liked that the book took place almost 500 years in the future. I loved the whole backstory about the alien ship and the destruction it caused on Earth. Also, the entire storyline on how the GeMs were created was fascinating.

The sub-storyline that detailed Vivienne’s abuse and the aftermath from it broke my heart. Her strength poured off the pages.

I liked Vivienne. She had immense strength. I loved how she adjusted to being a GeM. Even though she was made into one the previous year, she was never allowed to learn how to be one (if that makes sense). I thought her fear of Theo was a little much. I could understand why she was scared of him. She had a prey response to him. But he showed her, over and over again, that he wouldn’t harm a hair on her head. That was the only complaint I had about her.

I did like Theo, even if he had a quick temper and came across as a jerk for 90% of the book. Don’t get me wrong; he wasn’t all bad. He came across as a grump. But, he did love Vivienne and was willing to do whatever it took to make sure she was safe.

Malvina was slimy. From her first scene, I knew she wasn’t good news. And man, she was bad. I understood why she wanted to avenge Ivan’s death. That was her dad. She did get what she deserved at the end of the book. She should have been killed off sooner (sorry for the spoiler!!)

As always, the secondary characters added an extra depth to the story. I liked how the author brought in Ana and Andree from book one but kept them in the background. I also loved seeing Thora. I was surprised by Serge and his actions. I didn’t think he would do what he did.

I thought that Bloodline Destinies was an excellent fit for the romance genre. I liked how the author took Vivienne and Theo’s romance slow. I liked that there were setbacks. I also liked that there was a love triangle going on between Victor, Vivienne, and Theo.

As for the sex in this book, it’s there, but the author doesn’t go into detail. It wasn’t until a key scene at the end that I realized that Theo and Vivienne had even had sex. I was confused by it for a minute then the lightbulb went on.

I thought that Bloodline Destinies was a great fit in the paranormal genre. I loved that the author had a new vampire subspecies. The GeMs were fascinating. I do wish that more detail was given about the GeMs. Like why they were so hated.

The end of Bloodline Destinies was what I thought it would be. It was predictable. The storylines were all wrapped up in a way that I liked. I am interested in reading Thora’s story.

I would give Bloodline Destinies an Adult rating. There is no sex. There is language. There is violence. I would recommend that no one under the age of 21 read this book.

I would reread Bloodlines Origins. I would also recommend to family and friends.

I would like to thank the author for allowing me to read and review Bloodline Origins.

**I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book**