Pirate’s Curse: Division 1 (The Berkano Vampire Collection) by Leigh Anderson and Rebecca Hamilton

Pirate’s Curse: Division 1 
by Leigh Anderson & Rebecca Hamilton 
(The Berkano Vampire Collection) 
Publication date: October 22nd 2017
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Paranorma


Book Synopsis:

Once upon a time, a vampire and a witch fell in love, and that love fractured the world. Now divided into sixteen isolated Divisions, the world is an unstable and dangerous place.

In the Division of NOLA, Catheryn Beauregard fears her burgeoning magical powers. Hiding as just another slave in the home of the Hoodoo Queen, Catheryn hopes her simplistic powers will simply go unnoticed. And her plan seems to be working…until the Hoodoo House is attacked by a ruthless band of vampire pirates.

Captain Rainier Dulocke and his crew need humans to feed on. In an act of desperation, they beset the Hoodoo House and take ten slaves to sustain them. Rainier takes a girl named Catheryn for himself, but her blood is giving him terrible side effects. Still, he refuses to give her up. Even when the Hoodoo Queen demands her return.

The NOLA Division is in danger. The waters are rising. Food is running out. And the Hoodoo Queen is about to destroy everything that’s left if the pirates don’t meet her request. Now Catheryn must choose who will die: the humans who sold her, the witches who bought her, or the vampires who stole her. If she fails to decide, everyone could die.

PIRATE’S CURSE is a standalone contribution to The Berkano Vampire collection. Stories can be read in any order. To learn more, visit FallenSorcery.com


Rainier nodded. “Things tend to only happen when you are threatened,” he said. “Like the doors when you were chased or the beam when you were cornered.”

“Yes,” she said. “I noticed that as well. Which is why I think the powers are only latent. I cannot control them, but they take on a life of their own to protect me.”

“Yet they allowed you to be captured by me,” he said, wiggling his eyebrows. “Perhaps your powers knew I was not a threat to you.”

“Or they just weren’t quite strong enough yet to fight you off, but it’s only a matter of time,” she said with a teasing smirk.

“Well, we will have to see what other surprises you have in store for me, Catheryn Beauregard,” he said. 

He smiled as they rowed back to the ship. He wanted to believe what she had told him. He didn’t have a reason not to believe her, except that she hadn’t been completely honest with him before. More like lying by omission. But she didn’t trust him before. Why should she? At least now they seemed to have turned a corner. 

But the truth of what she was still gnawed at him. It should be safe for him to feed off a lesser witch. They were usually close enough to human that there should be no side effects from feeding off one. Yet every time he fed from Catheryn, he had those strange visions. And he wasn’t feeling energized the way he should afterward. 

There was still something about Catheryn that didn’t make sense.


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New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Hamilton writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance for Harlequin, Baste Lübbe, and Evershade. A book addict, registered bone marrow donor, and indian food enthusiast, she often takes to fictional worlds to see what perilous situations her characters will find themselves in next. 

Represented by Rossano Trentin of TZLA, Rebecca has been published internationally, in three languages: English, German, and Hungarian.



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LEIGH ANDERSON loves all things Gothic and paranormal. Her master’s thesis was on vampire imagery in Gothic novels and she met her husband while assuming the role of a vampire online. She currently teaches writing at several universities and has a rather impressive collection of tiny hats. She lives in a small town in the mountains with her husband, human child, and two fur-children. She is currently working on too many writing projects, and yet not enough.



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Book Blitz: Claimed by the Demon Hunter (Guardians of Humanity: Book 1) by Harley James

Claimed by the Demon Hunter 
by Harley James 
(Guardians of Humanity, #1) 
Publication date: October 19th 2019
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance


Book Synopsis:

I want to shove her against the wall and take her innocence.
That was my thought as she ran into me in our apartment hallway.
Most women that come this close to a demon hunter turn to putty on the spot.
Not Jessie.
This sassy little spitfire is playing hard to get.
Beautiful eyes and heart shaped ass that would make any immortal do bad things.
I was a scumbag before my death and fate gave me two choices.
Fight demons for the sake of humanity, or face hellfire and damnation.
Yeah, not really much of a choice…
Guarding humanity is tough, but loving Jessie makes me remember what it’s like to be human.
Her gentle touch and caring heart make me want to be… more.
So as the battle for good and evil draws near, Jessie’s safety is my main concern.
They try to come for her.
Wrong move.
I protect what’s mine.

Guardian Dictionary & Demon Hierarchy


ampliothe heightened senses (gorgeous colors and wonderful taste) that a human or another Guardian can instigate in a male Guardian. Some Guardians think it’s a gift for good behavior. Generally doesn’t mean anything about that person who instigates it in the Guardian. But sometimes it does. Mated compars instigate amplio, but not all cases of amplio are with one’s compar.

bagh nakha weapon with claw-like blades inspired by the armature of big cats that is made of iron which, when in contact with a demons, makes the being’s flesh as corporeal as a human’s. And just as vulnerable. It can’t kill higher level demons, but it can wound them enough that they have to retreat.

chrism oilConsecrated by the bishop on Holy Thursday, chrism oil burns and weakens demons even more substantially than holy water. Made of balsam. And if thrown on a demon’s shade after it had left its human vessel, chrism oil would exterminate the demon forever. Usually kept in pewter bottles inscribed IO—oleum infirmorum, oil of the sick.

soul mateGuardians have more than one potential soul mate in the world. The choices they make take them down different paths. If they’re lucky, those decisions lead them toward unity with one of those soul mates. If soul mates choose to bond, they amplify each other’s powers. 

dark sleepa rare, black magic spell cast on Guardians by powerful demons using holy relics. It produces weakness and failure to thrive that eventually leads to a death-like unconsciousness from which Guardians almost never recover unless an archangel intervenes. (not the same as ether sleep, see below).

Dei PatrisGod the Father

demons—human souls that went to Hell and are now evil, bodiless spirits that require a human host (a human “meat suit”) to carry out their malevolent activities on Earth. They are distinguished from the recently possessed by their eyes. Full-fledged demons have solid black eyes with no color to their irises, while the possessed still retain their iris color, though it may begin winking in and out the closer they are to losing the battle to the evil inside them. Most demons stay out of daylight because their powers are weakened during daylight hours. If the human host body is killed, the demon’s black mist form seeps out the human’s eyes, nose, mouth and ears. The demonic spirit needs to find another host quickly, otherwise it’s sucked back to Hell. If it cannot find another host, or it’s prevented from getting to the host, it settles like gun powder on the original host body and lights on fire, turning the body to ash. 

Devil’s Trapa mystical symbol used to immobilize and control demons. It is similar to a circle of salt, but more powerful and persistent as it is usually etched or painted in place, and can’t simply be brushed or blown away. If a demon walks inside the circle of a Devil’s Trap, it cannot physically leave it—it’s trapped. Devil’s Traps also inhibit the use of some demonic powers. Devil’s Traps have been used not only to detain a demon, but are also drawn at entrances as a deterrent to prevent access to a building, room, or container.

domomassive vanquishing ceremony for demon byproducts and evil-summoning objects. The ceremony requires at least two Guardians to perform, more if the cache of evil was enormous. The ceremony’s back draft sucks all demons within a ten block radius into a state of nothingness. And those demons are vanquished for all time.

ether sleepa powerful, healing sleep for Guardians. Can only be instigated by Ether-Elemental Guardians in dire situations. Usually results in significant pain transference to the Ether Guardian.

Incubus (Incubi, plural)—a male class of Fallen Angel who appears in a human’s dreams to seduce him or her for sex energy to maintain an attractive glamour. In their true form they have long, leonine tails and the iridescent scales growing up their shins from their feet. Their female counterpart is the Succubus.

Malakhiman order of soldier angels in service to Good. Humans can become Malakhim after death by the power of an Archangel, though it is very rare.

Nephilima milky-eyed, skeletal class of Fallen Angels who assail a human’s mind, crumbling the human from the inside-out. The Nephilim’s objective is mental illness and self-harm, usually ending in the human’s suicide (unless a Guardian gets to the human in time). Nephilim release ear-shattering shrieks that devastate humans. The sound is hard on the Guardians, too.

Oleum infirmorumoil of the sick (Latin), also known as chrism oil. A mixture of olive oil and balsam, blessed by the bishop on Holy Thursday. Used for anointing in baptism, confirmation, and holy orders. Kept in pewter vessels with glass interiors and inscribed with OI on the front of the vessel. A powerful demon weapon, it has the same effect as holy water (burning, temporary immobilizer), but much stronger. If thrown on a demon’s shade it kills them permanently.

(The) Possessedhumans who have been recently invaded by a demonic spirit in a war for their soul and host body. If the human isn’t exorcised before the demon takes over, it’s almost always too late for their soul. The possessed retain their original (iris) eye color. Full-fledged demons have solid black eyes.

Rephaima class of Fallen Angels with leathery gray skin, bald heads, red eyes, and wiry bodies. Taller, faster, and stronger than most Guardians, but they can usually be outsmarted. Unlike the Nephilim, they instigate social chaos and public devastation, creating mobs, serial killers, and suicide bombers.

sanctoruma spiritually-warded protection room where no demons can enter. It’s also where the Guardians house powerful, ancient religious relics, and stockpile demon byproducts and evil-summoning objects.

shurikenthrowing stars, soaked in holy water. Can kill all but Lucifer and the archdemons if they are embedded in eye sockets.

streamingteleporting. Guardians can take people and object with them, but it’s taxing.

Succubus (Succubi, plural)—a female class of Fallen Angel who appears who appears in a human’s dreams to seduce him or her for sex energy to maintain an attractive glamour. In their true form they have brown horns, emerald hair, and rust colored, bat-like wings. Their male counterpart is the Incubus.

xiphosa double-edged, iron sword used by the Spartan Alexios and other ancient Greeks for close combat. Its leaf-shaped design lends itself to both cutting and thrusting. When forged and blessed by Heaven’s Commanding Archangel Michael, it is one of the most powerful weapons in the Guardians’ arsenal. Kills demons and the possessed permanently. Doesn’t kill archdemons and fallen angels, but it can send them back to Hell where they are trapped until a new Seam between Earth and Hell breaks open.

Demon Hierarchy (most power to least)

LUCIFER—the Original Fallen Angel (AKA Satan, The Devil, Dark One)—He rules Hell, Fallen Angels, and all other demonic beings from the cage he was placed in by the Archangel Michael during Heaven’s Fallen Angel Rebellion.

ARCHDEMONS—Lucifer’s children via Succubus mothers. They are princes and princesses of Hell who can control all demonic beings except Lucifer. They have their own true, monstrous forms so they don’t have to take a human host, though they usually do so they can walk among humanity undetected. When Archdemons are exorcised from human bodies without access to their true bodies, they spew a blood-red colloidal substance out of their mouth, nose, and ears. They are immortal. When they are “killed” on Earth, their spirits return to Hell to await their next opportunity to come back to torment humanity.

INCUBUS, SUCCUBUS, REPHAIM & NEPHILIM—Other Fallen Angels from The Rebellion. They take their own forms, so don’t need human hosts, though they usually take them to walk among humans undetected. They can command demons and the possessed. They are commanded by archdemons and Lucifer, but they usually try to keep off the archdemons’ radar so they can do their own thing.

DEMONS & THE POSSESSED—commanded by any class of Fallen Angels (Incubus, Succubus, Rephaim, or Nephilim), but the Rephaim boss them around the most. The Incubi, Succubi, and Nephilim like to be more solitary. Demons and demonic spirits in search of human hosts are more numerous than archdemons and Fallen Angels. They also get to Earth easier and much more frequently than their more powerful counterparts.


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Mom by day and freak by night, Harley is a down to earth soccer mom who lets her foxy side fly when writing about witty females, over the top bad boys, and a world of steamy magical romance so hot it’d make a demon sweat.

When Harley’s not reading, writing, or dancing in the kitchen, some of her favorite activities happen in the great outdoors with her sexy alpha hubby, their two awesome teenagers, and the world’s coolest dog, Finn.

So leave all your worries behind and let Harley make your sultry fantasies come to life!


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Blog Tour: The Widow of Rose House by Diana Biller

The Widow of Rose House: A Novel by [Biller, Diana]

4 Stars

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press, St. Martin’s Griffin

Date of publication: October 8th, 2019

Genre: Romance, Paranormal

Where you can find The Widow of Rose House: Barnes and Noble | Amazon | BookBub

Book Synopsis:

A young widow restores a dilapidated mansion with the assistance of a charming, eccentric genius, only to find the house is full of dangerous secrets in this effervescent Gilded Age debut novel

It’s 1875, and Alva Webster has perfected her stiff upper lip after three years of being pilloried in the presses of two continents over fleeing her abusive husband. Now his sudden death allows her to return to New York to make a fresh start, restoring Liefdehuis, a dilapidated Hyde Park mansion, and hopefully her reputation at the same time. However, fresh starts aren’t as easy as they seem, as Alva discovers when stories of a haunting at Liefdehuis begin to reach her. But Alva doesn’t believe in ghosts. So when the eccentric and brilliant professor, Samuel Moore, appears and informs her that he can get to the bottom of the mystery that surrounds Liefdehuis, she turns him down flat. She doesn’t need any more complications in her life―especially not a handsome, convention-flouting, scandal-raising one like Sam.

Unfortunately, though Alva is loath to admit it, Sam, a pioneer in electric lighting and a member of the nationally-adored Moore family of scientists, is the only one who can help. Together, the two delve into the tragic secrets wreathing Alva’s new home while Sam attempts to unlock Alva’s history―and her heart.

Set during the Gilded Age in New York City, The Widow of Rose House is a gorgeous debut by Diana Biller, with a darkly Victorian Gothic flair and an intrepid and resilient American heroine guaranteed to delight readers.

First Line:

Alva Penrose Rensselaer Webster had been inside Delmonico’s for nine seconds before Mrs. Henry Biddington asked the maitre d’hotel to throw her out.

The Widow of Rose House by Diana Biller

My Review:

I didn’t know what I was expecting when I started reading The Widow of Rose House. I was interested in reading the book. Anything with ghosts and romance in it, and I am reading it. But, I was a little iffy on the Gothic description. I haven’t had the best luck when it comes to reading books in that genre. That was my only hold back from being delighted in reading The Widow of Rose House. I am happy to say that, I was pleased to read this book. I did have an issue with the ending, but other than that, it was a great read.

The Widow of Rose House’s plotline was medium paced. It wasn’t too fast or too slow. Which was perfect for me, and it made reading the book enjoyable. There were no dropped storylines. But there were storylines that I felt needed clarification like how Henry ended up with the Moore’s or why Alva’s mother hated her. The latter gave me a feeling that there was more going on in that relationship than what was said.

Alva was such a complicated woman, and I found her hard to get to know in the beginning. The author held back a lot when it came to her marriage to Alain. There was a point in the book where I did wonder if she was as scandalous as the gossip made her out to be. Then the author explained that Alain was abusive. That is when she started to come to life in my eyes. Alva was vulnerable but at the same time had a backbone of steel. She was damaged goods, and she knew it. She had such a hard time trusting people, after what her husband did, and it took her forever to trust Sam.

I loved everything about Sam. He defined the term absent-minded professor. People could be standing in front of him, and if something caught his attention, bam, they would cease to exist for him. It was awesome!! Take, for instance, the serving tray conversation. I was dying laughing as I read that scene. It was hilarious. I also loved how deeply he loved his family. They were everything to him and vice versa.

Sam and Alva’s romance was unique. I say unique because Sam knew right away that Alva was his other half. But, he also saw that she was damaged. He did pursue her, but everything that happened was on her terms. On Alva’s side, she fought her feelings for Sam tooth and nail. It was amusing and sad to read. Amusing because she blustered a lot and sad because she felt she wasn’t good enough for him.

I didn’t get any sense of sexual attraction or chemistry between Alva and Sam. So when they had sex, it was a surprise. It was a clean sex scene. Nothing explicit. It was descriptive but didn’t go over the line. I loved it!!

The ghost storyline was interesting. I say interesting because I enjoyed the search that Alva and Sam did on the previous owners of the house. I also enjoyed seeing how paranormal research would have looked like in the late 1800s. But then the ghost storyline took a weird turn that involved possession and being able to see slightly into the future. I was a little “eh” on that part, but it did add a unique flair to the storyline.

The storyline with Alva’s brother-in-law and Alva’s marriage was sad. I liked how the author didn’t get graphic with the abuse that Alva and her mother-in-law suffered. Alva’s brother-in-law was skeezy. He was trying to blackmail her into giving him money each month. Considering how divorce was looked upon in that century, I didn’t blame Alva for caving into him. But, I wasn’t expecting what happened to him at the end of the book.

The end of the book was alright. But I got a sense that it was rushed. But overall, it was a good read. I do hope that there will be other books about the other Moore siblings!!

I would give The Widow of Rose House an Adult rating. There is sex. There is mild language. There is mild violence. I would recommend that no one under the age of 21 read this book.

I would reread The Widow of Rose House. I would recommend it to family and friends.

**I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book**

Cover Reveal: Rhodes (Angelbound Offspring: Book 4) by Christina Bauer

Book Synopsis:

As dragon shifters, Rhodes and Zinnia should never have fallen in love. Why? Zin’s a princess while Rhodes is only the hired help. If the pair remain in the dragon realm, then age-old prejudices might tear them apart. But returning to Earth isn’t any better. In the human world, Rhodes and Zin are a musical sensation … and fame’s an even bigger relationship killer. Bottom line? Rhodes has huge decisions to make, both for himself and Zin.

Unfortunately, it isn’t clear what path—if any—will end with Rhodes and his love having a future together.

Angelbound Offspring

1. Maxon
2. Portia
3. Zinnia
4. Rhodes (December 2019)
5. Kaps (Summer 2020)
6. Huntress (Summer 2021)

Don’t Miss These Series From Christina Bauer

– Fairy Tales of the Magicorum, a series of modern fairy tales with sass, action, and romance

– Beholder, where a medieval farm girl discovers necromancy and true love

– Dimension Drift, a dystopian adventure with science, snark, and hot aliens

– Pixieland Diaries, about a sassy pixie Calla who falls for Dare, an icy elf prince

by Christina Bauer 
(Angelbound Offspring #4) 
Published by: Monster House Books
Publication date: December 17th 2019
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult



Giveaway ends on November 14th.

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Christina Bauer thinks that fantasy books are like bacon: they just make life better. All of which is why she writes romance novels that feature demons, dragons, wizards, witches, elves, elementals, and a bunch of random stuff that she brainstorms while riding the Boston T. Oh, and she includes lots of humor and kick-ass chicks, too. 

Christina graduated from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School with BA’s in English along with Television, Radio, and Film Production. She lives in Newton, MA with her husband, son, and semi-insane golden retriever, Ruby.

Be the first to know about new releases from Christina by signing up for her newsletter: http://tinyurl.com/CBupdates

Stalk Christina On Social Media – She Loves It!


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Book Blitz: Scorpion Blood (Supernatural Task Force Academy: Mission 1) by J.L. Weil and Stephany Wallace

Scorpion Blood 
by J.L. Weil & Stephany Wallace 
(Supernatural Taskforce Academy, Mission 1)
Publication date: October 15th 2019
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance,Young Adult


Book Synopsis:

What does an ex-military, a vampire, a phoenix, a wolf shifter,
a fae, and a witch all have in common?
Nothing… other than being handpicked to save the world.

May the Gods save us all.

If someone had told young, ex-Delta Force Ethan James, that supernatural creatures were real, he would have laughed. See to believe was his motto, until one day he was kidnapped by a being that could only exist in dreams… or nightmares. Taken to a place where having extraordinary abilities is the norm, he’ll be offered the opportunity of a lifetime.

The Supernatural Taskforce Academy—or STA as it’s known—is an elite academy for witches, fae, shifters, vampires, and every other class of supernaturals with exceptional skills. But what the heck does STA want with a human? An ex-soldier at that?

Renna Blackwood doesn’t play nice with others. She might have a mean girl reputation, who snubs her nose at the rules, but with skills like hers, she has rightfully earned every ounce of that reputation. She is a bleeding vampire for God’s sake. So, when the council assigns her the task of awakening new members for the academy, Renna isn’t the least bit surprised.

Until she sees who her partner is…
A mortal. With a heartbeat.
Swell. This should be fun.


Oliver slumped into a seat beside Tricksy on the opposite couch, kicking his feet up on the table between us—his tablet laid across his lap. Tricksy toyed with her coffee cup, running a finger over the rim, eyeing me oddly. “You have that scary gleam in your eyes.”

“Oh, just wait,” Oliver added. “I caught her stalking the human… and the High Witch.”

Sometimes it was annoying how predictable I was to my friends. “I was not stalking… precisely. I was looking for answers. They’re hiding something from us, and I intend to find out what.”

“You think the Aereum is up to something?” Melody echoed my statement. Her hair was orange today, and she was dressed in all white, making her look kind of like a dreamsicle.

Oliver leaned forward on the couch across from me. “Aren’t they always?” he asked, keeping down his voice.

“Yes,” I agreed. “But this is different. There is a reason they want me to bring in the witch, and I mean to find out what is so special about her. Why she is important to them.”

“Ah, our Renna is jealous,” Tricksy cooed. “She likes to be the special one.”

“What makes you think she is different from any of us?” Oliver posed.

My gaze scanned the space as I thought about it. Many of the students were already in class, others grabbing breakfast, but the commons were fairly empty for a Monday… I had only two classes today, but I was seriously considering skipping them in lieu of tracking down the witch. 

“When has the Aereum ever cared about who the academy took in as students? They never stick their nose in STA’s business, not unless they need something from us. Plus, have you ever seen a witch react the way she did after I shoved that potion down her throat? Something is up.”

“She’s right,” Melody agreed. “I wasn’t there Saturday night, but this stinks like last year’s werewolves.”

“The Aereum has summoned the human,” I pressed on, building my case. “Apparently, our own dearest Serenity has been keeping an eye on him since he was a baby.”

Oliver tapped his fingers on the arm of the couch, the lines on his brows wrinkling as that mind of his worked through the possibilities. “Why would they do that?”

I let my tongue run over the points of my iron fangs. “I don’t know. I was interrupted before I could hear anything else, but I mean to find out.”

Tricksy uncrossed her legs, the fabric of her plaid skirt inching up her knees. “And how do you plan to do that? March into the council meeting?”

My brow rose, considering it, and a smile carved my lips. The idea had flare, yet without the sequences to unlock the portal door, it was a useless idea—but a girl could fantasize.

“Renna, you can’t!” Tricksy pleaded, her face paling. “Even you have to have some limitations.”

“Relax, I have another plan.”

“Shit.” Oliver loosed a breath, sinking back into the couch. 

“Buckle up, Chewbacca, it’s time to sharpen your claws.” I grinned at him. 

He pinched the bridge of his nose. “You know I hate it when you call me that.”

“I know,” I sung.

“Can we talk about the yummy package you brought back with you?” Melody purred. “I haven’t seen him yet. Dish. What’s he like? You think he’s into vampires?”

“Yes,” both Tricksy and Oliver said at the same time, giving me a pointed look.

I glowered at them.

“Hmm,” Melody pursed her lips. “I might have to take him for a ride.”

Red. It flashed in front of my eyes. My iron fangs dropped down and I was over on her side of the couch, baring my teeth in her face before she finished blinking. “He’s off limits. Clear? No one touches him. And I mean, no one,” I reemphasized, glancing at each of them in the eye.


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Bestselling Author Stephany Wallace has been writing since she was about 12 years old. Thanks to the influence of her Literature teacher who was also a poet,  began to write Poetry, which allowed her passion for writing to grow. Writing songs followed as her love extended to music. An artist at heart and soul, she enjoys all forms of Art, and occasionally indulges in drawing, playing her guitar, and singing.

Shortly after my NPR debut, she won two awards as Best Debut Author 2016, Hidden Magic won the award for Best Debut Novel and her Oh, so #CynfullyDelicious character, Cynwrig “Cyn” Bressall, won Best Book Boyfriend From Another Country.

She currently writes Fantasy Romance, Epic Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and any other AWESOME Fantasy genre.

As any die-hard Star Wars and Disney fan would naturally do, she moved to Orlando to be closer to Disney a few years back, where she lives happily ever after with her family. Now, she spends her days listening to book boyfriends and headstrong heroines tell her what to do.

Steph, has many more adventures to embark on, so make sure you join her in her magical journey.





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J.L. Weil is a USA TODAY Bestselling author of teen & new adult paranormal romance, fantasy, and urban fantasy books about spunky, smart mouth girls who always wind up in dire situations. For every sassy girl, there is an equally mouthwatering, overprotective guy. She lives in Illinois with her family who put up with her Supernatural and Harry Potter fanatics. It’s a problem.


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Book Blitz: Winter King (The Wyth Courts: Book 1) by J.S. Dark

Winter King 
by J.S. Dark 
(The Wyth Courts, #1) 
Publication date: October 9th 2019
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal,Romance


Read the first 5 chapters: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/sye0b632gi

Book Synopsis:

His court is dying, and she’s his only hope …

Monsters of the Tywyll Forest have poisoned the Winter Court, unleashing a prophecy that demands a human sacrifice to save the withering land. Willing to do whatever it takes to save his people, King Cadewyn of the Winter Court ventures to the human world in search of one insignificant life to claim… 

Amber was used to her life being in shambles, but getting kidnapped and whisked off to a magical fae realm was a new low even for her. While feeling drawn to the fae King by a sizzling attraction, her apprehension builds to a panic when she finds out why she was brought there.When Cade discovers that Amber is his mate, can he carry out his plan to sacrifice her? Or will the malicious plotting of others within the court leave Amber trapped in the mystical realm with nowhere to run? 

Winter King is a standalone steamy paranormal romance with a HEA. Each book in the Wyth Courts series will feature a different couple, with a complete story, and a HEA. Suited for readers 18+ due to language and sex scenes.


I hadn’t expected movement in the middle of the night, but sure enough, the female human left her apartment building in a hurry just after four in the morning. She hugged a thin jacket over a tee and sweatpants. A second later, a taxi showed up and she boarded it.

Where in the freezing ice was she going at this time?

Regardless of my thoughts, I changed into my wolf form and followed her.

Just like I had done all day long.

Right after Haera told me how to save my people, I used my medallion to teleport to the human world. Haera had helped. She cast a spell over me, saying I would end up near the one I needed to save my court.

A selfless, pure-hearted human.

When she told me that, I scoffed. A selfless, pure-hearted human? Those were like myths. They didn’t exist. But Haera assured me I just had to get near the human and I would know.

The moment I saw Amber leaving the restaurant after being fired, with her long, black hair whipping on the chilly wind and her bright green eyes looking up at the clear skies full of hope and wonder, I knew it was her. Not because she was absolutely stunning and I couldn’t take my eyes off her, but because the pull I felt deep in my core told me that she was the one I needed.

She was the only one who could save my people. 


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J.S. Dark is the pen name of a USA Today Bestselling author. As J.S. Dark, she writes steamy paranormal and fantasy romance, with red hot heroes and their sassy soulmates. Her passion for books started when she was very little, and her first novel was penned at only thirteen years old. She lives in North Carolina with her husband, two kids, and way too many books!



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Cover Reveal: Fool’s Bargain (Fate’s Fools: Book 7) by Ophelia Bell

Book Synopsis:

They made a bargain with a goddess, and now Fate is pissed. 

After three thousand years as prisoners, the last three unmated satyrs in all the realms finally have a chance to find their mates. What they don’t count on is that Fate’s biggest rival wants to use them as pawns in a contest of wills. But how can they say no to the Diviner—and their last chance at salvation? 

Their arrangement sends them to the woman of their dreams, a member of the bloodline overflowing with nymphaea magic, but she isn’t meant to be theirs. Fate magic has already marked her for someone else: a nymphaea female who is just as deserving of love as they are, if not more so.

But when the four of them agree to share their perfect mate, Fate isn’t happy. Will they be able to complete their bond before the powerful immortal tears them apart forever?

Warning: This book is a fast-burn HOT and steamy RH odyssey, with some F/F and M/M content, not meant for the faint of heart (or libido)… #whychoose!

Fool’s Bargain 
by Ophelia Bell 
(Fate’s Fools, #7) 
Publication date: December 21st 2019
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance


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Ophelia Bell loves a good bad-boy and especially strong women in her stories. Women who aren’t apologetic about enjoying sex and bad boys who don’t mind being with a woman who’s in charge, at least on the surface, because pretty much anything goes in the bedroom.

Ophelia grew up on a rural farm in North Carolina and now lives in Los Angeles with her own tattooed bad-boy husband and four attention-whoring cats.

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