Weekly Wrap Up: September 9th through September 15th

Books I’ve Read (clicking on the picture will bring you to Goodreads page):

In the Mood Fur Love

Drawn to the Marquess (Imperfect Lords, #2)

The Ancient Nine

Books I’ve Reviewed (clicking on pictures will bring you to the Amazon page):

Drawn to the Marquess—review here

Drawn to the Marquess (Imperfect Lords, #2)


The Ancient Nine—review coming September 24th

The Ancient Nine

Worldwielder—review here


I Do Not Trust You—review here

I Do Not Trust You


Lies—review here


Dead Girl’s Don’t Love—review here

Dead Girls Don't Love

Carbon Replacements—review here

Carbon Replacements (The McAllister Justice Series #4)

NetGalley Haul(clicking on the picture will bring you to the Goodreads page):

Rend (Riven, #2)

Perfectly Inappropriate

Christmas on Mistletoe Lane


The Girls at 17 Swann Street

The Christmas Star (Christmas Hope #9)

The Perfect Liar

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Spirit of Prophecy: Paranormal and Sci-Fi Crime


The Wizard's Gift

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Lies by T. M. Logan


4 Stars

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Date of publication: September 11th, 2018

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Where you can find Lies: Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Book synopsis (from Goodreads):


When Joe Lynch stumbles across his wife driving into a hotel car park while she’s supposed to be at work, he’s intrigued enough to follow her in.

And when he witnesses her in an angry altercation with family friend Ben, he knows he ought to intervene.

But just as the confrontation between the two men turns violent, and Ben is knocked unconscious, Joe’s young son has an asthma attack – and Joe must flee in order to help him.

When he returns, desperate to make sure Ben is OK, Joe is horrified to find that Ben has disappeared.

And that’s when Joe receives the first message… 

My review:

I can’t even begin to explain how much I liked this book. Can’t even begin. I will admit that I went into reading Lies, thinking that this book was going to be an ordinary mystery. Then I started reading the book and well, I was proven wrong, This book is anything but ordinary.

Lies had a simple plot. Joe sees his wife going into a hotel parking lot. Seeing that she is supposed to be at work, he follows her. He ends up witnessing her arguing with a family friend. Breaking them up, the friend turns on Joe and tries to start a fight. Forced to defend himself, Joe knocks the friend unconscious. Before he could get help for him, Joe’s son has an asthma attack…which requires Joe to go home to get his inhaler. Returning, he finds that his friend has disappeared. Strange things start happening that culminate with the police charging Joe with murder. But everything is not what it seems. The truth is more sinister than what Joe expected.

Image result for suspenseful book meme

I felt awful for Joe. His life was destroyed within a week. I did think that his reaction to what was going on was pretty dead on for an ordinary guy. His confusion over everything came off the pages. Even his actions started showing how erratic he was becoming. I love it that the author took him to the edge and then pulled him back. I won’t say what pulled him back. But I will say that it was brilliant.

The mystery angle of the book was excellently written. I did figure out part of what was going on. I thought it was the whole thing. But, then the major plot twist happened and it seemed like it came out of left field. There is a smaller, minor plot twist that happens almost after the major one. It only added to the story. It was also sad.

The suspense angle of the book was awesome. I was with Joe, wondering who was tormenting him.

Image result for plot twist gif

The end of the book was insane. Like I mentioned above, there was a plot twist that blew my mind. I didn’t see it coming. But, the author also touched on what happened afterward. Which is something that I don’t see too often in books like these. I was glad that the author chose to do that. It gave me the closure that I needed.

What I liked about Lies:

A) How intense the book was

B) Joe.

C) The plot twist

What I disliked about Lies:

A) Nothing, the book was very well written

Image result for end of book meme

I would give Lies an Adult rating. There is no sex. But there are sexually explicit pictures and talk. There is violence. There is language. I would suggest that no one under the age of 21 read this book.

There are trigger warnings for Lies. They are stalking and death.

I would reread Lies. I would also recommend this book to family and friends.

I would like to thank St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for allowing me to read and review Lies.

All opinions stated in this review of Lies are mine

**I chose to leave this review after reading an advance reader copy**

Weekly Wrap Up (July 8th through July 14th)

Books I’ve Read:

Dark Alpha's Hunger (Reaper, #6)

Snow (The Black Ice Trilogy, #1)

Project Prometheus (Assassin Fall, #2)

The Warrior of Clan Kincaid (Highland Warrior, #3)

The Remnant

Hot & Heavy (Lightning, #2)

Deep Cover (Love Over Duty, #3)

Books I’ve Reviewed:

Rough Ride (review coming July 24th, 2018)

Rough Ride (True Brothers MC, #4)

Inconclusive Evidence—review here

Inconclusive Evidence (McAllister Justice Series #3)


Jilliand—review here


Set the Night on Fire (review coming July 31st, 2018)

Set the Night on Fire (Cottonbloom, #6)

I Think I Love You—review here

I Think I Love You (Oxford, #5)

The Dream Daughter (review coming October 2nd, 2018)

The Dream Daughter

The Subway Girls—review here

The Subway Girls

Moon Blood (Book 2) by Carol McKibben—review here

Moon Blood (Book 2)


Lies by T.M. Logan (review coming September 11th, 2018)


NetGalley Haul:

I Do Not Trust You

The Ancient Nine


Foundryside (Founders, #1)

I Hate You, I Love You

Swagger (Milwaukee Dragons, #2)

The Hangman's Secret

Dagger's Edge (Brute Force #2)

Drawn to the Marquess (Imperfect Lords, #2)

Email Request:


Strange Circumstances

The Last Straw (Pigeon-Blood Red Book 2)

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Weekly Wrap (6-17-18 to 6-24-18)

Books I’ve Read:

Dark Retreat (EMP Lodge #1)

Daughter of a Daughter of a Queen

Rust & Stardust


Moon Blood (Book 2)

Books I’ve Reviewed:

Mirrored Kingdoms: The Shadow’s Quest

Mirrored Kingdoms: The Shadow's Quest

One for the Rogue (review coming June 26th, 2018)

One for the Rogue (Studies in Scandal, #4)

Not Her Daughter (publication date: August 21st, 2018)

Not Her Daughter

NetGalley Haul:


Maybe for You (Whiskey and Weddings, #3)

Dark Alpha's Hunger (Reaper, #6)

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The Remnant

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WWW Wednesday (was on vacation)

Throwback Thursday (was on vacation)

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