Wed by Fortune (The Fortunes of Texas: All Fortunes Children: Book 6) by Judy Duarte

Wed by Fortune (The Fortunes of Texas: All Fortune's Children Book 2479) by [Duarte, Judy]

Publisher: Harlequin

Date of publication: May 24th, 2016

Genre: Romance

Series: The Fortunes of Texas: All Fortune’s Children

Fortune’s Secret Heir—Book 1

Fortune’s Perfect Valentine—Book 2

Fortune’s Secret Husband—Book 3

Fortune’s Special Delivery—Book 4

Fortune’s Prince Charming—Book 5

Wed by Fortune—Book 6

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Goodreads Synopsis:

You are cordially invited 

to witness the courtship 

of Graham Fortune Robinson 


Sasha-Marie Gibault Smith

Graham has always thought of Sasha as his “little sister.” 

Sasha has always considered the rugged rancher out of her league. 

Now that Sasha is all grown up, there is nothing keeping them apart… Except she has a daughter. An ex-husband. And a very noticeable baby bump. And the always proper Graham suddenly finds himself thinking very sexy thoughts about the sweet single mom! 

Perhaps Fortune is finally smiling on Graham—in the form of the true love this rich, unencumbered cowboy has always longed for!

3 Things I liked about Wed by Fortune:

  1. Sasha-Marie and Graham’s characters. They were cute together, and the romance was adorable in a bumbling way. I also loved how Sasha’s 7-year-old daughter fell in love with Graham. OMG, the feels.
  2. The boys’ home substory.  I loved it. I thought it great that the author decided to write about something like this.
  3. Sasha’s daughter. I thought she was the cutest thing ever!!!! From her not-so-subtle attachment to Graham to her wanting to be a cowboy, she stole every scene that she was in this book.

3 Things I disliked about Wed by Fortune:

  1. Sasha’s ex. While he makes a couple of appearances in the book, what is revealed about him is awful. He is a selfish man-child, plain and simple. In one scene, I wanted to shove a boot up his butt.
  2. Graham’s relationship with his father. Ok, I will be blunt, Graham’s father is a manwhore. I mean, who has 8 children with his wife and then goes on to father at least 4 other kids (as of this book)? And he wasn’t very supportive of Graham at all, it seems.
  3. That this is the 6th book. While it is a standalone book, I felt I was missing key plotlines.

I would recommend Wed by Fortune to anyone over 16. It is a clean book (no sex, language, or violence). There are a couple of kissing scenes and one nongraphic sex scene.

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