Foretold Betrayal (Kyron’s Worlde) by E.S. Tilton

Foretold Betrayal (Kyron's Worlde Foretold Book 1) by [Tilton, E.S.]


Date of publication: May 15th, 2012

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal

Series: Kyron’s Worlde

Betrayed by Desire—Book 1 

Seduction’s Blade—Book 2

Trapped by Burmtin—Book 3

Foretold Betrayal

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Goodreads synopsis:

Book One of the Foretold Saga

A utopian society. Shattered, by a single act of betrayal.

Caught within a world where shape-shifters battle beings of super-human speed, where decadent opulence rivals primitive tribalism, Kyra wields illusions to transform into anyone she wants.

Except herself.

The Seven, a cabal of outcast psychics who answer to no one but themselves, pull Tahrek back from the edge of death, leaving him with a life he despises.

Torn between tribal honor and a life of deception, Tahrek approaches his newest assignment with dread. The job is simple…

Betray, and execute, a fellow assassin… Kyra.

Nothing is as it seems in the Land of Llayentia, leaving the two fighting for their lives against an enemy more ancient than time itself, all in the guise of the Red Pelican’s Assassin’s guild.

This novel is intended for mature audiences.

The last line in the Goodreads synopsis says it all, mature readers only. The sex scenes go into very graphic details. Very realistic. So, don’t read the book if you get offended by stuff like this.

Saying that this book was excellent!! The author has four prologues, and yes, you should read them. They explain a lot, like the prophecy and the races. Also, the whole storyline rocked.

I liked Kyra’s character a lot. She took no crap from anyone. Tahrek’s character took me a little longer to get to like. There was something different (other than being an illegal half-breed) about him. When it was revealed, it came as a big surprise to me.

So, to sum it up. Great book but don’t read it if you are not into graphic sex scenes. The storyline was great and easy to get into. Going on my read again shelf!!