I Know You by Erik Therme

4 Stars Publisher: Bookouture Date of publication: April 12th, 2019 Genre: Mystery, Thriller Where you can find I Know You: Amazon | Barnes and Noble | BookBub Book synopsis: Sisters Bree and Alissa Walker share a special bond. Neglected by their parents, they have always looked out for one another. But one day, sixteen-year-old AlissaContinue reading “I Know You by Erik Therme”

Keep Her Close by Erik Therme

3 Stars Publisher: Bookoutre Date of publication: December 5th, 2018 Genre: Mystery, Thriller Where you can find Keep Her Close: Amazon | Barnes and Noble Goodreads synopsis: Someone took your daughter. And nobody believes you … Then:Three-year-old Ally was found alone in a parking lot. She was barefoot and dressed only in a yellow sundress. InContinue reading “Keep Her Close by Erik Therme”

Roam by Erik Therme

Title: Roam Author: Erik Therme Publisher: Thecker Books Date of publication: February 21st, 2017 Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense Number of pages: 244 POV: 3rd person Where you can find this book: Amazon Book synopsis (via Goodreads): Three strangers, each searching for something out of reach. Sarah Cate, celebrating her twenty-first birthday, is pushed over theContinue reading “Roam by Erik Therme”

Mortom by Erik Therme

4 Stars Publisher: Thomas & Mercer Published: April 28th, 2015 Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense Where you can find this book: Amazon Book synopsis: Andy Crowl barely knew his recently deceased cousin, Craig Moore, so he’s especially surprised to be named as the sole beneficiary in Craig’s will. Not that there’s much to inherit: just anContinue reading “Mortom by Erik Therme”

Resthaven by Erik Therme

Publisher: Kindle Press Date of publication: April 12th, 2016 Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Young Adult Where the book can be found: Amazon  Book synopsis: The last thing Kaylee wants to do is participate in a childish scavenger hunt–especially inside the abandoned retirement home on the edge of town. When she finds a bruised, deaf boy hidingContinue reading “Resthaven by Erik Therme”