Hot & Heavy (Lightning: Book 2) by Tracy Wolff

Hot & Heavy (Lightning, #2)

4 Stars

Publisher: Random House Publishing Group, Loveswept

Date of publication: July 17th, 2018

Genre: Romance

Series: Lightning

Down & Dirty – Book 1 (review here)

Hot & Heavy – Book 2

Where you can find Hot & Heavy: Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Book synopsis (from Goodreads):

When a daredevil football stud tries to get into your yoga pants, you know class is about to get interesting. The New York Times bestselling author of Down & Dirty returns with Hot & Heavy.

Sage: Although I come from a long line of free-spirited yoga teachers, sometimes I wish my life could be just a little more normal. More ordinary. More boring. Easier said than done, especially since it’s on me to keep my family’s studio up and running every time my mother wanders off to find herself. But that’s when my best friend sends me a sexy new student: Shawn Wilson, a slick wide receiver with a death wish and a chip on his broad, muscular, irresistible . . . wait, what were we talking about again?

Shawn: They say I’m an adrenaline junkie. The truth is, I only really feel alive when I’m risking my life: Snowboarding, parachuting, BASE jumping . . . the kind of fun team management considers breach of contract. When my coach orders me to take yoga to “center myself,” I’m pissed—until I get an eyeful of delectable, flexible Sage Kaufmann. Unfortunately, she’s determined to keep things between us strictly business. But if Sage can get me to enjoy downward dog, maybe I can convince her that scorching hot sex could be the perfect shot of adrenaline.

With their own sweet HEAs, Tracy Wolff’s red-hot Lightning novels can be read together or separately:

My review:

You know when a book starts off with the two main characters getting their freak on in a bar outside the bathroom that the main focus is going to be sex. So I wasn’t surprised by the amount of sex in this book. What I was surprised was how involved I got with the characters. I was thinking that this book was going to be heavy on the sex and light on the plot. Instead, I got surprised. The plot was as good as the sex.

I loved Sage. She has to be one of my favorite fictional characters to date. She had a childhood that left her craving for stability. So, what does she do? Becomes an accountant. Nothing more stable than that. She kept people at arm’s length, not willing to let anyone in. The only person she let in was Emerson. That was until she met Shaun. I felt that meeting Shaun was good for her. He made her go outside her comfort zone. He made her reevaluate what was important in her life. I loved watching her interact with Shaun. She didn’t know how to act with him. He threw her off-center. Loved it!!!

I thought Shaun was an idiot for most of the book. He did high risk, daredevil antics that put him in danger. He didn’t care. Then he hurt his shoulder and met Sage. But even then, he didn’t slow down. I mean, after Sage did a deep muscle massage plus taught him some yoga moves, he went flipping mountain climbing and REINJURED his shoulder. I did a facepalm when he did that. He acted like a child. Did what he want, when he wanted and forget everyone else. It wasn’t until he scared Sage and his friends free diving that he kind of woke up. I say kind of because I didn’t get the feeling that he was going to stop. Tone down, yes. Stop, no.

I wish that there the romance was built up between Shaun and Sage. While I appreciate, like any red-blooded woman, hot sex in a book, I do like a romance first at times. Sage and Shaun could have benefited from a romantic build up instead of banging the heck out of each other. I felt that any romance that could have happened was overshadowed by the sex. I did yell at my book and say “Take her out to dinner, Shaun. Not to your bed” a couple of times…lol.

hot alyssa milano GIF

Speaking of sex, holy moly was it hot. This author loves having her characters do the dirty in public places. Hunter and Emerson (from Book 1) had a famous BJ while Emerson was showing him a house. Shaun and Sage, sex in a bar outside a bathroom. Yes!! Plus pool sex (which isn’t my thing, personally) was made fantastic and somewhat doable. Shaun and Sage also had insane sexual chemistry. INSANE!!! A look could get either of them going. Or in Shaun’s case, a touch when doing yoga…haha.

are you serious orphan black GIF

I need to talk about what I didn’t like about both characters (besides the obvious). Sage’s mother was a piece of freaking work. Who, in their right mind, would take money out of a business and use it to pay a guru in India? And what got me was that she didn’t care. When Sage opened up to her about how her upbringing affected her, the first thing her mother said was “I make no apologies for how I lived my life” (or something along that line). I was like “Seriously lady, your daughter has ISSUES because of that”. I loved that the author didn’t try to change Sage’s mother and didn’t make excuses for her.

What I didn’t like about Shaun was that he was feeling guilt over his mother and sister’s death. Yes, he was in a rush but he was also a child. Guess what, kids make parents rush. I wanted to hug him when he told Sage that. He also revealed why he did extreme sports. Which was also heartbreaking.


The end of the book was what I expected. Total HEA. I read it with a huge grin on my face. I couldn’t wipe it away. Loved it!!

What I liked about Hot & Heavy:

A) Sage. Loved her

B) The plot of the book

C) The sex

What I disliked about Hot & Heavy:

A) Shaun. He acted like a child for most of the book

B) Almost no romance. Wish there was more

C) Sage’s mother. Couldn’t stand her

I would give Hot & Heavy an Adult rating. There is explicit sex. There is language. There is mild violence. I would recommend that no one under the age of 21 read this book.

I would reread Hot & Heavy. I would also recommend to family and friends.

I would like to thank Random House Publishing Group, Loveswept, and NetGalley for allowing me to read and review Hot & Heavy.

All opinions stated in this review of Hot & Heavy are mine.

**I chose to leave this review after reading an advance reader copy**

Weekly Wrap Up (July 8th through July 14th)

Books I’ve Read:

Dark Alpha's Hunger (Reaper, #6)

Snow (The Black Ice Trilogy, #1)

Project Prometheus (Assassin Fall, #2)

The Warrior of Clan Kincaid (Highland Warrior, #3)

The Remnant

Hot & Heavy (Lightning, #2)

Deep Cover (Love Over Duty, #3)

Books I’ve Reviewed:

Rough Ride (review coming July 24th, 2018)

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Inconclusive Evidence (McAllister Justice Series #3)


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The Dream Daughter

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The Subway Girls

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Moon Blood (Book 2)


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Weekly Posts:

WWW Wednesday

Throwback Thursday

Weekly Wrap Up

WWW Wednesday July 11th, 2018


WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Taking on a World of Wars. So here what I have read/are reading/will be reading. Also, I will let y’all know what has gone on in my life this past week.

My couple weeks off of not reviewing books was good for me. I am almost caught up with my backlog of reviews <woot, woot>. In my life, things are going ok. Still, summer vacation and trying to keep these kids occupied is making me want to pull out my hair. I have a Dr’s appt tomorrow to draw blood. I have Hashimoto’s Disease and my Dr needs to make sure my medication is working. So, I go to the vampire every 4-6 months. Yay, fun…lol.

Here’s what I have been up to reading-wise this past week:

What I am currently reading:

Project Prometheus (Assassin Fall, #2)

The Academy stole everything from Hades, their perfect assassin. Angry and leaving bodies in his wake, he finds two other ex-assassins doing the exact same thing.

Tyler and Shannon once killed for The Academy. Now they’re tracking and hunting down its scientists. So why is The Academy only after Hades?

Shannon will do whatever it takes to protect Tyler, even if it means teaming up with a former rival. While she seeks answers to her past, Tyler wants to learn the truth about the mysterious white room, which no one has ever seen except him.

As for Hades? He simply wants revenge.

They all need answers, even if it means returning to the organization where it all started.

I am super excited to be reading this book. Like fan girl excited. I had reviewed Project Pandora last year and was blown away by it. So when I was approached to review Project Prometheus, I jumped on it. So far, it is living up to my expectation and beyond. My review will go live July 30th, so be on the lookout!!!

What I finished reading:

The Warrior of Clan Kincaid (Highland Warrior, #3)


Derryth MacClaren is on the run. Traveling under heavy guard, she has been sent from her castle home to avoid capture by the vicious nobleman known as the Wolf, who has vowed revenge against the Clan Kincaid, and any who support them. When a surprise attack leaves her vulnerable, Derryth ends up in the hands of an enemy warrior who claims her, with the Wolf’s blessing, as his prize. But her captor’s gentle words and touch seduce her heart—and body—completely…and when she discovers the tattoo on his arm that proves him to be the legendary, long-believed dead son of the murdered Laird of Kincaid, Derryth knows she must find a way to alter his fate—and her own.

Cull has no memory of his family or past—all he knows is the life of a warrior, trained to fight on behalf of the Scottish king. If he can help the king’s law officer of the North, the Wolf of Badenoch, defeat a rebellious faction of Highlanders, Cull will be met with untold riches beyond possessing beautiful, innocent Derryth. But now that she has informed him of who he really is—Cullen Braewick, the youngest son of the slain laird—he is torn. If Cull exacts revenge against the Wolf, who executed his father, he stands to lose the precious lass who he has come to love. What is he willing to sacrifice for Derryth to keep her safe…and in his arms?

I am a big fan of Scottish Historical Fiction. So, I was a little disappointed by this book. I had it built up in my head and it fell short of what I expected. My review will go live on July 31st. So, be on the lookout for it.

What do I think I will read next:

Snow (The Black Ice Trilogy, #1)Dark Alpha's Hunger (Reaper, #6)Immortals' RequiemSister of MineThe MiddlemanGrace and FuryEight Goodbyes

I know that this is a lot of books and I know I won’t get to all of them. But, I can hope…lol.

Snow: I should be banned from even looking at books when NetGalley sends out their Read Now emails. Because this is where I found this book. Honestly, I got the book because I liked the cover. I hope that the book is good too. Look for my review within the next couple of weeks.

Dark Alpha’s Hunger: I was approached by the publisher to review this book. It seems like a different shifter book. I mean, they are Alpha males who are assassins for Death and they go after Fae. But we’ll see. I have a high standard for shifter romances. The book won’t be published until August 7th. So be on the lookout for my review then.

Immortals’ Requiem: I am super excited to be reviewing this book. It is a zombie, vampire, shifter, supernatural book and I cannot wait to sink my teeth into it. Since I missed the publication date for the ARC (whoops), my review will be up within the next couple of weeks.

The first three books I will be definitely be getting too. The next 4 are iffy.

Sister of Mine:  This was another Read Now email pick up. This book intrigued me because it explores a toxic relationship between two sisters. Look for my review to be out within the next couple of weeks.

The Middle-Man: Again, another Read Now email. And I don’t even like these types of books. Political suspense. I really should be banned from those emails. The book will not be published until August 7th. So be on the lookout for my review then.

Grace and Fury: I cannot wait to read this book!!!! I was so happy when I got approved for the review. The book will not be published until July 31st. So be on the lookout for my review at that time.

Eight Goodbyes: I was struck by the blurb of this book. It looks like a tear jerker. The book will not be published until September 5th. So be on the lookout for my review then.

So that’s it. Be on the lookout for the reviews of all these books in the near future.

Have you read any of these books?

Let me know what you thought of them!!

Moon Blood (The First Blood Son Series: Book 2) by Carol McKibben

Moon Blood (Book 2)

3 Star

Publisher: Troll River Publication

Date of publication: May 1st, 2018

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal

Series: The First Blood Son Series

Moon Blood – Book 1

Moon Blood – Book 2

Where you can find Moon Blood: Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Book synopsis (from Goodreads):

Two vampires battle against the werewolf nation

Hybrid-wolf “Moon” and her human vampire master, Kane, fight for their lives against a stalking shifter network out to destroy them. Each battle may be their last as vampires and werewolves edge ever closer to war.

While Kane and Moon work to unravel the looming threat, more and more questions surface. But one thing is for sure; the real motives behind the werewolves’ plot against them include destroying the vampire race.

Only an act of bravery and trust will stop the werewolf species from destroying what Kane and Moon love the most. Vampire teeth flash and wolf claws clash as supernatural beings fight for life, love, and family.

My review:

Image result for confused book gif

I liked this book, even if I felt confused during the first few chapters of the book. Why was I confused? Because it is the 2nd book in the First Blood Son Series. There were references to the first book that made me go “Ok“.

The plot of Moon Blood is simple. Moon and Kane head to Italy to battle werewolves after getting word that the werewolves are mounting an attack against the vampires. While there, Kane meets a beautiful woman who is the direct descendant of the first werewolf. She, more than anything, wants peace. But she realizes that sometimes you have to fight for what you want. Even if that means fighting against your own kind.

Image result for white wolf hybrid with blue eyes

I liked that the book was told from Moon’s perspective. She was an interesting narrator. I did like her ability to shift but didn’t understand how she got that ability. Because she wasn’t a werewolf. I have a feeling that it had something to do with Kane and that it was explained in the first book.

Image result for twilight fight scene gif

The big battle scene between the vampires and werewolves gave me a Twilight flashback.

I am not going to go into the end of the book because I will give away some major spoilers. Let’s say that I thought Moon was an interesting narrator and that her abilities were pretty awesome!!

What I liked about Moon Blood:

A) Moon.

B) Moon’s abilities

C) The lore. Loved it

What I disliked about Moon Blood:

A) Not a stand-alone book

B) The Twilight feel to the book

C) Not knowing how Moon got her abilities

I would give Moon Blood an Adult rating. There is sex. Nothing graphic but it is there. There is explicit violence. There is language.

There are no trigger warnings in Moon Blood.

I am on the fence if I would reread Moon Blood. I am also on the fence if I would recommend it to family and friends.


I would live to thank Troll River Publications for allowing me to read and review Moon Blood.

All opinions stated in this review of Moon Blood are mine.

**I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it**

Throwback Thursday: July 5th, 2018

I’ve decided to do Throwback Thursday but blog style. I am going to select a book I have read before and see if I would still read it.

This week’s Throwback Thursday is a historical romance.

Whitney, My Love (Westmoreland, #2)

Whitney, My Love stands as Judith McNaught’s timeless bestseller — a novel so rich with laughter, tears, and the power of dreams that millions of readers have returned to it again and again to savor its beauty and majesty.

Under the dark, languorous eyes of Clayton Westmoreland, the Duke of Claymore, Whitney Stone grew from a saucy hoyden into a ravishingly sensual woman. Fresh from her triumphs in Paris society, she returned to England to win the heart of Paul, her childhood love . . . only to be bargained away by her bankrupt father to the handsome, arrogant duke. Outraged, she defies her new lord. But even as his smoldering passion seduces her into a gathering storm of desire, Whitney cannot — and will not — relinquish her dream of perfect love.

Where you can find Whitney, My Love: Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Did I like Whitney, My Love when I first read it? Oh my, YES. I couldn’t get enough of it. It was one of those books that I reread as soon as I finished.

Age I first read Whitney, My Love: My late teens/early 20’s.

Would I read Whitney, My Love now? YES!!!! It is one of my favorites.

How many stars did I give Whitney, My Love back then: 5 stars.

How many stars would I give Whitney, My Love now: 5 stars

Have you read Whitney, My Love?

Did you like it?

Let me know!!

Malevolent Sadness: A Paranormal Suspense Thriller (The Prophet’s Mother: Book 2) by Julian Coleman

Malevolent Sadness: A Paranormal Suspense Thriller

4 Stars


Date of publication: June 24th, 2017

Genre: Mystery, Horror, Suspense, Paranormal

Trigger warning: Kidnapping

Series: The Prophet’s Mother

Stolen Prophet – Book 1

Malevolent Sadness – Book 2

Where you can find Malevolent Sadness: Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Book synopsis (from Goodreads):

A new paranormal suspense thriller from the WINNER of The Independent Author Network 2016 OUTSTANDING BOOK of the YEAR. Can a detective save a Prophet from a monster? Harry is an Army veteran who survived a childhood tragedy and tough years in foster care. Today, he’s a pragmatic and no-nonsense Homicide detective investigating the Victor Adamson kidnapping. As he digs for leads, Harry realizes that he’s in the middle of dark conspiracy, and that his life is in jeopardy. His only option is to save Victor. But to do that, he must understand and then embrace the supernatural. He has to believe that monsters are real. If he doesn’t, then both he and Victor may die.

My review:

I wish, wish, wish that I had read Stolen Prophet before reading Malevolent Sadness. I would have had a better understanding of some of the back story of the book. Other than that, I enjoyed reading Malevolent Sadness. This is a fast-paced book that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire book. The twists and turns in the book made it. As did the supernatural aspect.

With the good, there is the bad. I didn’t like how little I knew about the Orisha (Evie) and how she manifested. I also didn’t like how little I knew about the religion that the Orisha came from. My other complaint was the secret that Evie kept from Harry. That was pretty awful.

Malevolent Sadness’s plotline pretty simple. Harry starts working on a kidnapping case. This case ends up turning into something much more. Harry learns that everything he has known for the past 10 years has been a lie. That it was part of a plot to keep him hidden from sinister forces. Harry’s world is turned upside down when he learns that the things that go bump in the night are real. But nothing compares to what he finds out about Evie and what she has kept from him. It soon becomes a race against time to find Evie’s son before something horrible happens to him.

I liked Harry. He was a no-nonsense cop that did his job well. I thought he was treated horribly by his fellow officers. The nicknames that they called him. “Cap’n Eunuch” was one. I also felt bad for him. He had a bunch of life-changing information sprung on him at once. While on the job. I was surprised that he didn’t blow a gasket sooner than he did. He did give his all to solving the case.

I couldn’t put this book down. Even though it is not a stand-alone book, I was still sucked in. That very rarely happens with me when I am reading a nonstandalone book. Most of the time, I am stuck wondering about the earlier book or the characters relationships than focusing on the book.

Also, the twists and turns in the book were fantastic. The author had no qualms about injuring off what I deemed important people to the plot. Loved it!!!

I do wish that I had a better understanding of Evie and her religion. There were explanations but it sounded like the characters were giving footnote versions. I have a feeling that everything was explained in book 1. I thought it was interesting how she manifested and wished that I had a better understanding of how she did it.

What I also didn’t like was the secret that Evie kept from Harry. How he was told/found out was awful. I would have spit nails, I would be that mad. I did think that he dealt with everything pretty well.

The paranormal angle of the book was fantastic. I loved the idea of an avenging goddess. She was badass in all the scenes. I also liked that the author touched upon other paranormal beings. The shapeshifter/demon was one.

The suspense angle of the book was fantastic also. Like I stated above, I was kept on the edge of my seat with everything that was going on. I love it when a book does that to me!!

The horror angle fell a bit short for me. I was scared during certain scenes but I wasn’t scared enough. I am thankful that the paranormal and suspense angle was more than enough for this book.

The mystery angle was very well written. I was as surprised as Harry was at who had Victor. It wasn’t who I thought it was.

The end of the book was intense. Everything came together in a way that satisfied me as a reader. I was a little put off that the book ended as a cliffhanger. But, it makes me want to read book 3.

What I liked about Malevolent Sadness:

A) 3D characters

B) twists and turns in the plot

C) Harry. He was a tough guy

What I disliked about Malevolent Sadness:

A) Almost no understanding of Evie and her religion

B) The secret that Evie kept from Harry

C) Horror angle fell a bit short.

I would give Malevolent Sadness an Adult rating. There is no sex but some sexual situations. There is language. There is violence. I would recommend that no one under the age of 21 read this book.

There is a trigger warning for Malevolent Sadness. It would be kidnapping. If that triggers you, I would suggest not to read the book.

I would reread Malevolent Sadness. I would also recommend it to family and friends.

I would like to thank the publisher for allowing me to read and review Malevolent Sadness.

All opinions stated in this review of Malevolent Sadness are mine.

**I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it**

The Girl in the Tower is now in paperback

Yes, you read that right. The Girl in the Tower by Katherine Arden is now in paperback. So run, not walk, to your computer and grab it. It’s well worth the read!!!

Where you can find The Girl in the Tower: Barnes and Noble |  Amazon

My review of The Girl in the Tower – here