Bewitched in Time (Salem Moon: Book 1) by Scarlet Black

Bewitched in Time (Salem Moon, #1)

3 Stars

Publisher: World Castle Publishing

Date of publication: May 16th, 2011

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Romance

Series: Salem Moon

Bewitched in Time—Book 1

Purity—Book 2

Where you can find Bewitched in Time: Amazon

Goodreads synopsis:

“When Gabriel Blackstone, a young man living in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 is sentenced to death for the crime of witchcraft, a mysterious man appears to him, just before death comes to claim him; promising to change his fate if he will only agree to take his hand and go where he leads.

Miraculously, Gabriel is transported to 21st century Salem where he not only escapes his fate but meets his destiny! He falls in love with Lily Snow, a descendant of the very family that falsely accused him of witchcraft! They both know theirs is a forbidden love, but they cannot deny it!

Gabriel is shocked to learn that the man who saved his life is, in reality, an evil Fallen Angel, named Lucien, who wreaks havoc on the city of Salem with his unbridled lust and violence. He wants Gabriel’s very soul and will do whatever it takes to get it, including going after Lily! 

Gabriel and Lily’s story is one of love that defies all boundaries, as they come together in a steamy passion neither of them has ever known and a love that transcends time, brutal injustice and evil itself!”

My review:

I’m going to start off doing something different with my reviews. I am going to list what I liked about the book, what I disliked, and if I would read it again/recommend it. So here goes nothing.

What I liked about Bewitched in Time 

  1. It was a quick read. I have 3 kids, all active in their own way, and get to read at night. So, for me to finish a book in 3 days, it is a quick book.
  2. The plotline was interesting. Time travel, witches, and a fallen angel. Add in a dash of true love and it makes for an awesome read
  3. The book actually takes place in my corner of the world and the author knew her shit. ((Gasp)) that never happens.

What I didn’t like about Bewitched in Time 

  1. I didn’t like how Lily and Lilac talked on-page. For some reason, that irked me, big time.
  2. The ending. I don’t like cliffhangers.
  3. Everyone is good-looking. Listen, I know that good looks and sex sells but still. I would love it if there was a plain/ugly main character for once.

**I voluntarily reviewed this book**

Homeward Bound by Kat Attalla

Homeward Bound

3 Stars

Publisher: Books We Love LTD

Date of publication: June 18th, 2012

Genre: Romance

Where you can find Homeward Bound: Amazon

Goodreads Synopsis:

On stage, she is Leather, a Rock’n’Roll fantasy. Her music dominates the charts, while the “Queen of Flash” struts across the concert stages. She is a tease, a shameless flirt–and a glittering illusion. Kate Costello has had enough of the music scene. She takes off for New Mexico in search of the anonymity she’d bargained away for fame. 

Jake Callahan is a single father. A decade ago his wife left the farm, leaving him to raise his daughter. He spent his savings bailing out his wild twin brother and is now facing cash-flow problems. Renting out the empty house on his property seems like an ideal solution until he sees the woman who answers the advertisement. Jake doesn’t want the reclusive millionaire renting the house on his farm. But he has a teenager to deal with and bills to pay. 

And now–a sexy tenant he can’t seem to ignore. 

Sparks fly between the cowboy and the rocker who believe they have nothing in common except a menagerie of good-hearted matchmakers determined to prove they’ll make beautiful music together.

My review:

Why is it the books I have been reading have the main male character being an asswipe? And why are the women OK with the men acting like they are 3?

That is what I don’t like about this book. Jake is an idiot and acts like one in almost every scene in the book. From his first meeting Kate to the big reveal, he acted like an idiot. The only scene I didn’t blame him for being a jerk was when Kate took Chloe out of school without telling him. As a parent, I can 110% understand what that would feel like.

I did feel bad for Kate. I do agree that she shouldn’t have held back who she was. But with the way he reacted, I can understand why she hide who she was. She should have been straightforward with Jake from the beginning. Of course, she didn’t know that she would end up banging her landlord either.

With those faults aside, it was a good read. Enough sex to keep your attention and enough drama to keep the pages turning. I would recommend this book as a pool/beach/lazy day read.

This is going on my “maybe read again” shelf because of the reasons listed above. I love the author but the hero in this book rubbed me the wrong way, and it colored my view of this book.

**I voluntarily reviewed this book**

Codename: Romeo by Kat Attalla

Codename: Romeo

4 Stars

Publisher: Books We Love Ltd

Date of publication: May 22nd, 2012

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Suspense

Where you can find Codename:Romeo: Amazon

Goodreads synopsis:

“Victoria Jansen, card-carrying MENSA member, can write a book about Quantum Physics—but get her around a handsome man and Charlie Chaplin looks graceful compared to her. She’s determined to break out of her shell, though, and she’s going to start with the sexy plumber in her basement.

Erik Sanders doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that Victoria is trouble. The physicist has the mind of a computer and the body of a centerfold model—too bad she’s also the prime suspect in his industrial espionage case. Working undercover as a plumber will get him the evidence he needs to close this case. 

Once he realizes his prime suspect is an innocent pawn, he must protect her until the real criminals are brought to justice. And as her bodyguard, Erik finds himself guarding her body more closely than he should. Suddenly scientific principals like chemistry and forces of nature are taking on a whole new meaning.”

My review:

This was a cute romance.  It got added bonus points for being held in my home state of MA.

From the beginning, when Erik was staking out Tori at Logan Airport, my attention was caught.  The chemistry between Erik and Tori was hot, hot, hot!!!

The ending seemed to be a little rushed. I did like that the author didn’t have Tori and Erik get married or Tori get knocked up. To be honest, I was kinda expecting it, with all the sex they were having.

This will go on my “read again shelf“.

**I voluntarily reviewed this book**

Eeny Meeny Miny Mo by Philip Lazard

Eeny Meeny Miny Mo by [Lazard, Philip]

4 Stars


Date of publication: April 1st, 2010

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Paranormal

Where you can find Eeny Meeny Miny Mo: Amazon

Goodreads synopsis:

“NYC police detective Harley Patterson has a special weapon. When she touches an object, she can read the thoughts of the last person who came into contact with it. One morning, a picture left inside her car shatters her existence. When she touches it, there is an image of a woman being brutally murdered, and on the back of the picture, a note: “Let the games begin.” A race against time is about to begin. Harley can see the future, but can she change it?”

My review:

I liked this book, a lot. When I could read, I was glued to my Kindle. The story sucked you in. From Harley’s not so great childhood to her outing as a psychic cop, she was a well-drawn character. She had her flaws like anyone else would and to me, that made her stand out to me.

The plot was a good one too.  A madman, with the same powers as Harley, running around NYC and killing people who are close to her. And she can’t see who he is.

Even the killer had my sympathy. His childhood was awful and when he got thrown into Juvie, it got worse. The scenes that were written broke my heart and gave a good insight into how a killer is made.

The author did an excellent job keeping who the killer was up until the last chapter. I even guessed wrong, and I am usually 99.9% right. The only thing that I didn’t like was the ending. It ended too abruptly for me.

This book will go on my read again shelf and if the author writes more books with this same character…I want to read them. I am also curious about what Harley’s real name is.

**I voluntarily reviewed this book**

Death by Cucumber by Lisa Ammerman

Death by Cucumber by [Ammerman, Lisa]

4 Stars

Publisher: Lisa Ammerman

Date of publication: April 8th, 2012

Genre: General fiction

Where you can find Death by Cucumber: Amazon

Goodreads synopsis:

Anna, a browbeaten housewife who never complains or dares question her loveless marriage, suddenly finds herself the victim of a brutal stabbing. As she recovers in the hospital, her controlling husband and a fatherly detective coax her to speak, but she refuses to say what happened. They’d never guess she’s facing her own inner truths instead, craving answers to questions she’s avoided thinking about for years. 

Anna wants to understand her hidden wounds of guilt and regret; her motives in choosing to cling to a dull and sheltered life; her crime of marrying a man who gives her everything except what she really needs.

She might be incapacitated from her injuries, but she’s going to shock some people again. Maybe she’d already begun to rebel, just weeks before the stabbing, by befriending Bernie, a 53-year-old alcoholic neighbor with an odd hobby of growing cucumbers. Now Bernie’s a suspect in the stabbing–not surprising, given his crass, lecherous behavior. 

But Anna isn’t going to admit to anything until she’s ready. She wonders why Bernie is lying to the police about his alibi. Then he impetuously visits her in the hospital—as if he’s reached his own breaking point. She’s astonished by what he says. Will it give her the courage to face her own cool-as-a-cucumber facade and tell the truth about what led to the crime?

This is a story about what can happen when we deny our emotions, and how heartaches can break and heal the most unlikely bonds between men and women.

My review:

I made the mistake of judging this book by its cover, its title, and its synopsis. It’s funny how a poorly written summary left me with a preconceived idea of what a book will be like. And then my mind was blown because the book turned out not to be what I expected.

Which is what happened with this book. I started reading, expecting the main character to be killed by a cucumber. What I got instead was an insight into two different people’s lives and how their choices affect them down the road.

If I had a complaint about this book was that it got confusing sometimes. Mostly when switching back and forth between present and past. I also didn’t catch on that something else happened to Anna until about halfway through the book.

So, this will be going on my must read again shelf. I was surprised by the characters, and the author kept you guessing about who hurt Anna. I was fooled until the last couple of chapters. Also, the ending was a huge surprise. HUGE!!!

**I voluntarily reviewed this book**

Run, Run, Run Away (The Ivy Chronicles: Book 1) by C.R. Cummings

Run, Run, Run Away (The Ivy Chronicles, #1)

4 Stars

Publisher: C.R. Cummings

Date of publication: October 31st, 2011

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Series: The Ivy Chronicles

Run, Run, Run Away—Book 1

The Hemlock Forest—Book 2

Keep Searching, Searching—Book 3

Where you can find Run, Run, Run Away: Amazon

Goodreads synopsis:

16-year-old Ivy has made up her mind. Dealing with life after the death of her Grandparents and having to live with her psycho, druggie mother, is no life at all. She decides that running away is better than going into foster care, and takes off to live alone at her Grand-dad’s isolated cabin, deep in the forests of Oregon.

Getting there wasn’t the scary part, nor was being alone. What was scary was the discovery of her Grandma’s journals hidden in the cabin, along with her own true identity… Thrown headfirst into an alternate reality, Ivy finds herself dealing with fairies, druids, boggarts, and magic; along with the onset of powers that had been long locked away from her.

Two young men are very willing to help her figure it all out; but which can she trust? The incredibly gorgeous fey with the misty violet eyes, who insists on calling her ‘my lady’? ..Or the exotic, dreadlock-sporting hunk that can’t seem to stop following her?

Whichever it is, Ivy is finding that running away from home is more than she ever bargained for.

My review:

I loved this book. Love, love, loved it.

The storyline was fantastic. It did take a while to get going, but once it did, the book was great. I didn’t like was that Skyler was killed off so early in the book. Also that Elsie’s fate was up in the air until the last chapter. I didn’t agree with what the author did, but hey, I’m not writing the book.

I do that that Ivy meeting Zac and his stalking of her afterward was creepy. He even admits to stalking her at one point in the book. But, he redeems himself in my eyes by becoming her protector.

Margo’s character was great and when you find out what she is, well, you can see it.

This book is going on my “read again” shelf. I am going to have to read the other books in the series to see what happens to Rober, Milton, Ivy, Zac, and Margo.

**I voluntarily reviewed this book**

Blood Vow Devil’s Pact (Blood Vow: Book 1) by L.M. Reed

Blood Vow Devil's Pact by [Reed, L. M.]

3 Stars

Publisher: Self Published

Date of publication: January 17th, 2011

Genre: Fantasy

Series: Blood Vow

Blood Vow Devil’s Pact—Book 1

Where to find Blood Vow Devil’s Pact: Amazon

Goodreads synopsis:

From the thirteenth century…

Sitting heavily on the side of the bed he grasped his head between his two hands in agony. He was only beginning to realize what he was, what he had become, what he had agreed to and he was horrified.

He had heard rumors…but had always assumed them to be old wives’ tales, the superstitious nonsense of uneducated minds…but they were true. He was living proof; correction…not living…just proof.

What he had become was unthinkable…the substance of nightmares…the dreaded scourge of the human race…the walking dead…

He was cursed…and it was irreversible.


To modern day…

He’d been awakened by the nudge of the officer’s foot just in time to catch the last part of the discussion between the two and hadn’t dared to breathe as he hid under the huge monster that had somehow managed to die right on top of him, afraid they would think it was the animal breathing and start shooting.

Determined to free himself, he attempted to roll over, hoping to use his legs to help him push the beast off him. As he flipped over he was suddenly on his back, staring up at the exposed wooden beams of the old warehouse, the animal no longer covering him.

He turned his head one way and then the other in an effort to locate the carcass, but the floor on both sides of him was empty.

Lifting his head off the ground, he glanced down towards his feet and saw the hind legs of the beast sticking straight up in the air and cramming his chin down into his chest he could barely make out the front legs, bent as if in a begging position, one on each side of his chest.

I’m on top of the stupid thing, he realized in amazement.

Frantically Gar struggled to sit up, but kept falling back onto the creature, unable to bend at the waist for some odd reason. Giving up, he rolled over towards his right side, managing to get his arms and legs under him as if he were crawling, but he was shocked to the core as he desperately searched under him for his own limbs and couldn’t find them anywhere.

The only limbs he could see were the front legs of the obviously canine like creature he had been concealed under.

Where’s my body? He screamed silently. Have I been eaten?

Gar’s distress was multiplied as his ears detected the men returning to the warehouse. Beside himself with panic, he instinctively scrambled towards the broken exit sign at the back of the building, the canine limbs responding immediately to his unspoken thoughts as if they were his own arms and legs.

Bursting out the door into the bright sunlight he yelped and instinctively backed up into the shadow of the building he’d just exited.

Did I just yelp?

His eyes narrowed to slits not only to prevent the light from hurting his eyes but also because a thought was occurring to him and it wasn’t a pleasant thought. He hadn’t been hiding under the furry animal or been eaten by the furry animal…he was the furry animal.

Transformations abound…

Gar’s back legs began to grow and eventually reached the point where he was no longer able to remain on all fours.

He held his arms out in front of him “This is sweet!”

“Hmm…I failed to take into account your lack of attire”, Wolfgang smiled drily. “You are taking on more human characteristics than expected.”

“Oh wow, that is definitely x-rated. You got any clothes I can borrow?”

Wolfgang took off his shirt, revealing massive amounts of dark hair on his chest and back.

“Twin werewolves…how cool is…”

“You can use this”, Wolfgang interrupted, handing him the shirt.

“Are you blind? That’s not the part that needs covering.”

“Be creative or be naked…your choice. I am going in.”

“Hey, wait for me”, Gar said as he threw the shirt on the ground and followed. “Be creative or be naked says the clothed werewolf”, he muttered under his breath.

You won’t want to miss this first installment in the Blood Vow Series. Keep your eyes peeled for the next exciting adventure…Devil’s Spawn.

My review:

I was on the fence about this book. On the one hand, I liked it. The whole plot line of Wolfgang, Priscilla, and Gar and how they came to be was great. It was a different spin on your typical vampire/werewolf/ghost stories. But, the story seemed to struggle in the middle, and the ending was a little weird.

This will go on my “maybe I will read again” shelf.

**I voluntarily reviewed this book**

Gated (Gated: Book 1) by Matt Drabble

Gated by [Drabble, Matt]

3 Stars

Publisher: self published

Date of publication: December 3rd, 2012

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Series: Gated

Gated—Book 1

Gated II: Ravenhill Academy—Book 2

Gated III: Election Day—Book 3

Where you can find Gated: Amazon

Goodreads synopsis:

British couple Michael and Emily Torrence lived perfect lives. He was a writer of horror fiction getting paid for his hobby, and Emily was immersed in her life as a teacher. Their world was complete when Emily became pregnant, because their child would make them a family. Their dreams, however, were shattered one wet winter night by a car mounting a pavement out of the darkness.

To overcome their loss, they pick up and move to Eden Gardens, a U.S. gated community that offers “Heaven on Earth and Twice as Nice.” The people are warm and friendly and welcome them with open arms. The town is a beautiful throwback to a bygone age, where the sun always shines and the sky’s always blue.

As they settle into their new, perfect lives, the circle is complete when Emily falls pregnant again. The town is perfect, the weather is perfect, and their lives are perfect. But are the stares from their neighbours a little too intense, is the town a little too interested in their happy news, and is Eden all that it seems?

They are about to find out that paradise comes at a cost, and when you sign a lease, you should always check the fine print.

My review:

This was an excellent horror book. The back story (the story of Tolan and how Eden came to be) was really, really sad.

The author did an excellent job of keeping “whatEden was until the last couple of chapters. Then he went overboard with the killing. I know that there are people out there who love blood and violence in their books. The bloodier, the better. Not me.

The ending was great, and I liked how the author left the possibility of another book. Won’t say how, but it was interesting how it was left.

This will go on my read again shelf. And I am very, very interested in reading the author’s other books.

**I voluntarily reviewed this book**

Daemon by Doug Dandridge


3 stars


Date of publication: August 10th, 2012

Genre: Fantasy, Christian

Where you can find Daemon: Amazon

Goodreads synopsis:

“It is a world of magic where technology has stagnated for centuries. But the magic has been killing the world. Left is the last of the megacities, a million square miles of living land, and the last sixty million people. And the Shadows, the negative energy remains of the animals that used to roam the Earth. The Shadows prey on the living, and can only be kept at bay by light. But light requires magical energy, and that is in short supply. Daemon Corporation, the world’s richest company, controlled by the world’s most powerful mage, has found the solution. To rape other worlds of their life. Such a world has been found, and the innocents took to our world to be sacrificed for their life energy. Something else has come with the little men from the other dimension. A force which cannot be stopped, on a mission to kill the men and women who are responsible. Jude Parkinson is a forensics’ mage, one who communes with the dead, and sees through their eyes the last moments of their lives. He uses this power to solve murders, and only he can find out who is sending this Daemonic force to kill and kill again. But he finds out about the genocide being committed by Daemon Corp. Only the Church of God Ascendant, the last religion in an Atheistic world, stands with him. Will that is enough? Or will the world continue down a path of damnation?”

My review:

This review is going to be short and sweet…since I am tired. Excellent book with a great plot line. There were some loose ends. Like, what happened to the blue people at the end? That is the one question that I want answers too.

So, this will go on my read again shelf.

**I voluntarily reviewed this book**

This New Disease (Living with the Dead: Book 5) by Joshua Guess

This New Disease  (Living with the Dead, #5)

4 stars


Date of publication: September 6th, 2012

Genre: Horror

Series: Living with the Dead

Living with the Dead —Book 0.5

With Spring Comes the Fall—Book 1

The Bitter Seasons—Book 2

The Hungry Land—Book 3

The Wild Country—Book 4

This New Disease—Book 5

American Recovery—Book 6

Ever After—Book 7

Where you can find This New Disease: Amazon

Book synopsis:

“In this pivotal volume of Living With the Dead, survivors all across the country struggle against a new breed of zombie, living enemies bent on murder and destruction, and even larger threats almost impossible to fight. 

Two years after The Fall, the cataclysm brought on by the zombie plague, survivors everywhere are building a new world. The cost has been high, both physically and mentally. How will the tenuous civilization emerging from the wreckage of what was managed under an onslaught from forces beyond their control?

Read on and discover that beyond the need to truly live comes the hard choice on how to move forward. In the face of dire adversity, can the survivors in Kentucky stay on the right path?”

My review:

I hate picking up a book mid-series. I get all sorts of confused over the character relationships. But not with this book. This book can be read as part of the series or alone, which is ok with me.

I liked how this book was written. It was written as if it was a blog. It grabbed my attention and made me wonder if the whole series was written that way. Also, the author of the book was the author of the blog in the book, which is also very interesting.

What fascinated me with this book was the Internet survived The Fall. More importantly, the author’s blog survived. The blogger did make a point of saying that he only had readers in the USA and Canada.

The blogger/author didn’t spend a whole lot of time describing the zombies. Only to say that they were evolving into smarter zombies. Which again, fascinated me. And kind of scared me. I am a wimp when it comes to these types of books.

I will reread this book, but I would want to start with the entire series. This book is going on my will read again shelf.

**I voluntarily reviewed this book**