Complicity by L. Dalton White

Complicity: A Thriller

4 Stars

Publisher: Vernacular Press

Date of publication: February 27th, 2017

Genre: Drama

Number of pages: 334

Where you can find Complicity: Amazon

Book synopsis (from Goodreads):

When Natalie finds proof that her now ex-boyfriend’s father might be alive, she also discovers that knowing him at all has placed her in tremendous danger. Pete helped a teenage girl forced into prostitution by an outlaw biker gang to escape. If Natalie can’t produce Pete, she may be forced to fill the empty bed in their criminal organization.

Pete was hitchhiking across the country after the death of his wife when his disappearance and presumed murder precipitated the breakup between Natalie and Bobby. She hoped the new information might salvage their relationship, or at least help Bobby get one of his parents back.

Instead, it almost gets her killed.

Natalie enlists Pete’s girlfriend Betty-Anne to help retrace his steps while being pursued from California to Massachusetts and back again by members of a motorcycle club, produce Pete or else. But how do they keep finding her? And why is Natalie the only one being threatened and assaulted? Why not Betty-Anne too?

Natalie’s skepticism and a keen sense for survival are all that stands between her and a fate worse than death.

Trigger Warning: drug use, attempted rape Continue reading “Complicity by L. Dalton White”