Reckoning (Chronicles of the Dragonoid: Book 2) by Brian Rankin

Reckoning Book Two of Chronicles of the Dragonoid by [Rankin, Brian ]

4 Stars

Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc

Date of publication:

Genre: Fantasy

Number of pages: 535

Series: Chronicles of the Dragonoid

Resurrection – book 1 (review here)

Reckoning – book 2

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Book synopsis (from author’s website):

War has spread and nations have fallen. Only one nation remains brave enough to stand in defiance to the might of the empire. With the weight of everything falling on his shoulders, Atticus begins to fall apart and finds himself hurting those he has sworn to protect with his increasing power. Ryder once more takes charge of the Woodland army and leads them in a tide-turning battle where treachery lurks in every corner. Having done nothing more than hide and watch, Erin begins to unlock her full elemental potential. Meanwhile, Syler finds himself trapped in promises that leave him on the front line of danger. The four must travel through hostile territory, fight monsters thought only to be myths, and make the hardest sacrifice yet–a sacrifice that may be the reckoning of Valat. 

Trigger Warning: None

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