Weekly Wrap-Up: January 6th through January 12th 2019

Books I’ve Read (clicking on the picture will bring you to Goodreads page): Books with reviews pending (clicking on pictures will bring you to the Amazon page): Katie's Highlander---review coming January 22nd, 2019 Ice Hot---review coming March 5th, 2019 Game On---review coming January 15th, 2019 For Baby and Me---review coming January 11th, 2019 Life Rewritten---review coming January 10th, 2019 … Continue reading Weekly Wrap-Up: January 6th through January 12th 2019


Deadly Cage by Tom Howard

Stars Publisher: Lulu.com Date of publication: November 21st, 2018 Genre: Thriller, Christian Series: Cage Caged Light---Book 1 (review here) Crimson Cage---Book 2 (review here) Deadly Cage---Book 3 Where you can find Deadly Cage: Amazon Amazon synopsis: In the final chapter of the Cage Series, Wyatt must lay everything on the line as he attempts to save not … Continue reading Deadly Cage by Tom Howard

Befriended by Ruth O’Neill

4 Stars Publisher: Lulu.com Date of publication: February 5th, 2018 Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense Where you can find Befriended: Amazon | Barnes and Noble Book synopsis (from Goodreads): Some secrets never leave us alone. . . Gemma Peacock's life was perfect - or at least, she thought it was. She had a home she loved, a … Continue reading Befriended by Ruth O’Neill

Crimson Cage by Thomas Howard

4 Stars Publisher: Lulu.com Date of Publication: September 27th, 2017 Genre: Christian, Thriller, General Fiction Number of pages: 198 POV: 3rd person Series: Cage Series Caged Light - Book 1 (review here) Crimson Cage - Book 2 Where you can find Crimson Cage: Amazon | Lulu.com Books synopsis (from Amazon): Some legends are born, others are … Continue reading Crimson Cage by Thomas Howard

Caged Light by Tom Howard

Title: Caged Light Author: Tom Howard Publisher: Lulu.com Date of publication: December 18th, 2016 Genre: Thriller, Christian Number of pages: 140 Series: No POV: 3rd person Where you can find this book: Amazon (paperback only) Goodreads synopsis: Former hitman, Wyatt Cage, turned detective, stumbles upon a mysterious woman whose only memory is her name. Their lives … Continue reading Caged Light by Tom Howard

The Seventh Mountain (Chronicles of a Magi: Book 1) by Gene Curtis

Where you can find The Seventh Mountain: Amazon Publisher: Lulu.com Date of publication: March 11, 2006 Genre: Fantasy Goodreads synopsis: A dream, surreal and frightening, begins the path of Mark Young's future; a path set long before he was even born. Fortunately, it's not a path he's doomed to walk alone. His course leads to true … Continue reading The Seventh Mountain (Chronicles of a Magi: Book 1) by Gene Curtis