In Darkness: The Werewolf by L. Diane Wolfe

Publisher: Dancing Lemur Press

Date of publication: September 5th, 2023

Genre: Paranormal, Romance

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Goodreads Synopsis:

Souls shrouded in darkness…

On her own in England, Vicki trains at a prestigious fencing school. Face marred by a birthmark, she’s suspicious of Nicholas’ attention. A dinner date reveals his genuine interest and they begin to connect. Nicholas is attractive and she wonders why he’s so shy and reclusive.

Then one evening she happens upon him changing into a lycan. Every werewolf legend is shattered by the gentle, fearful creature before her. Vickie accepts his secret, but Nicholas knows he’s an unpredictable beast. Can they trust love enough to overcome their physical challenges?

First Line:

“I wonder why he’s always watching me?” Vicki mumbled.

In Darkness: The Werewolf by L. Diane Wolfe

Vicki is attending a prestigious fencing school in England when she meets Nicholas, her landlord’s handsome son. She is suspicious of his attention since she has a large birthmark that covers half of her face. But she is soon swept away by Nicholas’s attention. One night, Vicki accidentally sees Nicholas changing into a lycan. But she isn’t afraid of him. But Nicholas is fearful for her because he knows his beast is unpredictable. Can their love overcome everything? Or will they be forever apart?

I am a huge sucker for paranormal romances and have a secret obsession with werewolf romances (thank you, Dreame app!!). So when Dancing Lemur Press invited me to read In Darkness: The Werewolf, I immediately accepted. I am glad that I did because this was a great novella.

In Darkness: The Werewolf is a short book. It is around 125 pages, and it is a quick read. But, I found depth in the characters and the story for a novella. I was disappointed when it ended because I wanted more.

The main storyline of In Darkness: The Werewolf centers around Vicki, Nicholas, his secret, and their romance. The author fleshed out the storyline and kept my attention. As I said, I was disappointed that the book ended because I wanted more.

The paranormal angle of In Darkness: The Werewolf was interesting. There was a brief explanation about how Nicholas became a lycan and mentions of a pack (or clan) in Scotland. The author did a great job of describing a half-turned-lycan and making him at least somewhat dangerous. I did like the extra spin that she put when Nicholas and Vicki started to get intimate. All I could think was, “Growing pains,” and I laughed slightly.

The romance angle was adorable. I liked that Nicholas saw past Vicki’s birthmark to the beautiful person underneath. I also liked that Vicki accepted that Nicholas was a lycan. Their love wasn’t quite Instalove but it bordered it.

The end of In Darkness: The Werewolf was left open and made me wonder if the author would write another book in this world. I would love to see Nicholas and Vicki present day.

I would recommend In Darkness: The Werewolf to anyone over 16. There are fade-to-black sexual situations, mild language, and mild violence.

Many thanks to Dancing Lemur Press and L. Diane Wolfe for allowing me to read and review this ARC of In Darkness: The Werewolf. All opinions stated in this review are mine.

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