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Have You Seen My Sister? by Kirsty McKay


Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Date of publication: September 5th, 2023

Genre: Mystery, Young Adult

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Goodreads Synopsis:

Gaia Gill is the last person in the world anyone would expect to go missing. Beautiful, athletic, and recently accepted to a prestigious college, she has everything to look forward to—but the night of her going-away party at the Moon Mountain ski resort, she disappears.

Gaia’s younger sister Esme is supposed to be flying back to England with her family after the party, but she can’t leave with Gaia missing—especially because nobody remembers Gaia leaving the party. Or if they do, they’re not saying. Everyone at the lodge has their own secrets: the little rich girl, the ex-boyfriend, the ski instructor, the failed reality star.

Esme’s out of her depth searching the dark, dangerous forests and icy slopes of Moon Mountain, until she teams up with a local boy who promises to help her. The clock is ticking, and it’s down to Esme to piece the clues together and work out who—if anybody—is telling the truth.

First Line:

I didn’t realize it at the time, but the first clue in my sister’s disappearance was the shoes.

Have You Seen My Sister by Kirsty McKay

On vacation at a ski resort where her sister works, Esme isn’t thrilled to be going back to England. But, when Gaia goes missing after not returning from her going away party, Esme is on high alert. With little to no leads coming in, Esme decides to strike out on her own and search for Gaia. With the help of a local boy, Bode, Esme slowly starts to piece together what happened that night. Can Esme find Gaia?

When I initially read the blurb for Have You Seen My Sister, I was intrigued by the plotline. A mystery set at a ski resort with a plethora of suspects? I liked it. But I couldn’t request the book on Sourcebooks Fire NetGalley; it was a wish only. So, I took a chance, wished for it, and then forgot it. So, wasn’t I surprised when I got a notification in my email saying Sourcebooks Fire granted my wish. I immediately started reading it. While glad I read it, the book didn’t meet my expectations.

Have You Seen My Sister is a fast-paced book set in the fictional resort town of Moonville, New Hampshire. The storyline, which takes place within a week of Gaia’s disappearance, did suit the book’s pacing. But there was lag, and it did disrupt the flow. Usually, that doesn’t matter to me (and I enjoy the book anyway), but with everything else going on in the book, it was just another mark against it for me.

The main storyline is obvious: Gaia’s disappearance and Esme’s search for her. I did think that it was well-written, and there were some twists in the storyline. But I started to lose interest in the storyline when Esme started to catch feelings for Bode. I didn’t want to read about a romance; I wanted to read about Esme’s search for her sister. The author put the wannabe romance on the back burner but by then, it was almost the end of the book, and Esme had connected some crucial dots.

Esme annoyed me. Not that I didn’t like her, I did, but I felt that she took a lot of risks with Bode while investigating. She didn’t tell her parents or the police what she found until they confronted her. I didn’t particularly appreciate that she was made out to be the only one who could find Gaia.

The mystery angle of Have You Seen My Sister was interesting. I had figured out only half of what was happening (and it was a convoluted mess). I wasn’t surprised at who ultimately was behind Gaia’s disappearance or the reason why. There were apparent hints dropped throughout the book that made sense, looking back.

There was a slight romance angle between Bode and Esme. I wasn’t a fan of having them in any way romantically involved. I felt that it took away from the book. But I did like it at the end. I liked that Esme found someone who accepted her for who she was.

The end of Have You Seen My Sister was interesting. I liked how the author ended Gaia’s disappearance. While the reason seemed a little over the top, it at least made sense. I also liked how the people involved were caught. The one dude who was trussed up like a deer made me laugh. But there was one guy in particular that made me mad. It didn’t seem like he was going to get charged with anything.

I would recommend Have You Seen My Sister to anyone over 16. There are mild sexual situations, mild violence, and mild language.

Many thanks to Sourcebooks Fire, NetGalley, and Kirsty McKay for allowing me to read and review Have You Seen My Sister. All opinions stated in this review are mine.

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