One * Life: Ameno by Blaze Dendukuri


Date of Publication: March 27th, 2022

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Psychological Fiction

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Goodreads Synopsis:

A power to be able control space itself .
That is what Artorius possessed . He possessed a power akin to that of a God. But he didn’t feel like one….

Waking up, seeing himself drowning in the ocean of emptiness, Artorius saw the world that he had to confront. The governments that he had to face. Unable to die, unable to live, seeing himself devolve into obscurity, aeons went by.
Seeking the world, becoming the villain in the face of it, he is going to topple it. In the face of such an existence, how are the world leaders going to react? How is the universe going to react….

One•Life is a story that goes through the life of a lone existence that was chosen by the universe. A gripping tale of geopolitical intrigue and cosmic wonder, Artorius takes his initial stride, ready to confront the notorious terror organization, ISII, and a world teetering on the edge. Containing psychological thriller elements as well as escalating action, One•Life displays the tumultuous life that one man can lead.

First Line:


One * Life: Ameno by Blaze Dendukuri

Artorius lives in the jungles of India, a solitary and lonely existence. One day, Artorius is called to leave the jungle. Once he does, it sets off a chain of events that will kill millions. Who is Artorius, and what does he want?

When I initially decided to read and review One * Life, I was intrigued by the storyline. A geopolitical, psychological thriller was right up my alley. But then I read it, and the storyline left me confused and unfulfilled.

I will do a quick review, different from the average in-depth review I usually do. As I said above, I was confused during Artorius’s parts of the book. The author gave no background about him other than that he was part of the void and had a daughter named Thalia, who died. As for his motives, they were just as murky. I couldn’t tell if he wanted to help people or if he wanted people to die.

As for feeling unfulfilled, that is mainly aimed at the end of the book. I wanted more from this storyline. There were sparks of something good when the author wrote about the world leaders and the blogger, but it was lost under everything else.

I would recommend One * Life to anyone over 21. There is extreme and graphic violence and language, but no sexual situations.

Many thanks to Blaze Dendukurri for allowing me to read and review One*Life. All opinions stated in this review are mine.

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