Forgive or Forget Me by Ann Einerson


Date of publication: June 1st, 2023

Genre: Romance, Fiction

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Goodreads Synopsis:

A tragedy brought them together as teens, and then fate tore them apart. After fifteen years, can the pain and secrets of the past be forgiven to rekindle a once-in-a-lifetime love?

As a teen, Milo Covell’s life was destroyed when his mother was killed and his father was imprisoned for causing her death. His first love, Olivia Dunham, was the only beacon that brought his soul back into the light, promises of forever whispered under the stars creating an unbreakable bond—until the night Milo left Olivia heartbroken and alone.

When an unexpected phone call draws Milo back to New York, he’s forced to face the ghosts of the past he left behind fifteen years ago. Finding his estranged father, Mac, losing his battle with cancer, Milo is overcome with anger and betrayal when he discovers the girl he once loved has befriended the man who destroyed his life.

As Olivia struggles with her grief at the thought of losing Mac, she must also confront the man who abandoned her in her greatest time of need, leaving her life in pieces.

Brought together by fate during this trying time, the two must face hard truths, unshared secrets, and long-forgotten feelings.

Is their teenage love strong enough to span the decades and heal old wounds, or is the pain of the past too powerful to be forgiven and forgotten?

First Line:

Love, Loss, Passion, and Resentment. On the surface, those four little words don’t appear to have much in common.

Forgive or Forget Me by Ann Einerson

As a teenager, Milo’s life was turned inside out when his mother was killed in an accident that his father caused by driving drunk. Going to live with his mother’s best friend and her daughter, Milo spent his teenage years harboring bitterness and hatred towards his father and falling in love with Olivia, the daughter of the woman who took him in. But, when tragedy happens again, Milo leaves Olivia to pick up the pieces of her life. Fast forward fifteen years later, and Milo receives a phone call that shakes him to his core. His father has terminal pancreatic cancer and has been out on patrol for seven years. He is again shaken to his soul when he realizes that Olivia has a close relationship with Mac. Wanting to rekindle his relationship with Olivia but not wanting to have one with Mac, Milo is torn. Will he walk away from his one true love? Or will he swallow his negative feelings towards Mac and stay in Olivia’s life?

I was excited when I read the Forgive or Forget Me blurb. Sometimes I need an angsty, angry, and sad book to read. Forgive or Forget Me delivered on all of that. But, I was bothered by how much unresolved and misplaced anger there was in this book. It made Milo’s parts of the book hard for me to read.

Forgive or Forget Me is split into the timelines of Present Day and Past (which went from 9th to 12th grade). This book was divided between Olivia and Milo in Present Day and Past. In no way was I confused or couldn’t figure out where in time or whose perspective I was reading. The author marked the beginning of each chapter.

There were a few storylines in Forgive or Forget Me, and keeping track of them got confusing. The main storyline centered around Milo and Olivia and their trials and tribulations (past and present). That main storyline was well-written and did keep my attention. But, the secondary storylines carried the book. They added additional depth and added more information to the main storyline.

I liked Olivia but thought she had a terrible choice in men. But, on the other hand, she was the most selfless, giving person I have read in a book to date. I liked how she pulled herself out of that horrible place and achieved her dreams. I also liked how she dropped everything to take care of Mac. But, going back to her terrible choice of men, I didn’t want her with Milo. It made her look weak and diminished whenever they were together, and she had to deal with his toxicity.

Oh, Milo, where do I start with you? How about with this? He was one of the worst characters I have read in a book. There was a moment when I pitied him (when he was in a medically induced coma and right after). Then my pity ended, and my dislike began. He was so bitter that I expected my screen to pucker up. His anger issues were palpable. There was a point at the beginning of the book where I expected him to physically strike out at Mac (who was in a hospital bed). He had jealousy issues and continuously accused Olivia of cheating, even though they weren’t together. What he said to Olivia at Mac’s wake sealed my dislike deal for me. It was disgusting and unforgivable. I got that he was super upset over what Olivia had just told him (and I get it, I would be too) but come on. It was beyond disgusting what he said.

I did like the romance angle of Forgive or Forget Me but only during the Past part of the book. Milo and Olivia had an adorable and innocent romance. They knew it was the real deal and were committed to each other. But when Milo jetted, I was so upset. I wouldn’t say I liked the Present Day romance angle, though. Milo was so angry, bitter, and jealous that I couldn’t look past it.

The end of Forgive or Forget Me had me doing a facepalm and shaking my head. I shouldn’t have been surprised by how the book ended or the epilogue. While I was gladish about everything that happened, I couldn’t help but think that a leopard doesn’t change his spots, and Milo wouldn’t change his.

I recommend Forgive or Forget Me to anyone over 21. There are semi-graphic sex scenes, violence, and language.

Many thanks to Ann Einerson for allowing me to read and review Forgive or Forget Me. All opinions stated in this review are mine.

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