Book Blast: The Captain (17 Planets: Book 1) by A.R. Alexander

This is a science-fiction novel, originally published in Italian.

“17 Planets is an entertaining and intelligent sci-fi odyssey with a wide appeal. A.R. Alexander has written a book with a gripping plot, a strong heroine, and a fascinating dynamic between heroine and hero.”
Editorial review from THE BOOK REVIEW DIRECTORY
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A woman with an extraordinary mind and a dark past demanding revenge. 17 planets divided into four factions whose leaders forgot their inhabitants all arrived from the same place: Planet Earth. A threat that could turn a tool that saves everyone’s life into the worst imaginable nightmare. Elizabeth, a chameleonic and seductive woman, is the only one who can make a difference, but her uniqueness weighs on her shoulders like the world weighs on Atlas’ shoulders.

These are just some of the ingredients of this novel where action scenes alternate with political ones and the relationship between the many characters, as much as the suffering and the claustrophobic anguish, alternate with the human need for love and loyalty. All seasoned with a drops of eroticism and a hint of humour.

The Captain’s publication date is June 19th and can be found on the author’s website.

My review will be published towards the end of October. So, be on the lookout for it. I am very excited to read this book!!!


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