You Are Always Innocent by Maria Karvouni Truth


Date of publication: May 1st, 2023

Genre: nonfiction, creative nonfiction, literary nonfiction, speculative nonfiction, self-help, true crime, speculative true crime, philosophical nonfiction, psychological nonfiction

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Goodreads Synopsis:

When the guilty do anything to be innocent, the innocents believe they are guilty.
The guilty take advantage of that in their unbelievable and unconceivable tactics and strategies to frame the innocents.
Guilt has become a method against the innocents. Innocence has become a pattern in favor of the guilty.
The guilty get away with it for their crimes and are presented as the good example while the innocents pay the price and are presented as the bad example.
Justice has lost its true meaning, its worth, its liability and its reliability. Or it never had any of these?
It has become the norm. The guilty are let free and the innocents are in danger.
They used to say “Better to free the guilty than condemn the innocents”.
The guilty threaten, so the only way to provide secure justice nowadays is to consider all humans as innocents.
All innocent! Until justice is fixed!

First Line:

I’m not interested in resurfacing the past. It is not ethical to intervene to another’s life.

You Are Always Innocent by Maria Karvouni Truth

You Are Always Innocent is the last of the trio of books that Maria Karvouni Truth had asked me to review. As with her other books, I went into reading this book with an open mind. I suggest that any readers do the same.

You Are Always Innocent was a fast read for me. It took me under 3 hours to read it. While I agreed with much of what the author posted, I felt “meh” when I finished. This book didn’t make me want to talk with my husband about different POVs and if the justice system is failing. It made me shake my head and go on with my day.

I want to warn people that the author discusses some very controversial subjects in the book. Some people might agree with her points, but others, including myself, don’t.

I recommend You Are Always Innocent to anyone over 21. It is a clean book without language, violence, or sexual situations.

Many thanks to Maria Karvouni Truth for allowing me to read and review You Are Always Innocent. All opinions stated in this review are mine.

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