Reality is Just a P0ss1ble Fantasy by Maria Karvouni Truth


Date of publication: March 1st, 2023

Genre: nonfiction, creative nonfiction, literary nonfiction, speculative nonfiction, self-help, true crime, speculative true crime, philosophical nonfiction, psychological nonfiction

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Goodreads Synopsis:

Reality is evil. While everyone considers it good. That is why reality is actually a fantasy.
“Possible” because one can never know. And that exactly is what creates the wrong reality.
The facts are irrefutable even when false. The truth is secretly abused and only the lies see the light.
Everyone should be able to escape forced fantasies and realize all of it for the sake of true fairness and true justice.
Destroy reality fairly by knowing all its dark secrets before it destroys you unfairly.

First Line:

Have you ever wondered that your life’s reality is based on lies?

Reality is Just A Possible Fantasy by Maria Karvouni Truth

Reading out of my comfort zone was one of my challenges this year. That meant I would be reading books I never would have considered reading. So, when the author approached me to review her books, I said yes.

Reality Is Just A P0ss1ble Fantasy was a quick read. That surprised me since the book is 169 pages. The author is very clear with her message of questioning everything and breaking down walls or cycles.

I did feel that the book seemed a little dragged out toward the end of the book. I also felt that the author kept repeating herself. But overall, the book was an interesting read with an interesting message.

I would recommend Reality Is Just A P0ss1ble Fantasy to anyone over 21. It is a clean book without language, violence, or sexual situations.

Many thanks to Maria Karvouni Truth for allowing me to read and review Reality Is Just A P0ss1ble Fantasy. All opinions stated in this review are mine.

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