Bookish Travels—September 2022 Destinations

I saw this meme on It’s All About Books and thought, I like this!! So, I decided to do it once a month also. Many thanks to Yvonne for originally posting this!!

This post is what it says: Places I travel to in books each month. Books are wonderful and take you to places you would never get a chance to go. That includes places of fantasy too!!

So….enjoy!! Please let me know if you have read these books or traveled to these areas (other than the fantasy….lol).

Here’s where I traveled in September:

United States:

Jackson County, somewhere in the Midwest or South/Portland, Oregon/Chicago, Illinois/ Louisiana/ Midwest
San Jose/Napa, California
Danville Heights/Sandry Lake, Unknown state
Denver, Colorado/Chicago, Illinois/Morganton, North Carolina
Denver, Colorado/NYC, New York
Denver, Colorado
Emerald Springs, Historical West (maybe Montana??)
Hollywood, Los Angeles, California
Shadow Geirolf Pack Land, unknown state
Harleyville, unknown state
Seaton Falls, Michigan
Los Angeles, California
New York City, New York/Cape Cod, Massachusetts


Greek Islands, Santorini


Lourenco Marques


Libson, Madeira

South Africa

Johannesburg, Durban

United Kingdom

London, England
St. Pirran’s Island, Cornwall, England
London/Chelsea, England



North Atlantic Ocean

The Bermuda Triangle


Little Zargothia


Persian Gulf/Pacific Ocean

USS Abraham Lincoln, aircraft carrier


City State of Grattiara


Durazzo Sea


Givan Islands

5 thoughts on “Bookish Travels—September 2022 Destinations

  1. I love this feature. I started doing the Literary Escapes reading challenge years ago, so I track my settings as well. I will have to keep these posts in mind when I am seeking those tough midwestern states.

    1. Thank you!! I saw it on Yvonne’s post and I needed to start doing it. I haven’t seen the Literary Escapes challenge (will be googling it). If you do decide to do this, I can’t wait to see where you went this month!!!

      1. I actually do a monthly post called Sloth Goes Places where I feature books I read from a certain state. I might expand to countries of cities next year

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