Bookish Travels—August 2022 Destinations

I saw this meme on It’s All About Books and thought, I like this!! So, I decided to do it once a month also. Many thanks to Yvonne for originally posting this!!

This post is what it says: Places I travel to in books each month. Books are wonderful and take you to places you would never get a chance to go. That includes places of fantasy too!!

This is where I traveled in August:

  1. United Kingdom
Scotland—Castle Kincaid
Scotland—Glasgow and Kendrick Castle
Scotland—Scottish Highlands/Dreagan

2. Spain


4. United States

North Carolina—Raleigh
Louisiana and Mississippi—Cottonbloom
New York—NYC, Brooklyn, Queens
Pennsylvania—undisclosed locations

5. Canada


6. Godsland

The world of Godsland

7. Earth Two

Earth Two—various settlements

8. Aerthlan

Aerthlan, Isle of the Moon, Vindalyn Castle—Eberon

Let me know if you have read any of these books and, if you did read them, what you thought of them.

4 thoughts on “Bookish Travels—August 2022 Destinations

    1. Thank you!! It was very fun to do and I have this month already started. I was on the fence about the fantasy ones but I decided to include them.

      1. The fantasy destinations are still bookish travel, even if they don’t exist in the real world… Plus it’s fun to see just how many high fantasy worlds you visit each month. xx

      2. I figured that too (I had someone in RL who follows the blog ask me why I included them). Next month is shaping up to be a busy travel month….lol

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