Small Update

I know I haven’t posted anything but Goodreads Mondays and the occasional WWW Wednesday for at least 2 weeks (maybe more). I am not on a reading hiatus. I am actually reading up a storm. Instead, as weird as it sounds, I am on a review writing hiatus. I am about 10-12 reviews behind….sigh. But there are other things going on too.

My 8-year-old went in for surgery to get her tonsils and adenoids out last Friday. We found out, after the surgery, that her blood pressure was extremely high (it was 150/80 when she was discharged and higher during surgery). We took her to her regular Dr on Tuesday (holiday weekend) and it was fine. They think it could either be a reaction to the gas, she was super nervous, or a combo of both. She doing fine now but is on restricted movement until next Friday.

I am also watching over my friend’s animals. She has a Great Pyrenees, chickens (including two temperamental roosters), 5 indoor cats, and 1 outdoor cat. She is gone to Fl on a weeklong vacation, so we’ve been feeding, watering (except for the chickens, someone else is doing that), and cleaning litter boxes. I’ve been going down twice a day to make sure the dog has plenty of water (it is super hot and humid here) and to see if the outdoor cat wants to go in.

Add in my normal, everyday stuff and I haven’t had time to blog. I am trying to figure out what is the best way to write 10 past due reviews. I guess one at a time? Grrrr.

So that’s it. Hope everyone had a great holiday!!

3 thoughts on “Small Update

  1. I’m glad your daughter is doing better Jolie. My daughter has something called vasovagal response where she will faint of have a seizure when she gets needles or IV (not vaccines which is weird), It is a reaction where he blood pressure either spikes or drops. You might want to watch. I am always behind on reviews, 8 right now, so I know the feeling. You can always post mini-reviews. Have a good week.

    1. I thought of something like that but she was already under when they set up the IV (it is something they do at this surgicenter). I honestly think it was a reaction to the gas. The last time she was put under, they did it through the IV and she was fine.

      I am thinking of doing that. But, between you and me, I can’t get anything done when BK is home. I’ll start writing and he stand next to me talking. I even wait until he’s busy and bam, he’s there…lol. So I wait until he travels. Its just that this past month, he hasn’t gone out so, my reviews have stockpiled up….lol. I’m hoping to get caught up, somewhat, this week (he’s traveling) and be definitely caught up by next week.

      Have a good week also!!

      1. You make me laugh, Jolie. My husband was the same. As soon as I started to do something, he was there gabbing. Too funny.

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