Rose: Future Heart by Jazalyn


Date of publication: December 19th, 2020

Genre: Poetry

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Goodreads Synopsis:

A beautiful and charismatic but blowsy and lonely rose faces external turbulences and internal battles of life and love, but She overcomes them filtering the positiveness and the negativeness, and She becomes the future heart deep down inside She always was.

First Line:

We rise/And we fall;/We fall/And we rise;/In a time/That rise/Is the new fall/And fall/Is the new rise

Future Rose Heart by Jazalyn

I had stated in a previous review that poetry is challenging for me to review. I am used to reviewing novels and discussing plotlines and such. But it isn’t as easy to do when it comes to poetry. I am going to try my best with this review!!

Rose: Future Heart is about a beautiful rose. The rose is dealing with the loss of great love and negative influences in her life. She realizes that to find love, she needs to love herself. And when she does, she finds a love that transcends everything.

The author beautifully wrote the poetry in this book. The poems themselves were easy to read. While I didn’t connect with them, reading and reviewing poetry is out of my comfort zone, I enjoyed reading them.

I would recommend Rose: Future Hearts to anyone over 21. There is language, no sex, and no violence.

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