Cover Reveal: Desperate Tides, Desperate Measures (The Talisman Series: Book 5) by Brett Salter

I am so excited everyone!! I am a huge fan of The Talisman Series and I have been impatiently waiting for any sign of book 5. Well, the author contacted me and asked me to do a cover reveal!!! I seriously danced around my living room (with 4 very confused cats and one confused 8 year old) in happiness. I can’t wait to read this book!!!

So, here it is!!!


Looks like our heroes can finally put an end to the nightmare that was Scarabadon, The Juggernaut.  And it seems everyone’s favorite Synergist Knight and Master Dragon have fixed their Talisman issue too.  Having thwarted every attack The Tyrant King has thrown at them to this point, The Alliance believes that they can endure any challenge as long as they remain together.  Now, having the upper hand seems like the perfect opportunity to seek out more allies and even more of the realm’s mystical Talismans.   Could this be a “happily ever after” for our ensemble of motley heroes?  Or is this peace just a fool’s hope and just as temporary as the changing tides?    

The Talisman series will reveal the clandestine workings of the dragons and their knights who embrace the role of protecting our world from The Tyrant King and his evil minions. Whichever side controls the Talismans and their magic will determine the destiny of the world. The question is, what are these Talismans, and how can they be used for the good of humanity and the dragon dens?

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