Reading Challenges for 2022

I failed at all of my challenges last year. With the kids being home for most of the year (Miss R was home until April, Mr. Z was home all year, and Miss B was on and off), I couldn’t give attention to the challenges that they needed.

But, it is 2022 and, if the kids stay in school (grrrr….COVID), I plan on completing all of my challenges.

The challenges I decided to do this year are:

Goodreads 2022 Reading Challenge. I set a goal of 200 books. I am already behind two books but I am hoping to make that up soon.

The StoryGraph Reading Challenge: Same as Goodreads except this one says I am behind 3 books. I am trying to figure that out since I started the challenge the same day.

The StoryGraph 2022 Pages Goal: I have never done one of these before and figured, why not. I picked 1950 pages (I asked Miss R and she gave me that number….lol). I am currently 27 pages behind but I haven’t logged the book I finished last night.

The StoryGraph January Pages Challenge: This is a monthly challenge that I signed up for. Right now I am at 25% (but I am 27 pages and 3 books behind according to them…lol).

PopSugar 2022 (through The StoryGraph): I have done this since I joined The StoryGraph in 2019. Right now, I am 0 out of 40 prompts.

Beat the Backlist (through The StoryGraph): Another one I have done since 2019. I came close to finishing it in 2019 and I am hoping to beat that this year. Right now, I am 0 out of 49 prompts.

The StoryGraph Genre Challenge 2022: So, this and the next two challenges came up when I went into the reading challenges section of The StoryGraph. I am always up for a challenge, so I decided to do it. I am at 0 out of 10 prompts.

The StoryGraph Reads the World 2022: See above. Plus, I like to challenge myself and figured this would do that. I am at 0 out of 10 prompts.

The StoryGraph’s Onboarding Reading Challenge 2022: See Genre Challenge and Read the World. I am at 0 out of 6 prompts.

So, these are the challenges I decided to do. Keeping my fingers crossed that I finish at least one of them. Let me know what reading challenges you are doing!!

5 thoughts on “Reading Challenges for 2022

  1. Oh, the knock-on effects of Covid. Yes, fingers crossed for less disruptions in education this year.

    I haven’t heard of StoryGraph before so did a google search. Good luck with your challenges this year, Jolie. 💙

    1. Thank you Kim!!! I am hoping for the same thing (Covid-wise). I am also hoping that I have some luck with my challenges. How did you like The StoryGraph?

      1. StoryGraph looks like a great reading tracker, especially for those who want to move away from Goodreads ow that they’re Amazon owned/linked.

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