Goodreads Monday: The Lead Cloak (The Lattice Trilogy: Book 1) by Erik Hanberg

This is a weekly meme where anyone can choose a random book from their Goodreads TBR and highlight it This meme was formerly featured on LaurensPageTurners and was taken over by Budget Tales Book Blog.

This Week’s Selection

Book Cover


Byron Shaw can track and find anyone on Earth. Except the people who tried to kill him.

By 2081, privacy no longer exists. The Lattice enables anyone to re-live any moment of your life. People can experience past and present events—or see into the mind of anyone, living or dead.

Most people love it. Some want to destroy it.

Colonel Byron Shaw has just saved the Lattice from the most dangerous attack in its history. Now he must find those responsible. But there’s a question nobody’s asking: does the Lattice deserve to be saved?

The answer may cost him his life.

The Lead Cloak has been sitting on my TBR for years. I had gotten it from a website that sends out emails when Kindle books are free. I remember reading the blurb and thinking “I want to read this.” I am hoping to read it within the next year (keeping my fingers crossed for that).

3 thoughts on “Goodreads Monday: The Lead Cloak (The Lattice Trilogy: Book 1) by Erik Hanberg

  1. Lol! I’ve got ebooks like that on my Kindle too. I’ve made the permanent swap to audiobooks now, so it’s unlikely I’ve ever clear my unread list. 😘

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