November 2021 Wrap Up

Just like October, November seemed to fly by. Keeping me busy this month was appointments, school events, and birthdays (Miss R’s 16th and Mr. Z’s 14th). Add in Thanksgiving and this month did fly by!!

I had another full month of reading in November. I got a lot of requests for Indie authors from October that I ended up reading in November. I did stop requesting books from NetGalley (unless I got an email directly from the publisher).

I was behind in my reading and reviews for November. I had my reasons for not getting to my review deadlines (I did let the authors know and for the most part, they were understanding). I did end up catching up with reading and reviews by Thanksgiving. Right now (11-29), I am behind 3 books and 1 review (all NetGalley). That is pretty good compared to October, where I was behind 5 books and 1 review (mix indie author and NetGalley)!! I am hoping to clear my backlog up by the end of next week and work at getting ahead with my reviews.

Books I got from NetGalley:

Corrine: A Novel by Rebecca Morrow

Circus of Wonders by Elizabeth Macneal

The Bodyguard by Katherine Center

In a Garden Burning Gold by Rory Power

City of the Dead by Jonathan Kellerman

Books I got from Authors/Indie Publishers

Cousin Calls by Zeb Haradon

Golem by P.D. Alleva

Spies Never Swoon by M. Taylor Christensen

Glory Unbound by Deborah L. King

Diary of an Angry Young Man by Rishi Vohra

The Secret of the Rai Zamindars: An Aalo & Adhir Mystery by Tanmoy Bhattacharjee

Master’s Promise by Jamie Schulz

Books Read and Reviewed

The Battle for Verdana by Brett Salter (review here)

Lies in Bone by Natalie Symons (review here)

The Judas Robe by Larry Rodness (review here)

Sigiriya: The Epic Story of Love, Loss, Betrayal, and Tragedy in the Royal Court by Senani Ponnamperuma (review here)

Transylvania’s History A to Z: 100 Word Stories by Patricia Furstenberg (review here)

I Am Margaret Moore by Hannah Capin (review coming March 15th, 2022)

Intertwined: A Biker’s Tale by Andrew Hartman (review here)

The Voinico’s Daughter by Sallie Cochren (review coming December 23rd, 2021)

A Bridge Between Hearts by Casey Swan (review here)

From Fame to Ruin: A Romantic Thriller Standalone by Jina S. Bazzar (review coming December 21st, 2021)

Storms by Jacque Stevens (review here)

Marian’s Man: A Tale of Sherwood Forest by Jacque Stevens (review here)

Hexes & Hairballs by Emigh Cannaday (review here)

Cousin Calls by Zeb Haradon (review coming December 2nd, 2021)

Mystery in the Hill by Aaron Qualio (review here)

My Fair Queen: Allies of the Fae Realm by C.J. Anaya (review here)

Nanny Needed by Georgina Cross (review coming soon)

That’s it. Let me know if you have read any of these books and what you thought of them!!

2 thoughts on “November 2021 Wrap Up

    1. Thank you <3!! And time does fly. Now my 8 year old can’t wait to be 16 and in high school. I’m like “Nope. You can stay 8 for a long time.”….lol.

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