Goodreads Monday: Digital Velocity (McAllister Justice: Book 1) by Reily Garrett

This is a weekly meme where anyone can choose a random book from their Goodreads TBR and highlight it. Once you choose a book, make sure you link and reference @LaurensPageTurners.

This week’s selection:

Book Cover


Elite hacker vs. psychopathic killer.

One survivor.

Amateur sleuth Lexi Donovan is a white-hat hacker from a small town near Portland, Oregon. Armed with snark and grit, she levels the playing field against criminals using bits and bytes, with anonymity as her shield. Never did she imagine meeting her equal on the dark net.

When a series of murders ends with her friend’s death, she discovers the killer’s digital betting arena on the dark web. The cunning psychopath leaves obscure riddles in his gory game of cat and mouse to lead police officers to the next victim.

In seeking justice, Lexi directs anonymous tips to Detective McAllister, an alpha-male cop hard-wired for justice, and inadvertently sends him into a firefight. Her intent to stop the killing spree backfires and centers the killer’s crosshairs on her.

With a dog for protection and sarcasm for her shield, she straddles the law to bring a killer to justice while navigating the murky waters of betrayal, deception, and passion.

Why This Book?

I have read books 3, 4, and 5 of this series and really enjoyed them. Also, I have this weird pet peeve about picking about picking up a book mid series. Hopefully, I will be able to get to Digital Velocity at some point before the end of the year.

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