WWW Wednesday: September 1st 2021


WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words.

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?


Nothing too much going on since Monday’s IMWAYR post. My life isn’t that exciting and usually I don’t have a ton going on.

Miss R had an orthodontist appointment yesterday. She got her bands and wires changed. The orthodontist is debating on taking her braces off soon. Her front teeth are together and she now has space for her “fangs” (as she calls them) to come down. We’ll discuss that in November. She is going back in October to get her lip bumper out and a palate spreader put in behind her bottom teeth. Her mouth is a mess….lol.

Mr. Z’s bus issues were resolved the next day. But, now the bus comes at 6:30 (20 mins earlier than what is posted). So, he’s out of the house by 6:25. He is liking school too. They have him in advanced advanced math (I put two advanced in because there is advanced math, NC Math 1, and NC Math 2 being taught there). He’s not struggling with it but it is making him slow down and think about what he’s doing. Honestly, I looked at his homework the other day and noped right out of there. Too hard for me.

Miss B is doing well in school also. She is loving ROTC and Public Safety (this is a required class for the Criminal Justice branch of the school). Civics and Spanish 1 (another required class) is kinda meh for her. She likes the teachers but doesn’t like the class (if that makes sense).


Nothing too much going on with my blog this week. I am going to continue updating posts as soon as I figure out how to switch my dashboard back to the old way. If anyone knows how, please comment below!!


I am going to cautiously say that I am out of my reading slump. Stress cautiously. Since Monday, I have finished 3 books and written 2 reviews.


I am now on Season 2 of Cold Case. BK and I have also been watching movies in small increments (our adjusted bedtime is 9pm since I am up at 515am). Last night, we watched the middle of the new Suicide Squad movie. I shut it off after Viola Davis’s character got knocked out by coworkers and will finish the rest of the movie tonight.

I am still playing ESO. I am in a new area of the game I haven’t been before and I am enjoying questing there. I have no clue where I am going to go after all the quests for the Ebonhold Pact is over. We’ll see where they send me.

What I Recently Finished Reading:

Book Cover
If the only way to save her mother is to act like a spy, Mari can act like a spy.


After her mother is abducted, Mari Sandoval breaks into her mother’s research lab in an ill-advised attempt to appease the kidnappers. Fortunately she’s thwarted by two spunky sorority girls who offer her a better way to save her mother—become a spy.

In the fast-paced world of undercover agents—where fabulous new clothes, high-tech gadgets, and flirting for secrets are the norm—Mari’s inexperience could ruin everything.

Will she be able to master the art of espionage in time to rescue her mother from the clutches of a maniac? Or will her undercover mission doom them both to imprisonment?

Spies Never Quit is a cute spy-thriller where the romance is sweet and the suspense is cozy.

What I am currently reading:

Book Cover
It’s just a simple trip to New York. What could possibly happen to our loveable heroes THIS time? Faster-than-sound reptiles? Exploding Minotaurs? Generational secrets coming back to haunt them? Expect the unexpected in this third installment of The Talisman Series, “Windy City Ruins”. The war for Earth is creeping steadily closer, and Rome’s team is in a mad dash to figure out the Talismans before it’s too late. Can they amass enough talent to help them defend the realm? Or will The Tyrant King’s heinous minions sweep them off course and leave Earth ready for the taking? Windy City Ruins is the third installment of the Talisman Series.

What books I think I’ll read next:

Book Cover
He will risk his life…

The oh-so-proper school teacher, Lily Donovan has learned, the hard way, that men are not to be trusted. Period. Until Levi Roberts, the new cowboy working at her cousin’s ranch, tempts her carefully-built resolve and awakens an all-consuming passion she thought lay dormant. But when she discovers his deadly secret, and her own secrets come to light, Lily unwittingly joins the lethal cat and mouse race between Levi and the man he’s been hunting for weeks.

To save her heart…

Former Ranger Levi Roberts has seen his fair share of deadly trouble during his years as a tough-as-nails operative. The ultimate expert in undercover investigations, he’s been tasked to find a man with a dangerous agenda in town. Routine work has been boring…until he runs into Lily, the prickly school teacher who tempts him like no other. Getting under her skin has been deliciously satisfying for his red-hot desire, but when Lily lands in the hands of the very man he’s been investigating, Levi will have to fight with every ounce of his heart and soul to save her—and to heal the heart he broke.
Book Cover
The first in a new regency romance series about two feuding families and reunited childhood enemies whose hatred turns to love.

Maddie Montgomery’s family is in debt, and her hope rests on the rival Davies clan missing their yearly “pledge of goodwill,” ceding the land that separates their estates. With Maddie’s teenage nemesis, Gryffud “Gryff” Davies, Earl of Powys, away, hope is in reach.

But then, Gryff shows up and is stunned that the tomboy he once teased is now a woman. When Gryff and Maddie discover contraband on their land, they realize it can benefit both families. But they’ve also uncovered a dangerous plot, and they need to work together to get out alive. Soon, their hatred for each other starts to feel more like attraction.

Kate Bateman brings crackling banter, steamy romance, and a dash of adventure into the first book in the Ruthless Rivals series.
Book Cover
This is the story of a serial killer. A stolen child. Revenge. Death. And an ordinary house at the end of an ordinary street.

All these things are true. And yet they are all lies…

You think you know what’s inside the last house on Needless Street. You think you’ve read this story before. That’s where you’re wrong.

In the dark forest at the end of Needless Street, lies something buried. But it’s not what you think…
Book Cover
In GREAT SCOT by Suzanne Enoch, Jane Bansil knows she will never have a fairy-tale life. But even at three-and-thirty and well past marriageable age, though, she has to admit that the architect the MacTaggerts have hired could turn even a confirmed spinster’s head.

In CHRISTMAS AT DEWBERRY HOLLOW by Amelia Grey, Isabelle Reed has no plans to ever fall in love. Certainly not with Gate, a man who doesn’t live in Dewberry Hollow. She will fulfill her duty and help him keep his promise to have his ill grandfather back in London in time for Christmas dinner. The last thing Isabelle wants is for Gate to take her heart with him when he goes.

In MY MISTLETOE BEAU by Anna Bennett, Miss Eva Tiding is determined to cheer her widowed father with the perfect Christmas gift. Even if it means breaking into the home of the rakish earl who swindled Papa out of his pocket watch and pretending to date the earl for the Christmas season.
Book Cover
A glamorous birthday dinner in the Hollywood Hills ends with the famous host dead and every guest under suspicion in this dark, cinematic suspense debut reminiscent of an Agatha Christie page-turner crossed with David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive.

When actress Elspeth Bell attends the fiftieth birthday party of her ex-husband Richard Bryant, the Hollywood director who launched her career, all she wants is to pass unnoticed through the glamorous crowd in his sprawling Los Angeles mansion. Instead, there are just seven other guests–and Richard’s pet octopus, Persephone, watching over them from her tank as the intimate party grows more surreal (and rowdy) by the hour. Come morning, Richard is dead–and all of the guests are suspects.

In the weeks that follow, each of the guests come under suspicion: the school friend, the studio producer, the actress, the actor, the new partner, the manager, the cinematographer, and even Elspeth herself. What starts out as a locked-room mystery soon reveals itself to be much more complicated, as dark stories from Richard’s past surface, colliding with Elspeth’s memories of their marriage that she vowed never to revisit. Elspeth begins to wonder not just who killed Richard, but why these eight guests were invited, and what sort of man would desire to possess a creature as mysterious and unsettling as Persephone.

The Last Guest is a stylish exploration of power–the power of memory, the power of perception, the power of one person over another.

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    1. For some reason, Chelsea, your comment went to spam. So sorry about that 🙁

      I am sitting down to write the review very shortly. I was supposed to do it yesterday but didn’t do it. How did you like it?

    1. Thank you!! I am super happy that I am over my slump too.

      I am so sorry about your struggle. I find that the first couple of weeks of any change is the hardest.

      Hope you have a wonderful week yourself!!

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