Catnip & Curses (The Fae Files: Book 2) by Emigh Cannady

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Publisher: Black Feather Publishing

Date of publication: July 10th, 2021

Genre: Fae, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Romance

Series: The Fae Files

Wiretaps & Whiskers—Book 1 (review here)

Catnip & Curses—Book 2

Hexes & Hairballs—Book 3 (expected publication date August 10th, 2021)

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Format Read: Unedited ARC

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Goodreads Synopsis:

I have one rule: Never mix business with pleasure.
I was never much good at following rules.

Alright, so my new partner isn’t the worst. It doesn’t hurt that Logan is big, tall, and smokin’ hot. I started out hating him, but this human hunk is starting to grow on me…when we’re not fighting like cats and dogs. Even our co-worker thinks there’s something going on between us. Is there something between us? Humans like him and faeries like me don’t usually click, but we’re on a case in Arizona and things are getting pretty freakin’ hot. I’m so tempted to break the rules on dating people at work, but there’s a catch —

I’m under review.

Well…that’s not completely true. The entire Occult Crimes Division is under review, as in me, my partner, my boss, Jake from IT…everybody. Evidently, hunting ghosts is kind of expensive, and now the accountants are asking questions. If Logan and I can’t prove to these hard-asses how vital our work is to the FBI, the OCD will cease to exist.

No pressure or anything. I just have to save my entire department from impending doom.

First Line:

Logan marched into our shared cubicle looking insanely triumphant, and a little unhinged.

Catnip & Curses by Emigh Cannady

I was super excited to read Catnip & Curses. I had enjoyed Wiretaps & Whiskers and couldn’t wait to start reading this book. I wasn’t disappointed. Catnip & Curses was a fantastic book to read.

Catnip & Curses is the second book in The Fae Files series. You cannot read this book as a standalone. You need to read Wiretaps & Whiskers to understand Logan and Elena’s relationship and how their cases go. There are many references to the first book, particularly in the first half of the book.

Catnip & Curses picks up 8-9 months after the conclusion of Wiretaps & Whiskers. Logan has fully acclimated to being an OCD agent and a first-time cat dad. Elena hasn’t changed from book one, and she is fighting a growing attraction to Logan. Things change when they get called into their boss’s office, though. They find out that they are going to Arizona to investigate a poltergeist, they are being audited, and the agents in charge of the audit are accompanying them. Can Elena and Logan convenience the agents in charge that the OCD is needed? Will Elena and Logan hook up? Will Lafayette ever get his birds logged on the app? And why does Logan have such weird dreams? The answers to all of those questions are answered in the book!!

I loved Elena even more in Catnip & Curses. She was still a hot mess, and she was still very passionate about her work. So, I didn’t blame her for her “strong” reaction to the auditors. I would have had the same response. Her hotheadedness was also in full force. I laughed at some of the things she said to Logan, the Sherriff, and the auditors. Her character didn’t exactly grow during this book, but I was OK with it.

Logan, on the other hand, experienced tremendous character growth during the book. Heck, he had grown since book 1!! I won’t ruin it, but there is a neat twist in his storyline that I didn’t see coming. I should have seen it coming, especially when Elena mentioned something about his smell, but I didn’t. I also liked how devoted he was to his father and Layfayette.

There is sex in Catnip & Curses and man, was it freaking hot. I did an internal cheer when Logan and Elena got together. It was a whole book coming, and that sex scene exploded. I did get a giggle when Elena saw the size of Logan’s package. Her reaction was the same as mine.

The storyline with the poltergeist was sad. The man behind the poltergeist wasn’t very good, but he didn’t deserve what happened to him. I would have been pissed, too, if I was tied to one place and could only watch as time went on. So, I didn’t blame him for lashing out. I thought the end of this storyline was sad with what Elena said to him and what the medium did for him.

It did annoy me that the two auditors were almost rabidly nonbelievers. It got to the point where Agent Johnson was trying to pin everything the poltergeist did on fellow officers. So, I didn’t feel bad when the poltergeist messed with him.

The storyline with Logan and his dreams was interesting. I wasn’t expecting it to go in the direction it did. Of course, things made sense once Elena and Logan sat down and discussed it (after the big reveal). I am curious to see where this storyline is going to lead in upcoming books.

The end of Catnip & Curses was interesting. I liked how the author wrapped up some of the storylines (like the poltergeist) but left others open (Logan and his dreams). I can’t wait to see where book 3 takes me!!

I would recommend Catnip & Curses for anyone of the age of 21. There is language. There is mild violence. There are somewhat graphic sexual situations.

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