WWW Wednesday: May 19th 2021


WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words.

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?


I didn’t think this was going to be an eventful week since Monday’s IMWAYR post. I was wrong!!

Miss B had an awful day on Monday. She came home from school upset because her favorite teacher is being let go at the end of the school year. The reason the teacher didn’t sit right with me: She didn’t have a good relationship with the students. If it was a private school, then I wouldn’t think anything about it. But it’s a public school and the teachers are hired by the city. What I think is that there were budget cuts and they let go of the newer teachers. Anyway, Miss B wants to go protest (her entire class is going) at the school board meeting Friday night. We’re taking her and BK is going to supervise. We believe it is important for our kids to have their voices heard.

Now, the other awful thing that happened on Monday to Miss B was that she burnt plastic in the microwave. How did she do that? Well, she was making a White Castle burger, didn’t put it on a plate (grrrr at this), and then proceeded to microwave it for 4 mins on each side. That created a smoke-filled panic. Thankfully, that’s all it was (smoke). I did talk to her about using microwaveable safe plates and reading directions. Now, all I have to do is get the burnt plastic smell out of the house….sigh.

Mr. Z passed his end-of-grade math test. His math teacher was proctoring the end-of-grade testing today (he went in for ELA) and told him. He was thrilled. We told him that if he passed the test, we’ll get him a Steam game. And we did. It’s a game called Europa Universalis and he is loving it. I am going to peek in and see what he’s doing and what the game is like.

Miss R is doing well. They are taking it easy at school for the last couple of weeks. I did request for her to start speech and am waiting for the school to call me back. Ever since her teeth were pulled, I have noticed she isn’t pronouncing her “Th’s” and “S’s” correctly. I thought it would correct itself but it’s getting worse. So, the call to the school so she can get evaluated.

BK is in NYC until tomorrow. He is at this huge meeting with the entire company. I haven’t talked to him much (other than the flurry of texts about the microwave incident). I am hoping that he brings me home either bagels or cannolis!!

BK and I binged Jupiter’s Legacy (which I mentioned on Monday). It was a different show and I can’t wait to see if they make more episodes.

Tomorrow, I start deep cleaning for my vacation. We have a pet sitter coming to make sure the cats are alright and scoop the litter box. So, I don’t want my house a mess. Which it is (not going to lie).

I haven’t made any new meals this week. I was supposed to make a creamy chicken marsala in the crockpot. But Walmart forgot it in my delivery order last week and I didn’t notice until yesterday.


I worked a little on my blog. I updated some admin things and went through tags/categories.


I have read 2 books since Monday. I was able to sit down (and ignore my messy house…lol) and dive right into reading. I am hoping to read at least 2 more by the end of the week.

What I Recently Finished Reading:

Book Cover
Can a broken Alpha save her from the Big Bad wolves?

Lucas has lost his mate, and he’ll never claim another—his kind of broken can’t be fixed. He’s still alpha enough to rescue a young woman from the predatory Red wolf pack, but when she shows up at his office—as his sexy new intern—she stirs up feelings that need to stay buried…

Mia’s just trying to earn her degree and dig her way out of poverty. Keeping her shifter nature secret is key, but her internship at the hottest dot-com development firm in Seattle also has the hottest boss… and he’s a wolf. Who just happened to save her life.

She’d break all the rules for this guy—except he wants nothing to do with her. And the wolves who do are the Big Bad Wolf kind. The kind she’s always heard about.

Mia’s in the middle of a pack war with nowhere to turn… but to the one guy who doesn’t want her at all.

Claiming Mia is a super-hot complete story with HEA, the first in the Dot Com Wolves series.

I enjoyed Claiming Mia. It was an interesting shifter romance. I didn’t like Lucas at first but once his backstory was explained, I started liking him. This book has a lot of sex in it. A. Lot. Mia and Lucas go at it like bunnies and don’t stop. I enjoyed it but it’s a warning to those people who don’t like a bit of erotica to go with their paranormal romance.

What I am currently reading:

Book Cover
Leaving the Navy after the death of his best friend in the line of duty, ex-SEAL Ben Harper has returned home in search of some form of normalcy. He’s good at hiding his thoughts and feelings and is positive he has everyone around him fooled. After all, no one ever brings his service career up to him, and he likes it that way.

Presley James is drawn to the new Director of Security at the hospital where she works, just like every other nurse and employee in the building. Tall, dark, dangerous and sexy as hell. With a wicked grin and happy hello for everyone—he is a total contradiction. After spending most of her life caring for people, something about Ben is pulling at her. Something about his smile just doesn’t equal up to the rest of him. No matter how hard he tries, she isn’t fooled.

Will she be able to help him find his way when her own baggage is more than even she can handle?

Mature content, not intended for under 18 years of age.

I am on the fence with All or Nothing. I like the romance and the writing. I do not like that Ben basically stalked Presley (he drove by her house 3-4 times after the bar scene) before he found out she worked at the hospital with him. I also don’t like that there is zero backstory on her. There are hints about a past but nothing is explained. I should mention that I am 40% into the book and there should be more depth to her by now. I plan on finishing the book today/tonight.

What books I think I’ll read next:

I am hoping to read at least 2 of these books over the weekend. I have a feeling that The Three-Body Problem is going to be a long book, so I have allotted myself a couple of days to read it. I might have one or two library books coming off hold this week. If that’s the case, they will be read after the ARCs. My reading order for the rest of the week is Library book, ARC, ARC, ARC, TBR, ARC.

Book Cover
Set against the backdrop of China’s Cultural Revolution, a secret military project sends signals into space to establish contact with aliens. An alien civilization on the brink of destruction captures the signal and plans to invade Earth. Meanwhile, on Earth, different camps start forming, planning to either welcome the superior beings and help them take over a world seen as corrupt, or to fight against the invasion. The result is a science fiction masterpiece of enormous scope and vision.
Book Cover
Mystery writer Brooke Davies is the new wife on the block. Her tech-billionaire husband, Jack, twenty-two years her senior, whisked her to the Bay Area via private jet and purchased a modest mansion on the same day. He demands perfection, and before now, Brooke has had no problem playing the role of a doting housewife. But as she befriends other wives on the street and spends considerable time away from Jack, he worries if he doesn’t control Brooke’s every move, she will reveal the truth behind their “perfect” marriage.

Erin King, famed news anchor and chair of the community board, is no stranger to maintaining an image–though being married to a plastic surgeon helps. But the skyrocketing success of her career has worn her love life thin, and her professional ambitions have pushed Mason away. Quitting her job is a Hail Mary attempt at keeping him interested, to steer him away from finding a young trophy wife. But is it enough, and is Mason truly the man she thought he was?

Georgia St. Claire allegedly cashed in on the deaths of her first two husbands, earning her the nickname “Black Widow”–and the stares and whispers of her curious neighbors. Rumored to have murdered both men for their fortunes, she claims to have found true love in her third marriage, yet her mysterious, captivating allure keeps everyone guessing. Then a tragic accident forces the residents of Presidio Terrace to ask: Has Georgia struck again? And what is she really capable of doing to protect her secrets?
Book Cover
When the secrets of the past threaten to destroy the future.

A tale of hope, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of a woman, this sweeping epic spans the Atlantic from New England to Morocco during the Age of Exploration.

2019: A young woman finds a relic engraved with a mysterious symbol off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard. Terrorists in Morocco steal a 17th-century book engraved with the same symbol. As the woman struggles to unravel the secrets behind the symbol, her life changes in ways she could never have imagined.

1657: Transported back in time, she meets the alchemist, John Winthrop, Jr. who is plotting to lure the greatest scientific minds to the New World. But the more she learns, the more she fears for the lives of the loved ones she left behind.

In a stunning twist of fate, a modern terrorist has traveled into the past, where he has become a Barbary Corsair. He has plans of his own. And he will stop at nothing to succeed.
Book Cover
Olivia Callahan’s quiet, orderly life is shattered when she regains consciousness in a hospital and discovers she is paralyzed and cannot remember a thing. The fragmented voices she hears around her help her piece together that an apparent assault landed her in the hospital, but nobody knows who attacked her, or why. After a chilling struggle to survive, she awakens from a coma unable to remember what happened to her or anything at all, except she has been told she is an entirely different person. Or is she?

Now, in spite of a brain injury that has rewired her personality, Olivia is on a mission to reclaim her life. As clarity surfaces and she starts to understand who she was, she is shocked. Had she really been that person? And if so, does she want her old life back?
Book Cover
A Highland warrior battles to reclaim his birthright in the first of a new series filled with seduction, revenge, and soul-stirring passion…

They call him the Beast—a hardened mercenary whose heart seems as cold as his icy blue gaze. They do not know his true name: Niall Braewick, son of the Laird of Kincaid. It has been years since he escaped into the forest the night his father was murdered. Now he has returned, ablaze with a vengeful hunger. He will gain the MacClaren chief’s trust, gather his clan, and take back his lands. And take the MacClaren’s daughter as well…

Though he pulled her from the river, saving her life, Elspeth has been warned to keep her distance from her father’s hired warrior. He is a barbarian—a shame, as he is far more compelling than the lechers and fools competing for her dowry. Little does she know that, like the castle itself, she is a prize Niall intends to claim…but will he extract blood for blood and possess what is his, or will his enemy’s beautiful, innocent daughter tempt him to forsake his dream of conquest?
Book Cover
Tessa James has worked and planned tirelessly to open her own millinery shop. All she needs now is a loan from the lord who sired and abandoned her. The only problem is, she doesn’t even know his name. What’s a woman to do to find him but enter the aristocratic world by becoming a governess?

Guy Whitby, the new Duke of Carlin, has returned to London after years abroad to discover that his young daughter Sophy has become a wild-child known for scaring away every governess who’s crossed his doorstep. When Tessa James applies for the job, he hires her in desperation despite his misgivings that she’s too bold and beautiful–and that she might be fibbing about her qualifications.

Their blooming attraction leads them on a completely unexpected path to love that neither wants to deny. But when an old enemy threatens Guy’s family, their forbidden romance goes up in flames. Can they still learn to love and trust each other as forces try to tear them apart?

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  1. Burnt plastic is a terrible smell, I hope it dissipates soon. I agree, let their voices be heard! That is too bad about her teacher though and I hope their protest does some good. Enjoy your upcoming books, Jolie.

    1. It is. It is mostly gone. Miss R woke up this morning and told me that she couldn’t smell it. I hope so too. She is nervous about doing it. I told her that if it is important to her, than we support her. Enjoy yours too Carla 🙂

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