The Aesthete Blogger Award

Much thanks to MyBookThrone for nominating me!!! It has been awhile since I have done a book tag.

About the award:

“This award is to honor every creative person, irrespective of their number of followers and views. Because, as long as you create, that is all that matters. This award is for those bloggers who put an insane amount of thought in each of their posts and for those who spread creativity like wildfire! Just wow!” -Ashmita


  • Use the official logo/graphic of the award and display it on your blog.
  • List the rules.
  • Show some love to the one who nominated you!
  • Mention the creator (Ashmita @ the Fictional Journal) and link it back to the original post.
  • Tell me something about this world that you admire.
  • What is your favorite form of creativity?
  • Nominate 7 lovely people and notify them by commenting on their posts; spread some love!
  • Ask your nominees 4 questions.
  • Share something you created. (can be anything!)
  • And lastly, just so you know: I LOVE YOUR CREATIONS!

Tell me something about this world that you admire

This is a hard one because there is so much that I admire. What I admire the most is the beauty I see everyday.

What is your favourite form of creativity?

My favorite form of creativity? Baking and cooking. I love to experiment with new recipes.

MyBookThrone’s Questions:

  1. What is your favourite song at the moment?

Driver’s License by Olivia Rodrigo. So, this song became my favorite by me being exposed to it repeatedly. My 7 year old has it playing constantly on our Alexa and in the car.

2. Who would you choose as your book (romantic or platonic) partner?

For a romantic partner, I would have to say Sebastian Kerr in Heather and Velvet by Teresa Medeiros. A bad boy Scot with a heart of gold. Sigh. I love him.

For a platonic partner, I would have to say Emily in Well Met. She reminded me of how I was before I met BK and had kids.

3. Which country do you wish you could live in?

The UK. It doesn’t matter if it is Ireland, Scotland, Wales, or Britain, I would move there in a heartbeat.

4. Which book do you wish you had written?

None. I look at it like this, if I had written any of my all time favorite books, then they wouldn’t be the same and then probably wouldn’t be my favorites anymore. So, I will have to pass on this (as much as I am screaming do it, do it)

My Questions:

  1. What was your least favorite book and why?

2. Would you rather live in the mountains or at the beach?

3. What is the best thing you have ever ate?

4. What was the last book that you read and enjoyed?

I nominate

Sarah from The Book’s Whiskers

Jaed from The Bibliophile Thoughts

Melissa from CloudsGirl27 Reads Books

Stacy, Justin, and Nikole from A Court of Coffee and Books

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