#SixforSunday—Books with Red Covers

SixforSundays is a meme hosted by A Little But A LotEvery month there is a theme and that is broken down on Sundays into categories.

This week’s theme is:

Books with Red Covers

So, here I am, a day late with this prompt. I was (and still am) sick and didn’t feel like turning on my computer. When I saw today’s prompt, I was excited. I like doing prompts with colors in them. There are so many red covers. So here’s my 6!!

What are your choices for books with red covers? Let me know!!

  1. Incubus Caged by A.H. Lee
  2. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
  3. Through A Dragon’s Eyes by Marissa Farrar
  4. Regnate by R.M. Dorn
  5. Alice Isn’t Well by Amy Cross
  6. Free Falling by Susan Kiernan-Lewis

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