WWW Wednesday: October 14th, 2020


WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words.

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?


Miss R has adjusted to having her lip bumper/retainer in. There were a couple of days where the retainer hurt her and the lip bumper rubbed her bottom lip. But by Saturday, she was fine. I credit Colgate Peroxyl Mouth Sore Rinse for easing her pain with the sore she got from the lip bumper. She is still talking funny but her speech is getting clearer. I give it a couple of more days before she is talking like normal.

Miss B had her ortho appointment on Thursday. We got a tentative date for when she gets her braces off. That will be by January, at the latest. I am so excited (as is she). She has had braces/retainers since she was 10. So this is a big deal!!

Mr Z got his teeth pulled yesterday. There was some confusion over what teeth were needed to be pulled (which was taken care of with a phone call to the ortho). Both teeth broke at the root and the dentist had to go digging. That wouldn’t have been bad but the novocaine started to wear off when the dentist was digging around for the second root tip. I will say, Mr Z was a trooper. I would have been in tears if that happened. All he said was “Wow, that hurt.” It did take him some time to recover and he still looks like a chipmunk today.

I do have an update with Miss R’s riding instructor drama. I took her to the new barn last Thursday and gave a full explanation about what happened. The barn’s owner and the instructor were horrified but not surprised. It seems that this instructor/trainer is known for doing that. So, the new instructor is going to take her time with Miss R. The first lesson consisted for Miss R showing her what she could do. They also showed her how to fall safely off a horse (there were two adults there when this happened), how to trot correctly (she was taught wrong) and how to turn the horse correctly (again, she was taught wrong). In one lesson, she was taught more than the 2 months at the old barn. This barn also has plans for Miss R. The instructor said she has an excellent seat and would like to see her start off with Dressage or Equestrian and then go into Jumping. We’ll see. All that matters is that Miss R is happy and feels safe (which she does).

I am slowly, but surely, getting back into blogging. I am doing more daily memes and I am adding book reviews as I finish the books.

What I am currently reading:

Dear Maude (The Dear Maude Trilogy #1)

Upstate New York, 2012. Emily Stanton, a sociology major, graduates from college and is obligated to work for the mysterious company that funded her education. But a job with Evergreen Research Corporation is not what she expects. From fancy balls and operas to corsets and kid gloves, Emily learns to be a specialist in 1910 society. In the process, she finds herself fully immersed in the lives of wealthy aristocrats and industry leaders, whose thirst for power leads them to manipulate everything, including time. Thrust into this strange and dangerous world, Emily becomes their most important asset.

Unable to trust her coworkers or her surroundings, however, Emily finds herself alone–with her very survival in the hands of a handsome stranger, Wendell Beringer. Unfortunately, Emily soon discovers that he has a few secrets of his own. Can she trust this man or the feelings she develops for him? Only time will tell.

Follow Emily’s unexpected journey, where journal entries to her deceased aunt and the powerful secrets they contain, become her only link to the life she once knew and the future she must choose to follow.

Purchase Links: Amazon | B&N | AbeBooks | Alibris | Indigo | Audible | Walmart eBooks | Better World Books

I recently finished reading:

Through A Dragon's Eyes (Chronicles of the Four #1)

A magic long forgotten.Four races divided.An epic journey.

She lost her brother, now will she lose her life?

Ever since the Treaty was signed after the Great War, one hundred and fifty years earlier, the separate races of Xantearos have been divided. Only every six months do a select group come together for the Passover—a time to trade much needed produce.

In the human city of Anthoinia, Dela Stonebridge has already lost her brother to The Choosing, and now it is her turn. The grueling journey across the mountains, through the Southern Pass, is always dangerous, but when magic and madness descends, she discovers herself exiled with the leaders of the three other races—the Elvish, Moerians and Norcs.

With the Treaty broken, they learn the secret to the unity of Xantearos lies in a magic long thought dead… that of the Dragonstone and the Dragonsayer.

Can they put their differences aside and work together to make their way back to their homelands? Or will they be walking into a war between each of their races?Get the first book in this brand new, fantasy, reverse harem series!

Purchase Links: Amazon | B&N | AbeBooks | IndieBound | Walmart eBooks

What books I think I’ll read next:

They Mostly Come Out at Night (Yarnsworld, #1)

He locked himself away from the dark, but in the Magpie King’s forest nowhere is safe…

Lonan is an outcast, accused of letting the monsters that stalk the night into the homes of his fellow villagers. Now, he will not rest until he wins back the heart of his childhood love and reclaims the life that was stolen from him. However, locked safely in his cellar at night, in his dreams Lonan finds himself looking through the eyes of a young prince…

Adahy has a destiny, and it terrifies him. How can he hope to live up to the legend of the Magpie King, to become the supernatural protector of the forest and defender of his people? But when the forest is invaded by an inhuman force, Adahy must rise to this challenge or let the Wolves destroy his people.

Watching these events unfold in his sleep, Lonan must do what he can to protect his village from this new threat. He is the only person who can keep his loved ones from being stolen away after dark, and to do so he will have to earn back their trust or watch the monsters kill everyone that he holds dear.

They Mostly Come Out At Night is a Dark Fantasy novel from Benedict Patrick’s Yarnsworld series. If you like Neil Gaiman and Patrick Rothfuss then you will love this captivating, dangerous world in which ordinary people struggle to find their place in a land ruled by stories.

Start reading today to discover this epic tale of dreams, fables and monsters!

Purchase Links: Amazon | B&N | AbeBooks | Alibris | Audible | Walmart eBooks | Better World Books

The Master of Verona (Star-Cross'd #1)

In 1314, the exiled, now infamous poet Dante and his two sons, 17 year-old Pietro Alagheiri and his younger brother Jacopo, travel to Verona at the invitation of it’s leader, the legendary Francesco ‘Cangrande’ della Scalla. Almost immediately, a sneak attack leads Pietro into his first battle.

Purchase Links: Amazon | AbeBooks | Alibris | Powell’s | Audible | Better World Books

Hidden Hollywood (Happy Endings Book Club, #1)

A new standalone series from USA Today bestselling author Kylie Gilmore about the irresistibly sexy Campbell brothers (and a tomboy sister) who find love with the help of the matchmaking leader of the Happy Endings Book Club. Get your happy ending!

HIDDEN HOLLYWOOD (Book #1, Happy Endings Book Club)

She’s on top…

When superstar actress Claire Jordan researched her role for the Fierce Trilogy movies, she never expected the bond she feels with the author and her romance book club aka The Happy Endings Book Club. Soon Claire finds herself confessing her secret longing for a regular guy—no more egocentric wealthy players—and the book club is all too ready to help. In disguise as a regular girl, she’s all set for a date with book-club-approved Josh Campbell.

He’s on top…

Billionaire tech CEO Jake Campbell is weary of gold-digging women, especially the glamorous superficial types. So when his identical twin Josh calls in a favor asking Jake to step in as him on a date, Jake figures one of Josh’s cute girl-next-door types might be just what he needs. One night of passion with the sweet girl-next-door leaves Jake wanting more, except she seems to have vanished.

Sometimes a Happy Ending is just the beginning.

Purchase Links: Amazon | B&E | AbeBooks| Alibris | Powell’s | IndieBound | Indigo | Better World Books

I Want To Be Yours (British Billionaires Book 1)

Love demands you surrender all…

Niccolo Darian was a man in conflict. Married for six years to a woman he neither loved nor wanted, and at the same time, friend to a woman he wanted like no other. The tenacious grip he held on his integrity and honor was constantly being tested. Finding his wife in bed with another man should have been painful, but all he could think about was how soon he could claim the woman of his desire.

Mari Quinn knew it was wrong, but she’d been in love with her married boss for years. Accepting that he was beyond her reach, she settled for being his friend and confidant. Respecting his commitment, and certainly admiring it, she was determined not to do anything to compromise his relationship with his wife. But her resolve shattered in one night.

In an effort to console Niccolo, Mari gave him more than a shoulder to lean on. Months later, the consequence of that night irrevocably changed their lives.

Purchase Links: Amazon | AbeBooks

Ashes of the Fall (The Remnants Trilogy #1)

Sometimes the fall is only the beginning.

In the year 2048, the crumbling remnants of western North America are suddenly buried in ash, weakening the grip of the brutal dictatorship. A factional landscape springs from the ashes, con man Luke Stokes artfully navigating the clash.

But he can’t remain above the fray for long, as each faction seeks the truth from Luke regarding his murdered brother’s final project. A neural-interface technology that will forever shift the fragile balance of the ashen plains.

With the true believers, desert nomads, survivalists and existing regime closing in, Luke must delve deeper into his genius brother’s secrets. And the truth about his last project will dramatically alter the remnants of civilization.

Because the fall isn’t always the end – sometimes, it’s only the beginning.

Purchase Links: Amazon | B&N | Alibris | IndieBound | Indigo | Walmart eBooks

Hidden Witness (Hidden Witness #1)

I witnessed a murder. I’ve been in hiding for 14 years.

Starting over isn’t easy. I’m ready to kill at a moment’s notice.
My name is Dillon Magarelli. New Jersey’s mob boss was supposed to be my title, not construction boss.
In Oregon, my name is Jeff Westbrook.
Building a successful construction company was hard work.
My wife wasn’t happy with the money I made. Her family is rich. She never had to struggle.
Before I started over, I never had to struggle either.

Lindsay only cared about having her needs met by the Grammy award winning singer Blake Schafer.
Finding my wife in his arms I snapped, wrapping my hands around his neck.
That was the day my marriage came to an end.
My only concern was our two children.
My heart turned into stone. No plans of finding love, again.

Standing in the checkout line at the grocery store a beautiful woman captured my attention.
I hadn’t felt my heart skip a beat like that in years.
I admit, at first glance, all I could think about was kissing those sweet lips.
A broken man like me doesn’t care about one-night stands. And love is not a factor in my life.
Sierra is broken, too. Her husband Jeremy Crawford, Super bowl Champ, betrayed her.
Sierra’s main focus is also her two children.
She’s ready for a second chance at love. I’m not sure I am.
But Sierra has a way of flashing those heather gray eyes and that gorgeous smile. She’s invested in me.
Sierra is trying to heal my heart. Can I love again?

***This is a work of Fiction**** Author has created the story as intented.
This book is a part of a series ***Warning Cliffhanger***Book 2 coming soon***series will end with a HEA always!
Dillon is an Alpha who is broken. Can Sierra fix him?
Mafia romance
Second chance romance
Alpha romance
Sexy Divorced Dad
Hot & Steamy
Dillon will make you beg for more….

Purchase Links: Amazon | Alibris | IndieBound | Better World Books

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  1. Wow, it sounds like there has been a lot of mouth action at your place. Glad things all worked out. Isn’t it frustrating when you spend all that time, effort and money only to find out that things were done incorrectly. Glad you are getting more reading time in, Jolie. Enjoy all your upcoming books.


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