Blog Tour: Tucker (Eternity Springs: The McBrides of Texas: Book 2) by Emily March

Eternity Springs: The McBrides of Texas: Tucker by [March, Emily]

4 Stars

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press, St. Martin’s Paperbacks

Date of publication: February 25th, 2020

Genre: Romance

Series: Eternity Springs: The McBrides of Texas

Jackson—Book 1 (Review Here)

Tucker—Book 2

Where you can find Tucker: Barnes and Noble | Amazon | BookBub

Book Synopsis:

Hope springs eternal in this enchanting Texas town.

Meet Gillian Thacker. Her business: Bliss Bridal Salon. Her passion: Weddings. Her own wedding: It’s complicated. Life isn’t turning out like she’d planned. The last thing she wants is for a real-life hero to ride to her rescue but when an unexpected event puts her entire future in Redemption, Texas, at risk. So what’s a broken-hearted bridal expert to do? Maybe a new set of survival skills is exactly what she needs…

Tucker McBride has been proud to call himself a U.S. Army Ranger. But now that his days of service are over, he’s decided to put his expertise to use by founding a wilderness skills training school. He sets up shop in Redemption, next to Bliss Bridal, and so begins life: Part Two. Marriage has been pretty low on his agenda, but as soon as he meets Gillian, Tucker can’t help but contemplate the ultimate challenge: Convincing the reluctant bride to take his hand and leap into the adventure of a lifetime. . .until death do they part.

First Line:

Tucker McBride fed coins into an ancient soft drink machine, heard the clink clink clink as they fell into the box, opened the door, and pulled out a frosty glass bottle.

Tucker by Emily March

My Review:

I had discovered The Eternity Springs series a couple of years ago. I fell in love with the romances. Then, I saw that there was a spin-off with the Texas cousins. Again, I fell in love with the first book. So, when I saw that Tucker was available for review, I jumped on it. I figured it had to be as good as Jackson and The Eternity Springs series. And let me tell you, I was right!!

Tucker is the 2nd book in The Eternity Springs: The McBrides of Texas series. This book can be read as a stand-alone. But, and I will say this about all of the stand-alone books in series, read book 1!! There are recurring characters that crop up in Tucker who’s background stories will make you wonder what’s going on.

The pacing of the plotline for Tucker was perfect. It was slow and sweet. Usually, I am not a fan of those types of plotlines. I need a bit of speed to them. But, considering everything Gillian went through in the book, the slower pace was required. There was some lag in the plotline, right around when Gillian broke things off with her fiance. But the author was able to get the book back on track. There were no dropped storylines or characters.

I loved Tucker. I liked that he called out Gillian’s fiance for what he was, a pretentious d-bag. I loved that he was honest with himself about being very attracted to a woman in a relationship. I loved that he knew that he wanted to be with Gillian but was willing to wait until she healed before he pursued her. I also know that he was comfortable in his skin. He got out of the Army when he was being pressured to make friends with the suits in Washington. He used his Army expertise to start a survival school, which I loved. I just loved him and was #TeamTucker the entire book.

I liked Gillian, but man, she was a mess for 90% of the book. She was engaged to a guy who was a jerk. She changed everything she wanted for a wedding to accommodate him. I wanted to shake her and say, “Wake up, sweet cheeks!!” I liked that she was honest enough with herself to admit that she was attracted to Tucker. What I didn’t like was that she did lead him on at points in the book. I get that she was trying to find herself, but man, do it away from Tucker. Also, how could she have never hiked living near that canyon? And to hike by herself? WTH was she thinking!!

The romance between Gillian and Tucker was slow-burning. It was so slow at times that I wondered if I had imagined the heat between them. But, once Gillian and her fiance broke up, it came roaring back, and it was electric.

The sex scenes were pretty tame, considering the heat between Gillian and Tucker. They weren’t explicit, but you knew what was going on. I liked that. It didn’t take away from the romance.

I was furious with the plotline with Gillian and her fiance. I figured something happened, but I wasn’t expecting who it was. I loved how the author ended that plotline. Talk about satisfying!!

The plotline with Tucker and his business was fascinating. It was the first time that I have read a book where survival training was written about. I liked that he started small and morphed it into a thriving business.

The end of Tucker was what I expected. Some of the plotlines were wrapped up, and some weren’t. I did like that Tucker and Gillian got their HEA. I also cannot wait to read book 3!! From the foreshadowing in the book, it looks like it will be a good one!!

I would give Tucker an Adult rating. There are sexual situations. There is language. There is violence. I would recommend that no one under the age of 21 read this book.

I would reread Tucker. I would recommend it to family and friends.

**I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book**

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