Real Neat Blogger#1

I got nominated for this award by Mybookworld24 so thank you and please go check them out. Without further ado, get ready for the real neat blog award.

Here are the rules:

  1. Display the Real Neat Blog Award badge.
  2. Thank the blogger for the award.
  3. Answer the questions from the one who nominated you.
  4. Nominate 7 to 10 bloggers.
  5. Ask them 7 questions.

Alex’s questions:

  1. What animal fits your personality the most?

That is a good question. I haven’t really thought about it. So I asked my family (sorry, had to do it…lol). BK says: A Bulldog because I never let anything go. Miss B says an old nag (horse) because that’s what I do, nag (She isn’t happy with me today). Mr. Z said a cat because I am sneaky and stealthy (He isn’t happy with me either). Miss R said a cow (Because I give her yogurt)…lmao. So, a bulldog, an old nag, a cat and a cow. Gotta love them…lol.

2. If you had to live in one season what would it be?

Fall. I absolutely love fall. I grew up and lived in New England until my late 30’s. Then I moved to North Carolina. I have come to appreciate the cooler weather. There is nothing like the smell that is in the air or the crunching of leaves under your feet.

3. A movie you keep watching over and over?

I have two. The Princess Bride and R.E.D. I can’t watch those movies enough.

4. If you had to pick one character to live your life who would be and why?

I would have to pick Katniss. She is the only one that would be able to deal with the issues that I dealt with and come out on the other side. Plus, I think she would get my kids in line real quick.

5. What is a favourite memory of yours?

Summers in Maine with my grandparents. They (along with my parents) owned a summer home on a lake. We spent weeks there. I learned to swim and ski on the lake. Got my first kiss behind my grandparents house when I was 16. A lot of good memories there.

6. If you could be a famous person, who would you be?

I don’t think I would be a famous person, to be honest. I couldn’t stand to be in the spotlight 24/7. So yeah, they can keep their fame.

7. Pick one subject to study for a year?

I would study British and Irish history. I did a 23andMe and I am mostly British and Irish, with a bit of Scot thrown in. I would love to study where my ancestors come from.

My Questions:

What is your least favorite genre to read and why?

Out of your last 5 books read, who did you connect with the most and why?

Out of your last 5 books read, who did you connect with the least and why?

What was your favorite vacation?

What bookish world would you live in and why?

Who is your favorite secondary character and why?

What book totally messed with you and why?

I nominate:

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I love to read. My favorite genres women's fiction, romance (including erotica), psychological thrillers, fantasy, and young adult. I also enjoy steampunk, dystopian, LGBTQIA, and paranormal. I am also a busy mom of 3 kids.

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