The Impossible Castle (Guardian of the Realm) by M. Gregg Roe

The Impossible Castle (Guardian of the Realm Book 1) by [Roe, M. Gregg]

2.5 Stars


Date of publication: November 16th, 2019

Genre: Fantasy

Series: Guardian of the Realm

The Impossible Castle—Book 1

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Book Synopsis:

Who (or what) is building a castle in the middle of nowhere?

For the young Guardian of Andoran’s Realm, it’s a real concern. People are relying on her. Okay, most of the populace don’t even know she exists, but it’s still her job to protect them. Well, one of her jobs. She’s also teaching martial arts and helping to raise her orphaned cousins. Life is complicated. Anyway, it’s her first real crisis, and she’s anxious to prove herself.

Fortunately, our powerful-but-inexperienced Guardian is not alone. She has friends she can rely on for help and advice, including some who are seasoned adventurers. Of course, they have their own issues to deal with, especially the one who’s half demon. But who doesn’t have problems?

First Line:

Floating high above the treetops, the Guardian of Andoran’s Realm shook her right fist at the leaden sky.

The Impossible Castle by M. Gregg Roe

My Review:

Fantasy is a favorite genre of mine to read. I haven’t read a straight fantasy novel in forever. So when I was approached to review The Impossible Castle, I was more than happy to accept the review. Then I read the book. It took me six days to read the book. Six days when I usually read a book within 1-2 days.

The Impossible Castle tells the story about Audrey, the young Guardian of Andoran’s Realm, and a mysterious castle that is being built. Audrey enlists the help of old and new friends to figure out exactly why the castle is being assembled and if it is a danger to her Realm.

The Impossible Castle’s plotline was medium paced and, when I could follow it, was well written. But, I had a hard time following it. If the author had kept to Audrey’s plotline, I would have been OK with it. But there were plotlines involving her friends that were in no way were connected to the main plotline. That made it hard for me to focus and honestly made it hard for me to enjoy the book.

The characters were well written. But, the story cycled between 4-5 characters, and the book got dragged down. I dislike it when there are two POV’s, so 4-5? No, thank you. It made an already tedious book harder to read.

The Impossible Castle is not for teens. There are no explicit sex scenes, but there is a lot of sex. There is a succubus who uses her powers as an executioner. Building the castle makes everyone incredibly horny. There were several scenes where they are building the castle and have to go home to have sex. I am not a prude, far from it, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable having a teenager reading the book.

As I was reading The Impossible Castle, I kept getting a feeling that this was part of a series. Well, I wasn’t right, but I wasn’t wrong. The characters were all featured in Andoran’s Realm. Again, it wasn’t evident because the author kept referencing things that happened in that series. I kept thinking I was missing out on something until after the book was read. So, because of that, I would suggest that you read the Andoran’s Realm trilogy first. I wish I did.

The end of the book was exciting but didn’t make me want to read the next book. After six days of reading, I was glad to be done..

I would give The Impossible Castle an Adult rating. There are sexual situations. There is language. There is violence. I would recommend that no one under the age of 21 read this book.

I would not reread The Impossible Castle. I would not recommend it to family and friends.

**I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book**

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