Where in the world is Jolie?

I know I haven’t been as active as I usually have been. Some of it is that October, November and December was extremely busy for me. Backtracking (because I’m lazy and don’t want to link to the last post like this) this is what happened to me since October. And which is why I haven’t been blogging as much lately.


BK got a new job. He works as a district sales manager for an up and coming pet food company. He started the first week of October and we were told we would have to move to Texas. No biggie. I started boxing stuff up and let the schools/doctors/orthodontists know. I also started cutting down on what I could/would accept on the blog. Because there was going to be at least a couple of weeks where I wouldn’t be able to sit down and get stuff done.

Miss R got super sick with strep and bronchitis the middle of October. She missed a week of school (which I wasn’t happy with). The strep wouldn’t go away and she ended up being on two different medications.


BK’s new job had him training for weeks on end. He ended up traveling for 6 weeks straight (no exaggerating). So, I started not blogging on weekends to spend time with him. The second week of November, we decide to take a long weekend and go and look at houses in Eastern Texas. During that trip, we get a call from his boss saying that he doesn’t have to move. Which ended up messing with my head because I was in the mindset we were going to move. Don’t get me wrong, I was ecstatic that we were staying. I just had to adjust myself to not moving. I also let the schools/Drs’/orthodontist know we were staying.

November is a busy month for me anyway. I had a few appointments for the kids (Drs/orthodontist). I also had a couple of school appointments. B and Mr Z had their birthdays (can you believe they are 14 and 12??). Throw on top of that Thanksgiving and I was a busy bee. So, next to no time on the blog. The kids also had dentist appointments. Miss B and Mr Z were fine. Miss R, on the other hand, had 6 flipping cavities. That ended up being 3 extra appointments for her to get them filled. One right before Thanksgiving and the other two were in December.


December was even busier for me. I had an IEP appointment for Miss B and a 504 appointment for Mr Z. Mr. Z also had a med check appointment. At that appointment, the Dr and I decided that it was time to get him evaluated for autism (not going into specifics here but she saw enough at the med check to agree with me). Both kids also had their concerts that month. Seperate dates (thank the Lord) but still. Miss R also had her annual singalong the Friday before Christmas break started. And let’s not get me started on Christmas. I ended up reading next to nothing before the kids Christmas break and during break, nada. This break has been long (2 weeks, they go back on the 6th).


Also, which figured into my non blogging, is that I got burnt out from reading ARC’s and having to have them written by a certain date. I fell super behind on everything (actually I still am behind). I actually contemplated shutting the blog down but decided against it.

So, now onto what I am going to do in the New Year (Not quite a resolution)

Rewrite my review schedule into something I can work with.

Being more picky with ARCs

And with that, stop requesting so many ARC’s from NetGalley.

Read and review the books on my TBR/Want to Read lists (combined, I have 1,213 books)

Revamp how I write reviews (I know that my reviews have been suckish lately and I am looking to fix that)

Be more active. I need to comment more on other blogs.

Keep doing WWW Wednesday and Top Ten Tuesdays. Maybe add something for Mondays and Fridays…..if I have time.

Revamp my blog (get rid of old posts that aren’t relevant to the blog/go through old content and make sure links still work/go through old content and update links/pictures/synopsis as needed and delete if not on Goodreads or Amazon anymore).

Keep up on my Goodreads Reading Challenge.

So that’s it. Keep on the lookout for new reviews and a new look. And me being more active (well until Easter break…lol).


8 thoughts on “Where in the world is Jolie?

  1. Happy New Year Jolie. I got tired out just reading all you had on the go. I am stepping back from blog tours, I got in way over my head and couldn’t read what I wanted. I have several booked for Jan. and Feb. then am going to re-evaluate. I totally understand how you feel. Glad some things are working out for you, especially that you didn’t need to move.

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    1. Happy New Year Carla!! I was pretty tired and thankful that I had two weeks to recharge my batteries. As for the blog tours, I am only going to do ones for publishers that I currently review for. STP, mainly. I don’t get a ton from them. I am thrilled we didn’t have to move. We’re actually going to look into buying a house here within the next couple of years.

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