Book Blitz: Scorpion Blood (Supernatural Task Force Academy: Mission 1) by J.L. Weil and Stephany Wallace

Scorpion Blood 
by J.L. Weil & Stephany Wallace 
(Supernatural Taskforce Academy, Mission 1)
Publication date: October 15th 2019
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance,Young Adult


Book Synopsis:

What does an ex-military, a vampire, a phoenix, a wolf shifter,
a fae, and a witch all have in common?
Nothing… other than being handpicked to save the world.

May the Gods save us all.

If someone had told young, ex-Delta Force Ethan James, that supernatural creatures were real, he would have laughed. See to believe was his motto, until one day he was kidnapped by a being that could only exist in dreams… or nightmares. Taken to a place where having extraordinary abilities is the norm, he’ll be offered the opportunity of a lifetime.

The Supernatural Taskforce Academy—or STA as it’s known—is an elite academy for witches, fae, shifters, vampires, and every other class of supernaturals with exceptional skills. But what the heck does STA want with a human? An ex-soldier at that?

Renna Blackwood doesn’t play nice with others. She might have a mean girl reputation, who snubs her nose at the rules, but with skills like hers, she has rightfully earned every ounce of that reputation. She is a bleeding vampire for God’s sake. So, when the council assigns her the task of awakening new members for the academy, Renna isn’t the least bit surprised.

Until she sees who her partner is…
A mortal. With a heartbeat.
Swell. This should be fun.


Oliver slumped into a seat beside Tricksy on the opposite couch, kicking his feet up on the table between us—his tablet laid across his lap. Tricksy toyed with her coffee cup, running a finger over the rim, eyeing me oddly. “You have that scary gleam in your eyes.”

“Oh, just wait,” Oliver added. “I caught her stalking the human… and the High Witch.”

Sometimes it was annoying how predictable I was to my friends. “I was not stalking… precisely. I was looking for answers. They’re hiding something from us, and I intend to find out what.”

“You think the Aereum is up to something?” Melody echoed my statement. Her hair was orange today, and she was dressed in all white, making her look kind of like a dreamsicle.

Oliver leaned forward on the couch across from me. “Aren’t they always?” he asked, keeping down his voice.

“Yes,” I agreed. “But this is different. There is a reason they want me to bring in the witch, and I mean to find out what is so special about her. Why she is important to them.”

“Ah, our Renna is jealous,” Tricksy cooed. “She likes to be the special one.”

“What makes you think she is different from any of us?” Oliver posed.

My gaze scanned the space as I thought about it. Many of the students were already in class, others grabbing breakfast, but the commons were fairly empty for a Monday… I had only two classes today, but I was seriously considering skipping them in lieu of tracking down the witch. 

“When has the Aereum ever cared about who the academy took in as students? They never stick their nose in STA’s business, not unless they need something from us. Plus, have you ever seen a witch react the way she did after I shoved that potion down her throat? Something is up.”

“She’s right,” Melody agreed. “I wasn’t there Saturday night, but this stinks like last year’s werewolves.”

“The Aereum has summoned the human,” I pressed on, building my case. “Apparently, our own dearest Serenity has been keeping an eye on him since he was a baby.”

Oliver tapped his fingers on the arm of the couch, the lines on his brows wrinkling as that mind of his worked through the possibilities. “Why would they do that?”

I let my tongue run over the points of my iron fangs. “I don’t know. I was interrupted before I could hear anything else, but I mean to find out.”

Tricksy uncrossed her legs, the fabric of her plaid skirt inching up her knees. “And how do you plan to do that? March into the council meeting?”

My brow rose, considering it, and a smile carved my lips. The idea had flare, yet without the sequences to unlock the portal door, it was a useless idea—but a girl could fantasize.

“Renna, you can’t!” Tricksy pleaded, her face paling. “Even you have to have some limitations.”

“Relax, I have another plan.”

“Shit.” Oliver loosed a breath, sinking back into the couch. 

“Buckle up, Chewbacca, it’s time to sharpen your claws.” I grinned at him. 

He pinched the bridge of his nose. “You know I hate it when you call me that.”

“I know,” I sung.

“Can we talk about the yummy package you brought back with you?” Melody purred. “I haven’t seen him yet. Dish. What’s he like? You think he’s into vampires?”

“Yes,” both Tricksy and Oliver said at the same time, giving me a pointed look.

I glowered at them.

“Hmm,” Melody pursed her lips. “I might have to take him for a ride.”

Red. It flashed in front of my eyes. My iron fangs dropped down and I was over on her side of the couch, baring my teeth in her face before she finished blinking. “He’s off limits. Clear? No one touches him. And I mean, no one,” I reemphasized, glancing at each of them in the eye.


Giveaway ends October 24th.

The grand prize is:

  • Signed copy of Scorpion Blood and swag

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Bestselling Author Stephany Wallace has been writing since she was about 12 years old. Thanks to the influence of her Literature teacher who was also a poet,  began to write Poetry, which allowed her passion for writing to grow. Writing songs followed as her love extended to music. An artist at heart and soul, she enjoys all forms of Art, and occasionally indulges in drawing, playing her guitar, and singing.

Shortly after my NPR debut, she won two awards as Best Debut Author 2016, Hidden Magic won the award for Best Debut Novel and her Oh, so #CynfullyDelicious character, Cynwrig “Cyn” Bressall, won Best Book Boyfriend From Another Country.

She currently writes Fantasy Romance, Epic Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and any other AWESOME Fantasy genre.

As any die-hard Star Wars and Disney fan would naturally do, she moved to Orlando to be closer to Disney a few years back, where she lives happily ever after with her family. Now, she spends her days listening to book boyfriends and headstrong heroines tell her what to do.

Steph, has many more adventures to embark on, so make sure you join her in her magical journey.





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J.L. Weil is a USA TODAY Bestselling author of teen & new adult paranormal romance, fantasy, and urban fantasy books about spunky, smart mouth girls who always wind up in dire situations. For every sassy girl, there is an equally mouthwatering, overprotective guy. She lives in Illinois with her family who put up with her Supernatural and Harry Potter fanatics. It’s a problem.


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