Dark Alpha’s Redemption (Reaper Series: Book 8) by Donna Grant

Dark Alpha's Redemption: A Reaper Novel (Reapers Book 8) by [Grant, Donna]

4 Stars

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press, St. Martin’s Paperbacks

Date of publication: August 6th, 2019

Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Fantasy

Series: Reaper

Dark Alpha’s Claim—Book 1

Dark Alpha’s Embrace—Book 2

Dark Alpha’s Demand—Book 3

Dark Alpha’s Lover—Book 4

Dark Alpha’s Night—Book 5

Dark Alpha’s Hunger—Book 6 (review here)

Dark Alpha’s Awakening—Book 7 (review here)

Dark Alpha’s Redemption—Book 8

Where you can find Dark Alpha’s Redemption: Barnes and Noble | Amazon | BookBub

Book Synopsis:

There is no escaping a Reaper. I am an elite assassin, part of a brotherhood that only answers to Death. And when Death says your time is up, I’m coming for you…

My duty to Death drives me forward. I’ve never once strayed from my path – not even when the future seemed uncertain. However, Maeve’s intelligence, cunning and determination challenges me in ways I never imagined. Finding out what she knows is the key to learning how to conquer our enemy. The Dark Fae breathes new life into me unlike anything I’ve ever known. For Maeve, I will risk trusting the Dark. For her…I will battle darkness itself

First Line

So much had changed.

Dark Alpha’s Redemption by Donna Grant

My Review:

Dark Alpha’s Redemption was an exciting story. I felt that it was more of a filler book in the series — the calm before the storm (ie, the final battle) book. I didn’t mind that at all.

Dark Alpha’s Redemption focused on Bradach and Maeve’s relationship. It was a romance that I didn’t see coming. If the author had told me, a few books back, that they were going to get together, I would have laughed — not those two. So, yes, I was surprised when I saw that it was Bradach and Maeve.

Maeve and Bradach had some intense sex scenes. I liked that the author chose to build up their sexual attraction. I also loved where they first had sex. It was almost like a vast EFF You to Usaeil. The sex scenes themselves were steaming hot. I was expecting my Kindle to short circuit, that is how hot they are.

I loved that the Dragon Kings were included and they were still searching for Conn. I was waiting for Rhi to show up. I was expecting her to make an appearance. Where was she and what was she doing?

The storyline with Xaneth was heartbreaking. I hope that someone finds him. Because I have a feeling that Usaeil is going to injure or kill him.

I want to know how the Trackers are made!!! I was fascinated by them. The end of the book hinted that the Reapers were going to look into it.

Dark Alpha’s Redemption did have a typical romance HEA. But, before that could happen, I thought that Death’s interrogation of Maeve was perfect. I already can’t wait for the next book!!

I would give Dark Alpha’s Redemption an Adult rating. There is sex. There is language. There is violence. I would recommend that no one under the age of 21 read this book.

I would reread Dark Alpha’s Redemption. I would recommend it to family and friends.

**I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book**

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